Preferring Musical Hobbies than Online Games

>> Friday, May 20, 2016

With all the online activities of the youth these days it’s a refreshing sight to see some who choose to play musical instruments in their free time. Since online games and social sites became rampant not only in malls but in homes as well parents should be vigilant in monitoring their kids’ activities. It’s not healthy to let our kids develop a hobby that relies on the web so it’s best to encourage them to play the usual games we do when we were kids, playing on the street is good also if the place is safe or in the park. If it’s not safe outdoor kids can play board games in the convenience of our homes or learn to play music with whatever instruments they want to play with. 

My kids started with summer music school learning only the basic then as years passed by they learned to practice by them and honed their skills progressively. Now they’re often browsing on online music store for nice instruments and accessories like tascam interface where they get some inspirations. They’re also saving for some of their wished accessories with my help of course. It’s nice to see kids with flair for music and other recreational things than spending all their time on the net.


Work, Talents and Hobbies

>> Thursday, April 28, 2016

We’ve already started our new project first week of the month and even though it’s only starting we’re already busy. My hands are full now with my two soon to finish projects, one other project and the new one. Sometimes I get some headache on those because I have to answer and solve the requirements of our clients even though it’s not my job and my field of expertise. If there’s one thing that I learned through my 3 years of coming back to my old company it’s learning everything I can to do what can’t be done by busy engineers. I studied engineering myself but I’m not into civil. I’m more well-versed in computers and telecommunications but now I learned to do highway design and many other reports. Well that’s a plus I may say but still it’s hard sometimes. 

Maybe that’s the real picture of life- you study one thing but you work on another thing and you master on some other things. I remember my father when I was young and I was amazed at how he can be a very good administrator, municipal secretary, speech writer of the town’s Mayor, contract expert, outstanding tailor, creative carpenter and a music enthusiast also. He finished a Law degree and he’s a very good businessman. He’s a jack of all trade and as I grow older I’m getting some of his ‘trade’ skills and talents as per my Mom’s observation. 

Anyway as to his being a music enthusiast he didn’t enrolled in any music school. He just bought instruments like a grand piano in his younger days and learned to play on his own. He would also love to learn woodwind & brasswind instruments at that time but he has a job in public service and a business to spend his time. Well if he’s still living now he would be happy and proud that his grandkids have flair and talents in playing musical instruments. He would love listening how Gen plays the piano and guitar. Music runs strong in our blood and my kids are lucky that they inherit the talents. Hope they can use it in playing musical instruments in our church soon.


Resource for My Kitchen Cabinets

>> Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Now that there are only two weeks left before the school break I’m looking forward to do spring cleaning of the house. I will also make some arrangement with our carpenter to build customized cabinets in the kitchen. I love working in the kitchen where I spend most of my idle time cooking and preparing foodies for my family but sometimes it gets so messy that I hate looking at the whole area. Due to increasing stocks of kitchen utensils and small cooking appliances the kitchen suddenly became small. 

It’s hard to work if the space is small so I really need to organize things and put the small clutter to cabinets so I can work and cook conveniently. I’ve seen some creative ideas on and think of buying a ready-made customized one if my budget will allow. Well I have to consult DH if we’ll build our own or just order from a reliable supplier. Kitchen is my favorite nook in my house and if ever I’ll have more finances I’ll have it renovated and redecorated. Wishes…


Finding Time to Play Guitar After School Ends

>> Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My dear daughter Gen is busy with her finals that she always sleeps late at night and can’t attend to her personal things at times. She also misses her guitar practice because she can’t find the time to even strum a few chords. Well she promised herself that she’ll give quality time to her musical instruments once she gets all her grades this semester. Engineering courses are really tough to study and I know what she’s going through having walked the same path decades ago when I took Computer Engineering. 

It will only be less than two weeks and she can focus on practicing some of her songs using her guitar and the vintage guitar picks she loves dearly. I’m also looking forward to hear when she plays my favorite pieces as sometimes I sing when she strums. It’s not only relaxing but a sweet bonding for the whole family.


Graduation Gift Ideas

>> Friday, February 12, 2016

My niece is graduating from junior high school and she’s thinking carefully what she plans to take and where to study for her senior high school. She’s very competitive and excels not only in academics but extra-curricular activities as well. She’s an athlete playing volleyball and badminton and also very keen on photography. I think she’ll be taking Arts or something related but the school is not yet decided upon. Anyway she can continue studying in her present school if they will offer what she wants for senior high school. 

My brother, her Dad is thinking of some nice graduation gifts for her like high school class rings -, a branded watch, gadget or some accessories for her favorite sports but my niece wants to choose for her own. Maybe she’ll just choose and tell it to my brother so he can buy what she really wants. I also did the same to my two daughters. I asked them what they want and saved for the specific gadget they want. I also want jewelry for them at that time but they can’t choose because they’re not familiar with jewelries. Maybe when they graduate from college they would want a special ring for the occasion, a college ring or some nice necklace or bracelet. Whatever it will be it will serve as a memorable token from me to them.


My Special Kid

>> Saturday, January 30, 2016

I was talking to my youngest kid the other day and we were thinking of what he might be taking up when he reached college. As of now he’s very amazed at computer codes and html things and thinking of taking up Electronics Communications Engineering or a course that pertains to website graphics. At his age he’s a bit advanced when it comes to computer and at times I’m telling him to slow down a bit and focus on his academics. I’m a little apprehensive at his divided attention between his current subjects and the things that excites his mind. 

I was just happy that besides all those things he still maintains his penchant for playing keyboards and keeps up with practicing his musical pieces. He even looked at Yamaha Pro Audio and asked me about it. He’s going to buy his own musical instruments from his savings so he’s thinking carefully what he’s going to buy; after all it’s his own earned money. Josh is really a special one, a computer techie, an artist and a musician as well. Great thing about him is that he’s still very sweet and caring son. Lucky me.


The Perks of Getting a Staffing Company

>> Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Every business should have a careful study on how they can manage well with minimum budget and maximum performance. All departments should have their own goals on how to achieve and finish work with a good management approach like employing skilled and experienced staff and creating a well-balanced company policy that benefits not just employer but the employees as well. With my experience in administration, human resources and billing departments I can easily understand problems encountered in each department without jeopardizing one department and praising the other. Good judgement and wise decision are vital factors in ensuring that everything will be operated in the best way possible.

Now when it comes to hiring good personnel you have a choice if your company will do it on its own or hire the services of skilled labor staffing company that provides skilled and experienced employees to various field of business. As recruitment and hiring is a bit hard at times because of the various processes that involves the work more companies are now resorting to getting a staffing company to do the job. This way they can depend on the company to complete the list of workforce they need in the best possible time and with the best credentials they need. The company will do the testing, verifying of education and credentials and background checking.

If certain qualifications are needed like work experiences and training the staffing company will see to it that they hire the best and experienced craftsman and train them too if needed. With all these beneficial things to consider you can be rest assured that your business will have the best employees without exerting much effort and time in finding them. You can also control your costs, decrease the administrative workload and manage the business more effectively. You can devote your precious time not in hiring but in ensuring that business operations is always in its best performance.


Learning and Playing Musical Instruments

>> Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Last year we planned to enroll Josh in violin playing class but due to some reasons he chose to enroll in keyboard class. One of our reasons was our need to train a child to play keyboard in our church as no one has the eagerness and penchant for keyboards. Almost all wanted to play either guitar or drums and as keyboard is very important in worship songs we encourage our son in his love for playing keyboard instrument. He also wanted to learn violin but the instrument he meant to use was sold mistakenly, it was intended to be given to Josh but apparently there’s a miscommunication. 

Anyway Josh is very young and he can still learn it if he wants. I heard one of his classmate whispered to one of their mentor on what makes a good violin and overhearing it I made some research so when the time comes that my son will start the violin school I know what to choose for a good sounding quality violin.


A Trucking Company At Your Service

>> Saturday, October 31, 2015

As Americans, the majority of you understand that transportation is the key to making the world go around. Without proper transportation and logistics, important documents, products or mail can get lost in the turn around. For those of you who have been looking for the perfect company when it comes to trucking, then you don’t need to look any further. Most transportation services are difficult to manage and because of this, might lead to problems, but if you have been around for a while, then you know how to deal with those problems. Take a second look at Transland Trucking, you might just find that you will be happy there.

While there are always a multitude of reasons to try something new, it helps make your decision if the company has a history. This trucking business has been hard at work for decades, and they don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The best way to get involved and maybe get some driving time is to apply. Don’t sit around the house any longer, but instead, take control of your life and find a new start today, you won’t be disappointed. 


Doing the Job You Love To Do

>> Thursday, October 15, 2015

Source: via Race on Pinterest

We all have our ups and downs on our jobs but we must admit that beyond all these our love for our work stands out and no matter what happens we like the feeling that we’re financially stable.  Our jobs give us provision for the things we need and support our family as well; as such we give our best to show our capabilities to reach our goal of career advancement.   Some are lucky to be promoted; others are not and most try their best through their years of service hoping that their good fortune will come next. 

These are all for our financial needs and career dreams but when we talk of happiness it’s finding a job that excites you every day-something that you look forward every morning that you go to work.  This is also the time when you care more about the people that you work with rather than the amount you get from your work.  Well if you really love the things you’re doing sometimes the salary is not the first to consider because after all if you hate your job you wouldn’t be your best ever.


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