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>> Monday, October 27, 2008

Since it’s now Monday and workloads are usually full on this first day of work week I brought my own snack this time so I can work continuously without having to worry about my food. My officemates normally order lunch from nearby carinderia located just a few blocks away from our office or sometimes order from fast food restaurant. I bring my lunch most of the times but wait for the regular delivery guy who brought us snack here in our office. I’m a little bit choosy with the viands but for snack I love having different kinds.

Having your own food saves time because you can eat on time saving you the dilemma of waiting for food delivery and you can have plenty of break time to do anything you want on your rest periods. Like me now I’m reading some tips on how you can build muscle fast with proper training in gym, adequate intake of protein, proper nutrition and the use of muscle building supplements. Actually it’s not for me it’s for my friend who loves to have an ideal body built.


Planning Ahead

I’m glad that I’ve finished with my tasks of getting all food orders for our camp meeting in December. I’m now finalizing the total orders per menu so we can have the menu plan finished by Sunday in time for my report. Since I’ve drafted all yesterday I’m now doing the computation in my PC so I can save my file for future references.

Menu plan will consist of the quantity of meat, fish, vegetables and ingredients that we’re going to need for the whole consumption of all church members. I’ve already listed one and a half cavan of rice so when I’m finished with this one I’ll be able to complete all necessary food items for budgeting and buying. All I need after this is the printing of meal ticket which will be given one week before the occasion. I’ve always liked early and detailed preparation of things, in this way everything is in order.



My cousin needs to authenticate his birth certificate because he’s planning to leave the country by the start of the coming year. He didn’t have much time to do it so he just requested it online to save him his precious time. If he will not prepare the necessary documents for his passport his impending trip abroad will be delayed so he’s doing all efforts to complete them. I’m lucky that he didn’t asked me to do those things for him because I might not be able to refuse him and as it is I have lots of things to do by the end of this year. Lucky!


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