Health is Suffering

>> Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I have to decide what to do with my resignation. I’m thinking of agreeing to what my boss was telling when I resigned last May that I work at home and report twice a week. I didn't agree with that schedule as my Mom and my family really needs me but until now I don't have someone to turn over my load. I was worrying about my health I’m working myself too hard, keeping up my blogs and sleeping 2-3 hours only everyday. I need to have my B.P. checked up as I know I’m always on the side of low blood pressure. Hope I’ll be able to decide this matter as soon as possible.


Tired From Yesterday’s Travel

>> Sunday, September 28, 2008

I’m still tired from yesterday night’s travel to Laguna. Thank God it’s Sunday today and I thanked Him also for guiding us all in our trip, holding my brothers hand in driving our way to my cousin’s wake. Even if we crossed the zigzag and mountainous roads of Laguna God never failed to stretch His guiding hand on us. I really felt His hand holding our car when we suddenly encountered a zero visibility winding road due to fog. Without God on our side we will never be able to pass that road safely. God is good all the time!


Traveled to Cousin’s Wake

>> Saturday, September 27, 2008

I’ve rounded up my weekend chores to my best possible fast pace because we’re scheduled for Laguna today. My first cousin Ka Viring died last Thursday, me and my siblings decided to go there today because it’s the only possible time schedule for my brother since he had some bible study schedules and construction payroll.

Mom can’t make it because of her arthritis so it’s just the three of us, Big Brother, Me and Redge. We didn’t bring the kids as evening trip is not favorable and conducive to children. It was a foggy trip ahead of us and it’s my first time to encounter heavy fog on our trip giving us no view of the road ahead of us. With God’s guiding hand we safely reached Famy, Laguna and finally visited the wake of our cousin. Uncle Ipeng, the only sibling of my Mom and our relatives there were just as happy to see us all. Uncle Iping and his children are very dear to us as they’re the ones who helped my Mom in caring and raising us. Mom always has an assistant you know!

We stayed for another hour or so in Kang Duneng’s house where Orly said goodbye as he’s again bound for Qatar on Oct. 8 to work as Technician, he’s only on vacation this month. After eating what Kang Duneng has cooked we again traveled back to Cainta encountering roads dangerous twists and heavy mountain fogs. We thanked God that we arrived home safe and sound with His help.


Tight Schedule

>> Friday, September 26, 2008

I was a bit sleepy and tired because of last night’s late arrival from bible study. Well I’m used to getting up early even if I sleep very late also. Sometimes I didn’t watched closely how late that I sleep past 2am then waking up 4:30 in the morning to cook for my kids because I want them to eat rice on mornings and they bring lunch meals to school. It’s hard because after preparing things and food for them including my youngest Josh I have to get ready before 8am to go to my office in Libis. And my work? It’s tough too because I handle multi-tasking works such as hr, administrative, accounting, billing, collection and whatever job where no one handles! Tough work, tight schedule! But I love it, I like cooking for my family and being an OC Mom to them! Someday soon I’ll have time for myself! Wishes!


Cooking For Bible Study

>> Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I left the office earlier than usual because we’re hosting the weekly Wednesday bible study in our church. No one’s going to cook for me as I don’t have any helper. Mom was offering to lend me a cooking hand but I told her I will just go home earlier because she will get tired. I’ll cook 5 kilos of menudo and I think that’s heavy on my Mom. I’ll be needing her master taste in food though! When I reached the house Mom has already fixed and get all things ready for me, she’s really a dear Mom! I’m so blessed having her as my mother, not only a good cook but a loving mother and a good teacher to my kids as well! I reached the house at 3:30pm and at 5:00 pm my food was cooked.

I still need to place it in food keepers for easy traveling. Nice that my mother-in-law is always in-charge of cooking and bringing 6 kilos of rice because that’s also hard to cook evenly! I’ve brought Gen along with me so I’ll have someone to assist me, she’s an angel when it comes to helping me! We reached the church just in time for the starting up and during dinner churchmate told me that my menudo taste really good! Such compliments!


Planning Menu

>> Sunday, September 21, 2008

I was planning menu for Wednesday bible study which we will be hosting this week. In our church bible study families took turns in hosting dinner food for around 40 people attending bible study. There are 8 families who are hosting on a regular basis which makes it every 8 weeks. We regard hosting as a blessing to us and every hosting bring about so much blessing in our family. We started hosting 3 years ago and in all those hostings God never failed giving us financial capacity to host. Money just keeps on coming back to you if you put it on the right areas especially on the fellowship services. Just always remember that God is our Jehovah Jireh, our provider that supplies all our needs according to His riches and glory!


Birthday Blowout

>> Thursday, September 18, 2008

As promised Osang gave her birthday blowout today, here in our office we really love to eat and every birthday that falls on weekdays were never missed to celebrate. Sometimes if it falls on weekends we adjust it to the following working days. Osang brought chicken lollipops, lumpiang shanghai and ordered cake and lechon manok. She also requested Art to cook liempo in turbo. Well this is not all because Rissa came with a cake also and another visitor brought another. That’s not a problem anyway because we love cakes! We really like having Rissa around on birthdays because we miss her since she left BT&T last year. She’s as pretty as ever even if she’s 3 months preggy! Well now everybody seemed to forget diet lol!

Just look at the pictures and you’ll say yummy!


Still No Replacement

>> Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I’ve called Jim, our sister co. DSI’s accountant who is in-charge of looking and evaluating applicants to replace my position and will also be our company’s accountant. I’ve handling supervisory position in accounting department and at the same time acts as HR and Administrative Officer here. The work just bloated since I was transferred here. Actually from Design Science I was transferred to BT&T Telecoms to handle billing, collection and carrier settlement only but through the years all the positions I’ve mentioned suddenly fall on me making me perform multi-tasks work.

There’s still no replacement for me. The applicants for accountant didn’t pass my boss’ specific requirements regarding experience, skills and personality. It’s the third applicant that they’ve interviewed so far but still there’s no sign of hiring right now. I’ll have to think of a way how I can manage to squeeze in my full time work with my blogging and also my family. Oh I’m really busy!


Flexitime Sked

>> Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quite happy this evening as my boss approved my request for a flexitime schedule. I've requested this schedule due to the ongoing manila-east road widening in our town which causes a lot of delay on me on my way to work. As anyone can see whenever they passes A. Bonifacio Avenue in Cainta there's a lot of mess caused by the slow demolition and clearing up. Every morning I tried to talk to anyone in the contractors' team to clear up but they would always say tomorrow. I can't actually put the blame on them as they're just a daily wage earner, I should be reporting this to the higher ranks as now I'm fearing for dengue due to new drainage construction which were done amazingly slow.

I appealed to my boss as I'm only extending my stay until they find someone to replace my position. My boss is really considerate as he immediately approved my request. It was a big help on my part as I'll have the flexibility of time to work eight hours a day and completing them conveniently. This is a good evening for me, I learned my boss' reply this night only while I'm doing some posts.


Whole Month Birthday!

>> Saturday, September 13, 2008

Josh wanted another birthday again and he wanted a cake also. He kept on telling me if he could have a cake again even if it’s not his birthday anymore. I promised him that I’ll drop by the cake house but my work suddenly necessitates me to stay awhile so the store closed on me. Hubby works in a store located in the mall so I called him to go to any bakeshop that sells cake and buy any kind because I don’t want to break my promise to Josh.

Luckily hubby bought a cake just before the store closed but it’s a simple cake with no icing and decors. It’s a super yummy chocolate chiffon cake and we just decorated it with panda marshmallows. When Josh saw it in the morning he smiled and asked us to put candles and sing happy birthday to him lol! Josh told us that the whole month will be his birthday and asked to buy again next week. I told him that he’ll be a year older if we put candles on it again just joking of course – it’s nice to converse with Josh because he never runs out of reason and humor. It makes me younger! I told Josh that we can buy cakes anytime even if it’s not his birthday but we will not put candles again, anyway he just love cakes don’t you think!


Birthdays on September

>> Friday, September 12, 2008

This company has many birthday celebrants on September month namely Florence on the 6th, Osang on the 11th and Winroe on the 12th . Yesterday was Osang’s birthday and I encountered difficulty in sending messages to her. Her chosen provider of mobile can't be trusted to receive and transmit messages on a weak signal point. I wished she received my birthday greetings yesterday and also Winroe who has the same network and he is celebrating his birthday also today. He can’t celebrate his birthday for now as the relative of his wife died suddenly forcing them to go home to Iloilo.


Not Here On Her Birthday

>> Thursday, September 11, 2008

It’s Osang’s birthday today but she’s going to give us a blowout next week as she’s currently in Cebu now attending the Asian Carrier Conference together with some managers and boss. Since she’ll be there on her birthday and their wedding anniversary too we learned that her family will follow her and they will spend their weekends in the beautiful scenic place of Bohol province. Wow that’s a nice celebration! I like beach resorts and Bohol beaches are known for its beautiful cove and beachfront also. Sad that some Filipino land owners there are selling their beachfront properties to foreigners. Anyway I’ll just wait for their pictures of the place.


Few Employees

>> Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We’re only few here in the office as our boss and some managers were away in Cebu today up to Friday to attend the Asian Carrier Conference. Our technical engineer and my friend Winroe called me up in the morning and told me that he had an emergency call to go to their town province in Iloilo because his wife’s relative has died. He instructed his staff to take in-charge. Another person on-leave and that leave us up in small numbers here in the office. Quite peaceful because it’s also raining hard outside and everybody is thinking if we should go home early because we might pass by some flood on our way going home.


Asian Carrier Conference in Cebu

>> Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sir Bobby finished all meetings, released payables and instructed us all on our assigned duties. He asked Joey to be in-charge while they’re away for the yearly Asian Carrier Conference in Cebu when all carriers/telcos all over the Philippines gather for 3 days starting Sept. 10-11 for conference and meeting with each company registered as carrier. This conference includes all major and minor telecommunications company in the Philippines. It’s a big celebration on the telco world. BT&T’s representatives were Osang our sales and marketing head, our business development manager Berry Tenchavez, Executive Vice President Bobby Tenchavez and my senior boss Sir Bob Tenchavez as our President and Chairman.


Job Description and Tasks List

Finally done with the list of tasks and responsibilities and tasks that I’m presently handling and when I looked into it I seemed to notice that I handle multi-tasking jobs that can’t be turned over to one staff only. Jobs stemmed from the top level to small tasks. Jim the accountant of DSI appreciated my lists for easy delegating of responsibilities to remaining staff in our company. He has this idea of adding tasks to some regular employees and they will just increase their compensation. Good idea for me.


Remembering My Friend On Her Birthday

>> Monday, September 8, 2008

It’s my friend Meline’s birthday today but unlike past years I won’t be able to greet her on the phone, sent her a text message or even emailed her an e-card because she’s not here anymore. She’s now resting in a place where she will no longer feel the pain of sickness, a place where she will not anymore seek and long for her family’s love and attention. I know she’s happy now resting her soul and having her peace at last. My friend died few months ago last March this year. She had a breast cancer and undergone chemotherapy treatment which in time brought complications on her lungs which finally caused her death in just six months from treatment.

Met her in 2003 when I was assigned here in BT&T, a sister company of DSI. She’s an accounting associate and together we started handling accounting and finance department of B&T. She taught me a lot in accounting and in the process we became very close friends even if she’s only a part-time consultant working 3 days a week.

We’re so fond of each other even if we shared different belief and tradition as she’s a Catholic and I’m a born-again Christian. Friendship bridged the difference. After 3 years she resigned from BT&T for a care-giving job in Canada but didn’t pursue that when she learned that she has acquired cyst on her breast.

I missed her so much as she has never missed a day of sending me thoughtful and inspirational text messages, she never runs out of load. She didn’t tell her family and friends that her doctor has told her that she 6 months to live only. I wasn’t informed also but felt that she’s leaving us when she sent me a message thanking me for the friendship that we had and asking sorry for all her shortcomings. Being close to her the message sent shivers down my spine and told her to hold on and God will help her.

Little did I know that she was in a hospital, when I learned and scheduled to visit her on her house her sister Ellen told me she passed away. I cried because I wanted to hold her hand personally and share God’s word but when I finally saw her she’s not there anymore. I know then that she was just around us seeing us visit her wake and I silently prayed and told her ‘I will never forget you friend, your memories will stay with me forever’ God Bless You!


Car Starter

>> Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday again, favorite day of the family as it’s worship day and the only day that we’re complete and together because it’s hubby’s day off too. We’ve prepared all things and got ourselves ready for a beautiful Sunday worship. It was always a fulfilling Sunday and again we’re being recharged with spiritual strength to guide us through the following days to come.

On our way going back home our car suddenly stopped and hubby detected faulty in our starter. It’s good that we’re lucky enough to be in the mall’s vicinity and not in the highway. Some young men helped us packed the car until it starts but after few seconds it died again. As there were only few people there - only Redge, me and Ruth pushed the car until the car starts again. We prayed for the car to regain strength and it did. We reached home safely in the guidance of our Lord. Thanks God for that!


Josh New Haircut

After having folliculitis Josh had a small spot in his head that lost some hairs, it took us a while before having his hair cut. We fear that his barber might accidentally touch the raw scar in his head. Now that he’s finally free from any signs of skin disorder Josh told us that we can now bring him to his favorite barbershop located near our church. We waited for lunch break before bringing him.

The staff there knew Josh well because they like Josh’ charming attitude. He smiles to everyone when he’s there so they can’t help liking him especially when they’re cutting his hair because he’s so disciplined. After few more minutes he’s done, very cute with his soldier-like haircut. We joked him that he doesn’t look a grandfather anymore lol!


Busy Josh

>> Saturday, September 6, 2008

Josh was very busy with the gifts that he received from his friends yesterday. He particularly liked most the soldiers, cars and painting materials. On weekends like this he usually go wherever I go, he’s always on my side never missing an opportunity to be near me because weekends are the only days that we’re together the whole day because of my Monday to Friday work. But now he seemed very busy with his toys and gifts that up until now some relatives are giving him post birthday presents. He let me go outside without him. Suddenly I missed his persistent ways.


Josh' Birthday!

>> Friday, September 5, 2008

Today is my youngest kid's birthday, the only boy actually. He's been excited for the past few days and been counting the number of sleep he'll have to do before his birthday. Days before he's been super flattered that I've done personalized invitation for him, printed on a scented blue board with little pandas embossed on it. His teacher told me that his classmates wowed his invitations because he has his smiling picture on it. They find it real cute. Actually I had it posted on my other blog.

We just ordered food from Jollibee and prepared some hotdog on-stick. Kids were excitedly waiting for us when we finally get there. Josh was very happy to have experienced his first birthday in school and he was smiling when he gave each of his classmates the bag of candies 'loot bag' as his giveaways, of course teacher Janet made them greet Josh and say thank you.

Josh was beaming happily to me when we reached home and told me that he's very very happy. Actually who wouldn't be happy with all the greetings, singing of happy birthdays and the gifts from his school friends and family. Kids are easily pleased with just simple thoughtfulness.


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