Doing the Job You Love To Do

>> Thursday, July 10, 2014

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We all have our ups and downs on our jobs but we must admit that beyond all these our love for our work stands out and no matter what happens we like the feeling that we’re financially stable.  Our jobs give us provision for the things we need and support our family as well; as such we give our best to show our capabilities to reach our goal of career advancement.   Some are lucky to be promoted; others are not and most try their best through their years of service hoping that their good fortune will come next. 

These are all for our financial needs and career dreams but when we talk of happiness it’s finding a job that excites you every day-something that you look forward every morning that you go to work.  This is also the time when you care more about the people that you work with rather than the amount you get from your work.  Well if you really love the things you’re doing sometimes the salary is not the first to consider because after all if you hate your job you wouldn’t be your best ever.


You’re Hired! 5 Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out In the Crowd

>> Friday, June 20, 2014

The jobs market is a very competitive place, with some recruiters reporting receiving hundreds of applications for a single position. Even when the number of people vying for the role isn’t that high, you are still nearly always going to be up against other people, some of whom may look rather similar to yourself in terms of qualifications and experience. So how can you make sure that your resume is the one the hirers are noticing? Start by checking out the five tips below.

1. Tailor Your Resume To The Job

Your resume needs to tell your professional story succinctly – but there are different ways that you can present the information so that you stand out as a star candidate for the role at hand. You can have a basic template to use, but tweaking which skills and experience to highlight to suit every application is recommended over using the same document for every application.

2. Include A Cover Letter

This shows that you have taken extra initiative, and can help serve as a form of selection criteria if none was provided for a position. Needless to say, this document also needs to be highly customised for each position that you apply for. It doesn’t have to be long – one page should be sufficient, but it can help introduce you and lets you inject some of your personality to support your resume.

3. Include Descriptions in Your Job Titles

A job title rarely accurately describes what the position actually entailed, so consider adding some key words so that your skills and experience stand out. For example, “Online Marketing Executive With Ad Words Certification” is that little bit more descriptive than a generic term like “Online Marketing Executive”. Please note you should never ‘tweak’ the actual job title though – honesty is still the best policy.

4. Make Sure it Matches LinkedIn

While you want to put yourself forward in the best light possible, in addition to always being factual and honest in your resume, you also need to make sure that what you’re submitting matches your digital footprint. It is also a good idea to ensure that your other social media profiles are set so that only your friends can see your posts and your display pictures are relatively tasteful.

5. Inject Personality Professionally

Unless you are applying for a particularly creative role, your resume still needs to present as a professional document. Limit the use of colours, use a standard and easy to use font and while headings are recommended don’t go too overboard with bolds, italics and underlines. Let your skills and experience be what really shines. 

Your resume is an advertisement for yourself, so it is essential to put your best self forward and taking steps to stand out professionally amongst the crowd. For more employment and human relations articles, visit
What is your best tip for making sure your resume gets noticed?


Work Challenges and Learning Experiences

>> Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My work involves administering technical employees in a particular project assigned to us. Since the project is a joint venture of two companies my job requires me to report to both and be responsible for all reports and administration of the whole project. I’m also assigned to submit pertinent data needed for the payroll and do the monthly billing due to our government client.

It’s both an easy and hard work and I’m happy with what I’m doing but at times I need to research and study the things that I’m not familiar with such as figuring where to find a wireless trail camera or making an inventory of survey equipment that I have just seen for the first time. Well everything can be learned just as long as the person is willing and interested so I take every unfamiliar task as a work challenge and in time I know it will broaden my work knowledge. And with every learning experience I go through I’m confident that it will be an added skill on me.


Work Becomes Fun and Interesting

>> Monday, May 19, 2014

I was so busy arranging the enrollment of my incoming freshman student in college that I suddenly have no time for myself. I always go to work in a hurry that I don’t think twice if my attire is right for my bag and shoes. Well I’m simple but I still need to dress up a bit in case my boss requires me to accompany him to his meetings with associates and partner. I don’t want to be under dressed on a meeting even if I know that on some people that we meet it doesn’t matter. I was trained to be always on the right attire with all the needed documents in tow for a perfect meeting conference. 

Now that I only have little time to buy for my own personal things like clothes, shoes, bags and accessories it’s nice to see some real good shops that caters to busy working Moms like me. Online shopping saves me a lot of time and effort on looking for the things I need for my office work. It’s great to find some fashionable accessories at Zalora that I can use on my everyday office attire and on special occasions as well. I’m a little bit choosy and I’m happy that I have plenty of options. Work becomes fun when you mixed it with some creativity on dressing up yourself. Glad we don’t have uniform.


How a Tax Attorney Can Help You

>> Thursday, May 15, 2014

Each year, many people file their own taxes, and as a result make mistakes that may cause them to lose money or draw an audit from the IRS. To make life simpler--and make sure you get the refund that you're owed--work with a tax attorney in Sacramento like Mutual Law Group to file your taxes. Because they are familiar with tax law, your lawyers can help you make sense of your taxes no matter what your situation. 

Navigating the System 

Most people don't dig too deep into tax law on their own. This means that when they file their taxes, they tend to miss areas that apply to them. They may not know that they qualify for certain deductions, or they might not realize that they are liable for certain taxes. An experienced tax attorney, however, can make sure that all the proper paperwork is filed so you don't get in trouble with the IRS. You may even be due for a bigger refund than you originally imagined! Tax attorneys can be especially helpful to those who are self-employed or own their own businesses, because there are many different schedules and forms that need to be filed in these situations. You don't want anything getting lost in the cracks. 

If You Can't Pay 

An office like Mutual Law Group can also help you if you can't afford to pay your taxes. They may be able to help you reach a compromise with the IRS that will make it easier for you to pay what you owe. This can take place in one of two ways: either you can pay a percentage of your debt all at once, or you can set up a schedule to pay over an extended period of time. It largely depends on the amount you owe and your current employment status--if you've lost your job and honestly cannot afford your taxes, the IRS may agree to accept a relatively low amount in compromise, because they would rather be paid a little bit than nothing at all. In general, negotiating with the IRS is something that should be handled by an expert, since they have the knowledge to help you get the best deal possible.


Work Colleague Getting Married

>> Wednesday, April 23, 2014

One of my former colleagues at work is getting married not later than this year and we’re all happy for him. He’s been driving himself crazy over his work for the past several years and it’s high time that he should be thinking of his personal life. He started as a simple accounting staff and now he reached his dream of achieving a stable and well compensated job. He’s now the administrator of a well-known shopping mall in the city and he couldn’t be happier in his career except that he’s still single. 

Well he’s not getting any younger and being successful in his career is not enough to fill his life and we’re glad he realized that. As he’s now contemplating on the date of his marriage we told him that he deserve one of those mens platinum wedding bands as a gift to himself for working so hard all these years. Of course he should be getting his bride a nice diamond band too. Such beautiful wedding bands for a hardworking couple and hope their love will last forever.


Insurance Industry Urged to Help Cut Asbestos Deaths

>> Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The insurance industry is being urged to fund research into mesothelioma, the deadly cancer affecting the lungs which is caused by breathing in asbestos dust.

The call for more research into the disease came from the British Lung Foundation’s honorary medical adviserDr John Moore-Gillon, a respiratory health expert.

Little is known about mesothelioma, despite the fact that the UK has the world’s highest rates of the disease. What we do know is that those affected are often people who worked in certain industries during the 1980s when asbestos was used extensively. Back then, there was little asbestos awareness, not to mention the training or asbestos certification that’s available today.

The disease is most prevalent in those who worked in industries like construction, shipbuilding, engineering and power generation, where there was a greater risk of heavy exposure to asbestos.

We also know that around 2,000 people are diagnosed with the disease each year and that the Department for Work and Pensions has estimated a death toll of between 56,000 and 63,000 over the next 30 years if current trends continue.

Although the symptoms of mesothelioma can take decades to develop, once diagnosed mesothelioma is a swift killer,with many people living just months after their diagnosis. There is no cure and there are currently few effective treatments.

With asbestos related diseases continuing to blight the lives of those who have been exposed to the killer substance as well as their families, the call for research into the disease is gaining momentum.

Having insurers fund research into mesothelioma could be turn the tide on this deadly disease. More research could change the long-term outlook for those affected by mesothelioma and their families. 

But it could also work in the favour of the insurance companies too, by seeing the amount of compensation they have to pay out decrease.

Insurers are expected to end up paying out more than £11bn in compensation in the coming years. If a fraction of this could be used to fund research into mesothelioma, it could benefit some of the thousands of people affected, not to mention society as a whole.

Of course, it’s too late to help those who are already affected by asbestos related diseases but nowadays we are far more aware of the risks of working with asbestos.  Employers are largely aware of their responsibilities when it comes to the welfare of their staff, and pay the utmost regard to their duty to protect the health and safety of their employees.

Asbestos was banned as a building material during the 1980s, however having been used so widely prior to the law changes, asbestos still leaves a devastating legacy today.

Asbestos awareness training is as essential as ever. Natas have been providing high-quality asbestos training since 1996.

Natas asbestos training courses are recognised in the industry and also by the Health and Safety Executive for providing credible asbestos awareness training.

The company offers a comprehensive range of asbestos training to ensure that companies remain compliant and up-to-date with rules and regulation governing asbestos.

From award-winning asbestos awareness training and e-learning packages for large organisations, to asbestos awareness certification for individuals wanting to work in the industry, Natas offer a selection of cost-effective and flexible packages to suit different budgets and requirements.

Find out more about asbestos awareness certification and free asbestos awareness training at Natas.


Where Should You Turn to Organise Truck Shipping to Places all Around the World?

It is now easy, secure and affordable to ship any kind of vehicle overseas to places all around the world. This is particularly useful for those working abroad who need to use their own trucks and heavy machinery – the right company will be able to do this for you and make it a simple process.

Plenty of vehicle owners need their vehicles when they go overseas, especially if it is for work. Construction companies and other similar businesses often look for work overseas because it gives them more options and can be a great way to work on some exciting projects and to make more money. In many cases you will want all of your own vehicles and machinery to complete the work – although this may initially sound like something that will cost a great deal and also be stressful, there are ways of getting things sorted with the minimum of fuss. 

It is actually simple and straightforward to get trucks and plant equipment shipped to places around the world, as well as being good value – generally you will find that you only have to pay for the space that you take up on the vessel. The best companies will be able to ship all kinds of vehicles for you and all around the world, so no matter what you need exporting and where you need it go they will be able to help you to get it done both safely and securely. In many cases these expert shipping companies will also be able to assist with the paperwork and formalities that are attached to the importing and exporting of vehicles, so this really helps to reduce the stress and make it a simple process for you. 

With truck shipping and other similar-sized vehicles and machinery they are usually too big to be loaded into their own containers, so a roll-on roll-off method is best. Your vehicle that needs to be shipped can be collected from you if you wish, and it will then be taken to a UK export terminal and put onto the next available vessel. You will need to provide the shipping company with the dimensions and weight of your vehicle, as this will allow them to come up with a suitable quote. You will be paying for the space that you take up on board, so you will need to provide them with totally accurate dimensions. You can be sure that everything on board will be kept totally safe and secure, and before long it will be ready for collection on the other side. 

These companies can make what initially seems like a complicated process into a very straightforward and easy one so you will not have to worry at all. With such an easy process it allows you to take on work and projects overseas, and you will have all of your own vehicles and machinery available to you as well. Contact one of these shipping companies today to begin the process and to find out more information – once they collect your vehicle it will be in their expert hands and you can be sure that it will be delivered safely, securely and in good time as well.


Promising Career in Time

>> Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Work is up to my neck these days though I must admit I enjoy my work now than before. I always love my job because I see it as a blessing from God and it helps me in supporting my kids’ education. Right now one of the things that I’m looking forward is the time that my husband will graduate from his education degree as finances will be a lot easier by then. It’s just a year from now and after his board exam I know that God will bless him with a license and a good school to work on. 

Well as my work requires me to do some jobs other than administration I take advantage of this rather than fret about it. Even though sometimes I have to study about designs and other works of Engineers I’m lucky to be trained because I’m learning what needs to be learned. Education is a great thing and if you focus on it like learning how to play piano, innovative percussion, guitar and others you’ll get knowledge and wisdom. Well music is in our genes and it always excites me to see all my kids playing their musical instruments.


Things that Qualifies You to Job Opportunities

>> Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Getting a college degree qualifies you to a lot of job opportunities but it’s more than just education to land a good paying and stable job. Your education is a good pass to try your best to reach your goal and enter the corporate world but it takes more of what you got because work is different than schooling. I realized this when I started working because after a few years of working it’s my skills, perseverance and experience that qualifies me to various job opportunities that I didn’t imagine having. 

Most of my jobs were not in line with my college degree and I was just thankful that I was given an opportunity by my employer to be trained in such kind of jobs as Accounting Supervisor, Billing Officer, Administrative and HR officer. Who would have thought that I will qualify for the jobs that I didn’t studied in college. Well anyone can be trained for a different job like mine or in sales like agents for sunny isles real estate but it’s your interest and dedication that will enrich your knowledge and skills. In the end the value of your job gives you the qualification for future job opportunities.


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