A Day of Learning Drums

>> Friday, December 23, 2016

It’s my daughter’s Industrial Engineering week few days ago and she was included in the list of performers. Yearly they listed a group per section to do music performance which is usually a band of drummer, guitarist, pianist, vocalist and some other instrumentalist. These groups will perform one by one and they will choose the best performing group. The higher year which has the expertise and experience usually has the greater chance but it’s just fine for the juniors because playing music is good enough for them. Every performance is an achievement when you’re an artist.

Gen knows how to play piano and guitar but since there’s no drummer in the group and she learns quickly she was appointed to handle the drums. She doesn’t know anything about the drum instrument but she still agreed to perform. A day before the performance she quickly study and play the instrument which I know would be an easy thing for her. 

Much to my belief on her she was able to perform more than what can be expected for a starter just in time that the guitar failed to play. To make the program alive my daughter Gen was interviewed by the lady student host and told Gen that she played music well. The host then asked her how long she’s playing drums and everyone in the theater wowed and smiled when she answered ‘one day only’. I’m so proud of my girl that even if she love to play guitar and want to buy d addario coated strings she still agreed to play other instrument that she hasn’t played yet. Her love for music and the genes of my grandfather really saved the day for her. Good job my dear daughter.


Stylish Fashion for Working Women

>> Monday, December 12, 2016

Being a working woman has its pros and cons as you’ll have both financial stability and limited time as well. As you have a regular income of your own you can plan whatever you want to buy, save and buy it when you really feel you want it. You also have a career which you can build to grow as high as possible or have the freedom to be just a simple career woman. Some really makes it to the top corporate position while others just content themselves to be just among the average working women. We all have our choices to make and priorities in life which also defines our career improvement. I can say that sometimes the sad part of having a very active career is the time spent with your family which is usually very limited so most of the working Mom friends I know has the foresight to plan their work schedule and their vacation with the family.

Anyway it’s still good to work and help our husbands to earn money and raise the kids. We just have to make the most of our working life and thrive on those little luxuries in life like shopping for the things that we need for our work like beautiful clothes, bags, shoes and pretty accessories. Like what my friend always tells me that we could make a fashion designer out of ourselves if we know how to be stylish in our own ways. Yes every woman has an inner longing to be fashionable and stylish when they dress up and attend social gatherings or even when they go to work. Even if you dress on your corporate attire or on your pretty night dress it doesn’t make a difference on how you will be stylish.

Well dressing up is not enough as you will need to accessorize every outfit you wear like putting some nice jewelries, matching up your bags and shoes with your dress or just carrying that beautiful wallet of yours. It will not be so difficult now to choose what’s best for your dress because there are online shopping sites that offers fashionable things without taking too much of your time. As you buy online you save your time searching through racks and displays for the things you need, you just browse at the tips of your fingers and you can get not only the best clothes or accessories like StyleWe wallets but a good buy as well.

There are very nice shops like StyleWe which offers variety of pretty accessories for women. They even have their own blog stylewereviews.blogspot.com to help you with your choices same as browsing through pinterest.com/stylewe where you can see nice captures of their products. If you’re in need of styling up things to complete your attire you can visit them and be just as fashionable as you really are.


Different Types of Tools for Online Works

>> Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Starting up your business isn’t that easy, most especially if you are targeting virtual workers. Good thing that with different tools available today, it is now that possible to hire people across the world without worrying should they have been working or not.

Here is the list of tools to use for working online where beginners and even those professionals can use.

It takes screenshots at random times plus it finds mouse moves. By doing this, your workers understand they have to operate more efficiently. The program also can detect inactivity; also, it's going to deduct any time that has been lost in idleness. Supervisors can quickly see who is working on which job by way of an easy dash.

The primary advantages to using Hubstaff are its refined simplicity and numerous integrations. When there is a project management or productivity program your team uses, it is likely that this particular time tracker incorporates with it totally. When it comes to being straightforward and refined, the applications client uses virtually no resources on the computer of setup and supports nearly like Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms do.

With ActiveCollab, you can manage jobs, regardless of what size they're. You may have a world-wide team, computer screen worked time, and manage all expenses together with the aid of this software. Calendars, dashes and timelines let you easily continue with your work and improvement. ActiveCollab lets you collaborate and share files and jobs along with your coworkers among others.

With ClickTime, there isn't any software to set up. Whatever you require is a computer which is on the net. Irrespective of the number of users, you are going to understand who's working about what job, when they may be working on that job, and the length of time they've been working onto it.

Time Doctor
Time Doctor is a time tracking software which comes complete with diversion control, URL and program observation, and elective screenshot records. It is all-inclusive characteristics allow it to be suitable for distant teams to just give their customers login accessibility to visit an entire image of the things it is that they're doing at just about any specified time (while they are recording billable hours).

It reveals what sites you visited, programs you used, and gives you a comprehensive report of your day. It's possible for you to choose to block deflecting sites, set alarms for when you go over a specific amount of time on an internet site, and assess your productivity.

ManicTime helps you to readily identify time employed for work due to the vehicle monitoring of computer use and work hours. You do not have to recall when to begin or stop the clock. The collected data will allow you to using the time tracking.

You're able to keep track of your own time just like how DeskTime works and you also really get to find out the time data of your team members.


Tips and Tricks for an Enjoyable Moving Experience

>> Monday, December 5, 2016

Moving to a new house is both exciting and tasking. For some people the thought of living in a new and different community brings a certain feeling of starting a new life and embracing some new opportunities in life. Oftentimes it’s the best thing to do when you want to change the regular pattern of daily living, to accept a good work opportunity or sometimes when you want to mend a broken heart. There are various reasons for moving but one thing is certain it’s going to be such an exciting time ahead of you.

Well that’s the exciting part and now we will go into the hard part of moving which is quite stressful if you don’t have ideas and plans on how to do it. The idea itself of struggling with the permits, building guidelines, parking regulations and cargo are enough to make moving a taxing venture. So with the prevailing moving prices available in the market today you should be in complete control of how the moving will go through thinking of all the details that should be noted and look upon to make sure all money spent will be worth it.

To save money on your cargo you need to lighten your load and make some inventory on the things that you still need and those that you can sell, donate or dispose. This way you will only move the things that matters and start a new life in a new house without the unnecessary things. In the process you can earn a little from your small sale to spend on moving expenses. Try to use up existing food in your pantry as it will add up to your load. When it comes to packing choose transparent boxes so it’s easier to look in the contents of the box when you need anything or when unpacking comes. You can also use your used cardboard boxes to save spending on new ones, just label it clearly to avoid stressful unpacking.

With all of these in your mind choosing a reliable and experienced moving company will help a great deal when you transfer as you will definitely save not just time but money as well. If you’re moving to LA and California and you don’t want moving headaches you can check out Move Pro LA who can ensure a lot of moving bliss like security of cargo, protection of your furniture, safety of valuable things in your house, expert logistics and efficiency of service.

So if you want to be assured of a good professional customer service and avail regular client discounts you can Check Moving Company License Here and start enjoying a wonderful moving experience without hassles and bustles.


Working With a Nice Boss

>> Thursday, November 10, 2016

I’m always full with loads of work these days and most of the times I even work after regular working hours. My overtime work is free but I really don’t mind because I don’t want pending jobs on my desk. My work consists mainly of varied engineering reports and it takes great percentage of my time. I sometimes spent lesser time in administrative duties due to volume of reports to be submitted. 

Well don’t get me wrong I enjoy my job despite those tiring hours of doubling my efforts to finish everything on time. That’s what making my mind busy away from the usual everyday stress of life. I love my work and I’m learning so much from my boss who never fails to amaze me with his work dedication and untiring efforts to give his best to all projects that he handles. 

I wonder if he has time to listen to music these days because we have some work problems on hand. If he has the time I know he would have bought additional musical items for his music studio like bass guitar, podfarm, nice accessories and some other music gadgets that fancies his mind. He is such a kind boss and very cool in the sense that he talks to us with humor at times. He’s very competitive in his field but keep his profile low for us to be able to reach him. Maybe his fondness to good music is the key to his very relaxed attitude.


Avoiding Danger by Finding the Right Broker

>> Saturday, October 8, 2016

If your broker does not provide this flexibility, you aren't employing an actual ECN broker. By taking these many factors into account, you need to be able to establish which forex broker is right for you. It is frequently difficult to opt for a proper Forex broker that is why it is really essential to know first the basic and everything later on so that choosing forex broker won’t end up wasting your investment.

If you're searching for a broker, take a look at our forex broker listing. It's possible to review your present broker in order for you to avoid losing everything. It's crucial to pick out a great broker if you're serious about trading in foreign currencies.

Everyone would surely want to have an excellent broker. Normally a broker provides you marginal accounts that may increase the sum you have available. Some forex brokers might be rather fantastic brokers and still not be suitable for you. Bad Forex brokers have the significant problems within this field.

When you've determined which brokers aren't ECN brokers, be certain to pick the Forex Broker Guru for your particular needs. The third step for comparing the Forex brokers is to have a look at the varieties of account you're going to be in a position to open. Deciding on the best Forex broker is among the most significant things to do after you have resolved to begin employed as a Forex trader.

You can now compare several brokers account profitability and see wherever your own broker stands. In conclusion, you must always opt for a regulated broker. Before you select an expert broker, pay your focus to hidden commissions and fees. The best brokers supply an easy-to-use platform, very low trading expenses, and quality educational resources. By viewing a comparison chart it is simple to spot the best brokers based on your criteria.

There are a few brokers who don't charge in any respect. Many brokers provide various alternatives to be initial deposits, such as wire transfers, charge cards, PayPal, NeTeller, and more. They offer this facility. You might locate some on-line brokers offering exciting deals but be careful as it does not be a registered firm.

The broker might be an exact good one, but it is certainly not for more compact investors who need to trade the markets with lower amounts. A great deal of Forex brokers move with time and provide new and advanced payment procedures. One more thing that is vital, in regards to selecting a Forex Broker, see to it that it provides you a customer support feature.

There are lots of Forex brokers online and everybody would like to attract many traders as possible. Be careful of these ones; though not everyone is that dangerous since there are still legit ones. Decent Forex brokers still exists and are giving some training and guidance to their customers. In finding it, always think about some criteria in selecting the ideal trading broker.

Brokers tend to offer a selection of accounts and their primary difference could possibly be the sum of the initial deposit. ECN brokers will be sure you receive the tool and research materials which you require. Perhaps above all, a really top ECN broker permits you to place a trade larger than 5 standard lots.


The Versatile Fur Waistcoat - For Year Round Glamour

>> Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A fur gilet is one of the most versatile fashion pieces you can own. The different lengths, thicknesses, and colours mean you can wear them with a variety of outfits all year long! They are perfect for transitioning your wardrobe between seasons, adding a layer of warmth, and just glamming up your outfit! Read on to learn how to style your fur waistcoats every season of the year. 


Introducing a fur waistcoat to your fall wardrobe is a must. Wear one to jazz up your favorite casual plaid or chambray shirts. Adding a fur waistcoat, high boots, and floppy hat to a long-sleeved dress makes for a sexy yet weather appropriate outfit. On fall's coolest days, layer your fur waistcoat over an oversized sweater and leggings to stay comfy and cozy.


Winter is the perfect time of year to wear fur gilets. They add a touch of class to chunky sweaters and jeans. For a night out, layer your gilet over a sweater dress and add some tall boots to stay warm and look hot. If you want a bad girl look, layer a fur waistcoat over or under a leather jacket. Really turn heads by wearing an all-black outfit topped with a fluffy brown or white fur waistcoat. Wear a fur waistcoat with a hood for a cute snow bunny look that will not mess up your hair like a hat would.


Fur gilets are the perfect pieces to help transition your look into spring. Add one in a fun color to an otherwise black and white outfit for a bright pop. Dress up your favorite destroyed denim with a fur waistcoat, heels, and a statement necklace. Keep covered up but bring out a boho spring vibe by pairing your fur waistcoat with a maxi skirt. Show off that shape you have been hiding all winter by layering a fur waistcoat over your favorite spring dress and belting them for an hourglass figure.


Just because the weather is warm doesn't mean you have to pack your fur away! Fur gilets are great for chilly nights and damp days. Add one to your favorite tee shirt and mini skirt combo for an unexpected accessory. When it's cool outside but you just cannot wait to wear your new summer clothes, layer on a fur waistcoat; it will glam up any pair of shorts. Make your favorite summer crop top a little more conservative (and warm!) by wearing a fur waistcoat over top.

Fur waistcoats are warm, stylish, and add a touch of luxury to any outfit. The best part is, they come in so many colors and styles that you are sure to find one you love! To see a wide selection of fashion fur gilet’s click here.


Searching and Knowing Your Career Goal

>> Monday, September 12, 2016

Choosing your career is not that easy. This is the reason why there are career talk and seminars given to high school graduating students to guide them on what they should take up in college. Some of the students have their minds set on particular course as early as when they enter secondary level but most are still not sure on what field they will take. As they’re still young they don’t know exactly what they want in life or what they want to achieve when they finish schooling so educating them with various career fields is really necessary.

I know a student who discovered her dream when she heard a good talk from successful alumni of their school who shared her journey in making her dreams come true. Inspired with the talk the student realized that she has the same dreams and would want to follow the same field of study. Some on the other hand realized where their interest leads to and finally decided on what course to take. In my own experience I helped my own child in deciding what course to take simply by asking her what she wants to do after college, her interest and how she pictures herself working. I explained her every course she asked and finally I hit her soft spot. She chose Industrial Engineering. 

Knowing your capabilities and goals in life helps a lot in facing your future. It goes the same when you want to learn how to play musical instruments and what kind should be good for you. Some has the gift of playing every instrument they want to but others are just equipped with knowing only one or two. Well being able to play one kind of musical instrument is good enough as learning music is for me a great gift from God. My daughter who is gifted with a talent in playing various musical instruments started her music journey with a question to me on how to tune an acoustic guitar and it all started then. Her journey started with one curiosity which led to a great blessing of playing good on keyboards, guitar and other musical instruments.


Prioritizing Your List of Work

>> Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Source:  levoleague.com  via Race on Pinterest

When I’m working I see to it that I have my notebook where I can list all the things I have to do for the month, for the week for the day. I’ve been doing this since I started working two decades ago. It has helped me a lot in ensuring that I will be able to do my work ahead of time and will not forget any of those tasks. Even my former boss referred to my list at times when he want to make sure of the past dates of transaction or when he want to remember future deals with the customer. 

In doing your list you should have some noticeable marks labeling your list according to level of priority, days to do it and people in-charge of the job beside you. Prioritizing your to-do list is of great importance because you’ll be able to maximize not just your time but your efforts as well. Of course you don’t want to be so early on the job which is not due immediately when another task is waiting to be done on the next day. Working is like treating your family also because you have to plan everything for them and give what they want at a time when they really need it.


Stylish Corporate Attire for Career Women

>> Thursday, September 1, 2016

Most corporate offices have uniforms for their employees but some others don’t implement the standard clothing guidelines for employees for their own advantage. This is mostly true for those companies who caters for advertising and their account managers need to visit clients at their best corporate wear. When you are involved in anything that caters to marketing and advertising products you will notice that they dress up more than the usual regular employees who just stay inside their offices. I can relate to this situation as I’m more confident in dressing up in my own style than wearing uniforms which most likely to be so plain and simple. As I’m fond of browsing fashion sites like stylewe.com for some attire ideas I can see the difference of good fashion sense in corporate world. 

As many women who works don’t have much time to linger on malls most of the times except for rest day they welcome the idea of shopping online for their clothing. This is the generation of online transactions so shopping is made easier by just browsing through shops, comparing prices and deals and buying whatever you found worth your money. Most often it’s less expensive to shop online because they offer discounts and you can choose from wide range of brands, colors and style in lesser time like this sweet mini skirts which you can find easily from wherever you are. 

This opportunity of buying online in the convenience of your home or work place during break times give you more time for yourself and family because at the end of the day you will not drop by shopping malls to buy clothes when some occasion suddenly arises as online shops gives you more freedom to buy in your own time inexpensively. It’s easy even for newbies as you just have to click the site and it will bring you to your preferred line of clothing and whatever you have in your mind. No need to spend plenty of hours as most of the shops offer wide selection of products for your needs. You can also buy for some other members of the family. Online shopping can be such a dear leisure don’t you think?


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