BT&T-DSI Seminar

>> Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We had a somewhat different seminar this time and it's titled Experience Exchange workshop. Instead of our usual seminar for BT&T only with ADB-assigned staff as our attendees this time we had it with our sister company Design Science Inc. employees. Workshop started at 8:30 and finished at 5:00pm leaving some beautiful thoughts in our hearts about maintaining a good relationship with colleagues and the company we worked for.

In Experience exchange workshop we realized and shared the best things in our work. During the seminar we started getting to know each other's views, opinions on the meaning and relevance of integrity and stewardship in the workplace. The goals of this seminar-workshop is to help us understand the importance of others in our lives, we need them because no man is an island. We must have a good working relationship for us to get our job done more effectively, it's very important in our work life. Coming to office Mondays to Fridays 8-5 becomes like a habit to us but we never understand our real purpose and the basic key to a successful workmanship and this workshop has taught us and made us realized that working is not only earning but it's also exchanging experience.

The mission of our workshop guru Mr. Danny Carreon and our employer Sir Bob is for us to be a committed men and women of action. This is to make us value good stewardship in our workplace and apply all that we learned in doing our jobs.


My Office

>> Saturday, July 26, 2008

This is my office and guess what I've caught some nice semi-frontal shots of it while waiting for my turn to cross the very dangerous street beside it. I was getting bored while waiting for the cars to slow down a bit so I played with my mobile phonecam and took some pictures of my office building.

It's actually a twin building but geniusly designed to make it look like a whole building. It's named after the family who owned it, it's called the BT&T Center. We're occupying the two mezzanine of the floors, it's reserved for the owner. All floors can be rented except the mezzanine and when you're inside the building you'll feel very private, it's peaceful and quiet inside. The view from glass windows and walls are also spectacular with the eastwood buildings on the left and the hills of Rizal province on the far right.


Me and My Mom

>> Thursday, July 24, 2008

Redge took this picture last Mother’s Day and when I saw it I find it very nice. My Mom always look pretty even she’s old already, unlike me who looks what I feel, If I feel happy my pic would be nice but if I’m stressed my pic would look afresh so If I’m tired and stressed I would wear my glasses to hide my weariness.

My younger sis Redge always says to me that me and mom are like super moms and she always joke about me getting the traits and skills of my mom regarding cooking, marketing, being a stage mother lol!and many other things. I was flattered because I look up to my Mom as my ideal person. She brought us up in good faith and disciplines us in not so strict ways. She acted as both our Mom and Dad when my father suffered stroke in his 50’s leaving my Mom to take all the responsibilities on her shoulders-that of caring and working for us. She was a school teacher during that time and inspite of hardships we experienced of having our father in monitored condition we stayed as a happy and successful family.


Lunch Break Relaxation

>> Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This is our conference room where we most of the times rest during lunch breaks and that’s when there’s no meeting, training or conference held in it. It’s kind of relaxing for us because this room looks over Libis area where you can see Antipolo Hills beyond Eastwood buildings. Right in front of the blue-glass windows you can see cars passing by the road and trees swaying their branches on a windy afternoon. We just sit there and have some chit chat, I sometimes get pen and paper and write. It’s nice writing when you’re in a relaxed mood.


Communications, Telephone Etiquette and English Proficiency Seminar

>> Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nice to remember those seminars that we had few years back which gave me a training on how to communicate properly with our clients and providers. Having taken an engineering course in my college days I wasn’t trained formally to communicate verbally, it’s just the experience that I had from my previous jobs that taught me a lot of things but it’s never too late for me to learn it the proper way right?

We had the training for Corporate Communications Seminar in the morning and Telephone Etiquette and English Proficiency in the afternoon.
The training was held in BT&T Center Conference and Training Room under MCB Career Systems Development, our trainor was Ms. Melissa Lamug. Together with the ADB-assigned staff switchboard and fax operators we learned and practiced all telephone etiquette, conversed with the right English proficiency and learned how to communicate properly with the right manners, formal communications and proper attitude.


Inventory of My Things

>> Sunday, July 20, 2008

Getting ready for the time that I'll be permitted to leave the office I had an inventory of the things issued to me. I shall be returning the equipment or office supplies issued to me like calculator, backup CDs and other valuable items. I have many files to turn over because through all the years that passed I handled administrative, human resources, accounting and many other things pertaining billing and collection. Files and folders are endless including the soft files.

As they are not rushing to employ a person to replace me I was beginning to have some depressions on my schedule. It's school opening next week and as early as now I was thinking and planning on how I would fit all my schedules in my limited time. My boss is currently out of the country now and he asked me not to leave the office while he was away. He again told me to stay awhile, actually that 'awhile' word seems to get longer. The plans that I've made for myself is getting out of hand. But anyway I'm still happy with my friends in the office and they want me to stay a little longer too. It's just that if I plan something I want that plan to be done as soon as possible. I pray to God that whatever it is that making my stay longer it's part of His will. I know He'll never allow it if it's not good. I trust in Him.


Principal's Advice On Parents

>> Friday, July 18, 2008

General PTA Meeting last June was headed and presided by none other than the school principal. He discussed the most important things to prioritize in terms of the children's welfare and growth in education. Some topics were time, discipline, breaktime activities, growing number of enrolees, guidance of parents when they reach their homes and restriction on students on their whereabouts.

Attendees were all officers who was elected in respective classes and grades. Principal put emphasis on the cooperation and support of the parents on the teachers' effort to lead the children into valuing education for a brighter future.


PTA Meeting 2008-2009

I attended the first Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) meeting for this new school year. Meeting was done all at the same time with all grade levels so I had difficulty with going up and down the building to attend both grade IV and V level. I had Joshua with me and after 20 minutes I decided to let my kids’ service take them home ahead of me as I can’t concentrate on the meeting.

Meeting was always like the previous years, the only difference now was teachers are not accepting payment for anything. I was elected again for the 5th time since Ruth was in grade I and this time for Vice President. I presided the meeting because the elected President was too shy to speak in front of the parents and to lead the meeting. I’m glad that friend Janet arrived and helped me. Janet, me and some friends were consistent officers for five years and have worked through school projects as partners. Jannet was a little bit late this time the reason why she was elected only as secretary and not the President.

Agenda of the meeting were uniform, books, grading system, discipline, time and some other important matters. Meeting was ended quickly to give way for general PTA meeting which will be headed by the principal. Glad to meet Mrs. Eder Escoto again after some years, she’s my teacher when I was in grade V and now on her last few years of teaching she’ll be handling my daughter Ruth. I admire the old teachers’ techniques in teaching just like my Mom who was also a teacher in this school for several years before she retired from work.


Junior Boss' Birthday

>> Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It’s my boss’ birthday, Sir Bobby turned one year older again. He ordered food at our usual favorite stores, pancit canton and bihon, lechon manok, barbeque, salad and many others. Sir Bob our senior boss was here already before lunch. One thing I’m thinking though – birthday celebrant don’t seem to age rapidly. He still looks as young as years ago. Now I believe chinky-eyed persons just like my bes JennyL looks younger than deep-set eyes people. Just a thought though!


Personal Effectiveness and Team Building Seminar

>> Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One of the seminars that has made me understand and realized the inner person in my officemates was our seminar in Personal Effectiveness and Team Building. In my previous seminars I never had a chance to fully concentrate on being a seminar participant because as an Administrative Officer in our company I’m the one in-charge of preparing and ensuring that all things are ready for the company seminars being held. In this particular training I had an opportunity to really participate and know deeply the purpose of that seminar. Purpose is for us to realize each other’s worth and how each member of the team is important to the group.

It’s really a nice and overwhelming experience as we go through the activities which enable us to work as partners and teams. There’s an activity which necessitate us to sacrifice ourselves for the benefit of others. It encouraged us to let go of ourselves and in the process realizing each other’s abilities, disabilities, weakness and strengths. It was truly a memorable experience and I thanked the trainor for a job well done.

Here are some pics to remember:


Working Essentials!

>> Sunday, July 13, 2008

To start my work I have to make sure that I have all these things beside me, personal computer, good internet connection, gateway equipment, mobile phone, calculator, printer, pen, notebook and planner. Everyday upon reaching my cubicle I would place my essential things in front of me. I need all of these to complete my work including my mobile phone which is necessary all throughout the day when my boss communicates to me when he’s out of the office. He even calls other employees through my phone even if they also have phones with them. Without any one of these things I couldn’t work comfortably well. Just sharing!


Lunch Meeting At Sushiya

>> Friday, July 11, 2008

We had our lunch meeting today in Sushiya which is just around the corner, near our office actually. You can walk going there. It’s one of the favorite restaurant of some of my officemates, those who love eating healthy and diet foods. Osang love Tofu Furai and usually order it a lunch.

Now after my boss’ travel in Taiwan with Joey, Win and Sir Bobby he invited us all managers and me to have lunch in Sushiya. Our group ordered special dimsum and because I’m not so much a lover of Japanese food I just ordered what I know is just right for me, I chose Calamares for my main dish. Since I’m fond of cooking and assessing food I find its taste quite simple not superb J.

Meeting was mainly for some updates and some business opportunities for small telecommunications company like us in other parts of Asia. My boss joked about my resignation and wanted me to change my mind.


Renn’s Snack

>> Monday, July 7, 2008

Renn visited us today in the office and he ordered 2 large boxes of pizza for us. He’s been with us since 2004 and just left us for other employment last January this year. We missed him as we’re only few here in the office so one officemate who resigned is a lost to us. Until now he has no replacement, they can’t find someone like him who can do great programming and design graphics at the same time. Well you know he’s a multi-talented person as this is not really his college course, he’s a Math major. Upon pizza’s delivery we feasted on his blowout for us, no not because it’s his birthday but because he has landed two good jobs with great pay. Not just bright but also lucky Renn!


Shoes For My Little Lady

>> Sunday, July 6, 2008

I’ve asked Ruth to go with me to buy her school shoes. Need to get her something that would suit her as I’ve noticed that she’s grown fast and former shoes seems like a little unfit for her age. My hubby’s sister in Trent, G.B. used to send them school shoes but now the styles and sizes only fits Gen because Ruth’s feet has grown to my size and she wants a style for young ladies. Ruth picked a very simple style only less the usual girlish designs and prints. She’s becoming a young lady now.


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