Curious As A Cat: Week Number 145

>> Friday, November 28, 2008

1) How do you show someone that they are special to you? I care about them and love them unconditionally, most of the times I cook something special for them

2) What would be on your menu if you knew your next meal would be your last one? I will not think of a grand menu, I'll just include fruits!

3) If you could have said one thing to Harry Truman the day he decided to drop the atomic bomb, what would you have said? Conscience will always be there to remind you of this dark day!

4) Who is the person you would most like to help? I'll start with my own churchmates!

5) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one. The chicken are planning some ways on how they can escape from their miserable condition lol!

Public Domain Photo


Staying On Hotels!

My sister-in-law loves to travel to different places and she’s been rounding up various countries in Europe in her vacation trips. Staying on beach resorts and hotels is a common thing to her when she’s on other land. Last year she visited Egypt, Italy and her homeland Philippines and she stayed in their hometown in Samar where the beach stays beautifully intact. I wonder if she’s going to America on her next travel, she may want to stay on las vegas hotel or some other nice hotels around depending on where she’ll be wanting to tour around. She deserves to enjoy her vacation wherever she wants because she works hard for it.


: Food Friday

This is the good old hopia of all times, very common to Pinoys! This is Hopia Tipas from Ribbonettes which Josh ate this morning, an hour after taking his breakfast! He has a giant appetite for a small kid like him lol! Tipas Hopia also has an ube variety!

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend;)


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