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>> Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday again, favorite day of the family as it’s worship day and the only day that we’re complete and together because it’s hubby’s day off too. We’ve prepared all things and got ourselves ready for a beautiful Sunday worship. It was always a fulfilling Sunday and again we’re being recharged with spiritual strength to guide us through the following days to come.

On our way going back home our car suddenly stopped and hubby detected faulty in our starter. It’s good that we’re lucky enough to be in the mall’s vicinity and not in the highway. Some young men helped us packed the car until it starts but after few seconds it died again. As there were only few people there - only Redge, me and Ruth pushed the car until the car starts again. We prayed for the car to regain strength and it did. We reached home safely in the guidance of our Lord. Thanks God for that!


Josh New Haircut

After having folliculitis Josh had a small spot in his head that lost some hairs, it took us a while before having his hair cut. We fear that his barber might accidentally touch the raw scar in his head. Now that he’s finally free from any signs of skin disorder Josh told us that we can now bring him to his favorite barbershop located near our church. We waited for lunch break before bringing him.

The staff there knew Josh well because they like Josh’ charming attitude. He smiles to everyone when he’s there so they can’t help liking him especially when they’re cutting his hair because he’s so disciplined. After few more minutes he’s done, very cute with his soldier-like haircut. We joked him that he doesn’t look a grandfather anymore lol!


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