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>> Saturday, October 31, 2015

As Americans, the majority of you understand that transportation is the key to making the world go around. Without proper transportation and logistics, important documents, products or mail can get lost in the turn around. For those of you who have been looking for the perfect company when it comes to trucking, then you don’t need to look any further. Most transportation services are difficult to manage and because of this, might lead to problems, but if you have been around for a while, then you know how to deal with those problems. Take a second look at Transland Trucking, you might just find that you will be happy there.

While there are always a multitude of reasons to try something new, it helps make your decision if the company has a history. This trucking business has been hard at work for decades, and they don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The best way to get involved and maybe get some driving time is to apply. Don’t sit around the house any longer, but instead, take control of your life and find a new start today, you won’t be disappointed. 


Doing the Job You Love To Do

>> Thursday, October 15, 2015

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We all have our ups and downs on our jobs but we must admit that beyond all these our love for our work stands out and no matter what happens we like the feeling that we’re financially stable.  Our jobs give us provision for the things we need and support our family as well; as such we give our best to show our capabilities to reach our goal of career advancement.   Some are lucky to be promoted; others are not and most try their best through their years of service hoping that their good fortune will come next. 

These are all for our financial needs and career dreams but when we talk of happiness it’s finding a job that excites you every day-something that you look forward every morning that you go to work.  This is also the time when you care more about the people that you work with rather than the amount you get from your work.  Well if you really love the things you’re doing sometimes the salary is not the first to consider because after all if you hate your job you wouldn’t be your best ever.


Working For Your Own Company

>> Friday, September 25, 2015

It’s always better to have your own company or business to attend to instead of having an 8-hour office corporate job. Well the regular job is also good as it offers regular and stable income to pay for basic needs and monthly bills. I myself have been employed regularly for more than two decades on varied fields of business in electronics, transportation, consultancy, telecommunications, equipment distributorship and engineering. On all those companies that I worked with I was able to receive stable compensation to finance my family’s needs. This is also the reason why many people stick to a regular job even if sometimes the pay is not that big. 

Now it’s different when you are the boss or when you’re working for own company because there are more benefits most of the times. You can decide your own time, your own schedule, strategy and marketing techniques. Same goes for some  owner operator trucking jobs who can enjoy the choice of choosing their loads to haul, the places they want to run, the time they want to dispatch the load, the number of loads and many other things that only an owner-operator can do. Most of them need to lease to a company so they will just choose the loads that meet their needs and to help with managing their dispatches. 

Being your own boss gives you more responsibilities but it also gives you financial and work freedom. You just need to know the boundaries of your capabilities, the steps you need to take to make it successful, how to handle your finances wisely and the people or company you need to work with. Sometimes you need to have a working partner or you have to lease to a supplier who can give you clients for your business. There are several things to learn when you start your own business and more when you’re in the middle of it. The most important thing is you stay focused and work your way to your success.


Have You Considered Getting an Aviation Job?

>> Tuesday, September 22, 2015

There are many good-paying, exciting jobs in the aviation field. Some of them involve actually flying in an airplane of course, but there also are many jobs that are done only on the ground. For example:

• Engineer. Work with an aircraft company to develop new models of airplanes. You will ensure that all requirements are met concerning performance, safety and other factors.

• GSE mechanic. You will perform routine maintenance on various ground equipment at airports that supports airlines. You might repair and overhaul ground support equipment as well as do routine maintenance. These aviation jobs are in particular demand.

• Station manager. This professional is responsible for all ground and flight operations. These duties include air cargo operations, passenger services and aircraft logistical support. You will be responsible for keeping everything at the station in full compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

• Cabin serviceperson. Airlines often outsource cabin cleaning duties to save money. Typical duties include vacuuming all surfaces, picking up garbage, washing bathrooms, cleaning windows and refilling water supply.

The aviation industry continues to expand, as more and more people want to fly for both business and pleasure. This industry will offer exciting careers that pay well for years to come.


Little Things that Makes Us Enjoy Work

>> Tuesday, September 15, 2015

There are things that make us happy in whatever field or career we take and in my own experience we should not spend all of our time on our job for us to enjoy it. I have worked so diligently and few years back I even spent 24 hours or more just to finish proposals. I also spent more than 20 hours online on my writing job and though I enjoyed every bit of my writing job I know in my heart that a person should have limits in working. It’s the free time away from working area that gives a breather and space to realize that it should not be all work as we also have to play. 

Now that I only spent one to two hours a day on my online work and only 8 hours on my office work I get to enjoy my work more because I have more focus and get to know many things. I enjoy my work because I look forward to the thought that at the end of the day I will see my kids, my husband and my whole family and enjoy the rest of the day with them. If I can help it I don’t spend more than the regular hours of work so I’ll still be early to cook for my family and listen to their day experiences. 

When I still have some extra time for myself I browse the net and search for some of my favorite musical instruments and accessories at musiciansfriend.com where I and my kids bond because we both love seeing the latest instruments on the net. As they offer the country’s peso conversion it’s also easier to gauge if the price is affordable or if the goods are good deals. It’s the little happiness in our loved ones, our simple hobbies and diversions that release our stress in work and make us ready for another day of our work life.


Trucking Jobs Are on the Rise

>> Friday, September 11, 2015

According to recent new, there are more trucks on the highways these days. That is good, because this usually means that economic growth has increased. Many people do not think about trucking as an indicator of the job market. In fact, there is a strong correlation between big rigs and jobs overall. There are only three parts of the US economy that have more to do with our gross domestic product than transportation: food, health care and housing. 

There are more trucks on the road, which means more goods are being shipped and sold, and there is more work in factories too. This also means of course, a lot of trucking jobs Cleveland in particular is seeing a rapid rise in trucking jobs.

A 2015 analysis from the Bureau of Economic Analysis found that transportation and warehouse jobs went up 17,000 in June of that year, and trucking jobs especially went up 7,000. This indicates that a trend is continuing from earlier in the year, with 19,000 brand new trucking jobs having been added in the last 90 days.

Overall, trucking jobs are increasing as the economy is getting better, and this is great news for all of us. 


Office and Home Organizers

>> Thursday, August 6, 2015

Just like in our homes we want our office files and things organized in order to make our work more convenient. It’s actually a necessity to have enough filing cabinets and drawers to hold our volume of folders for a neat and well-arranged look. It can also be a good factor for fast and quick working order because when your things are in order you can easily get whatever you need anytime. 

For our homes we need to have closet and cabinet organizers with Fulterer soft close drawer slides to manage the usual mess in areas like dining and kitchen. We can have drop-in drawer organizers to hold and keep our items in order that we want them and where we can easily find them hassle-free.


Deciding on Special Music Class

>> Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Since my two girls are already in their college I know what they want to be when they finished schooling as they both chosen career path for themselves. Now for my big boy who is turning 12 in September I know that he’s not yet sure on what career he wants for himself. Sometimes he would ask me what I want for him and few times he will tell me that he’s starting to realize what he really want to be. In his young mind he is full of hopes, goals and dreams and for now I just encourage him on whatever he may want to achieve. 

One of his wishes is to be very good in playing various musical instruments and I inspire him to learn more. This morning as his school passed us the form for enrolling clubs and special music class we’re thinking carefully if he’ll take keyboard class or enroll in guitar lessons. If he’ll be taking up guitar class I’ll look for a new guitar for him like the one I saw online with nice accessories. I saw they even have guitar shielding for guitar’s pickguard. Well Josh is very well versed in browsing online sites especially when it comes to musical instruments and techie sites. I’ll let him decide his special class tonight.


Organizing Cords While Working

>> Friday, July 3, 2015

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Experienced having too much cords on your table while working? I have and it's such a mess. It affects me so much that most of the times I can't work seeing them in a not-so-orderly condition. So what will you do if you're into this messy situation? It's as simple as getting those big binder clips and clamping them on the table and voila you'll be able to hold your cords for phones, USB and other gadgets that you usually use while working.

Keep them organized like the ones in picture above. No costs! Just be creative and you'll get an orderly and clear table in a flash. Got some tips for you - you can use colored binder clips for some style and colors.


Finding Your Dream Job and Career

>> Monday, June 29, 2015

Getting the best personnel to be employed in a company is not an easy task to do when you’re in recruitment or human resource department. It takes skills and expertise to be able to assess and pick the right person that will suit job requirements and qualification. This is the reason why companies commonly hires professionals with psychology and human resources background to do the screening and examinations in the best possible way they can. They usually have the expertise in knowing not just the applicant’s background and knowledge but their psychological condition as well. 

When employers are having problems with hiring the best personnel like  Biostatistician jobs or when they don’t have enough resource to do the job they will find it hard to run their business efficiently. We should remember that people is the company’s most important asset that’s why failure to hire the best employees will have bad effects on the performance of the business. It’s vital to have the best manpower resources to reach not just the company’s goal but to assure the success of the business also. 

Nowadays this should not be a problem anymore as there are companies that specialize in getting the best manpower for your business needs. They provide employment resource and tools to get the right and qualified personnel that have the education, experience and skills to do what the job requires of them. These employment resource companies can both help employers and job seekers as well. If you have the right degree and work experience that will qualify you for one of the jobs in those employment resource sites you can easily go to their sites and be part of their network. It’s your chance to find the right company, your dream job, your desired career and best opportunities in your life.


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