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>> Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday is coming and online shopping will be a big help for those people who don’t have much time to spend days in malls and stores to buy things for their family and friends. I also have the habit of searching online sales and great deals because I want to spend my money wisely this holiday season. I’ve found some nice Dansko shoes which offers variety of goods for the whole family starting from infants. I actually love the pink shoes for infants.


:Today's Flowers #17

This is White Chrysanthemum picture taken in our church. This is one of my favorite flowers, I started to like this when at the age of 13 I've watched and loved the play titled 'Princess Chrysanthemum'. I can't forget how the leading artist (a student in our school) there played the part of the princess who is as beautiful as this flower with snow white petals and pretty blooms. After that play I asked my Mom if she could buy me a chrysanthemum, since then it's one of my preferred flowers in buying aside from white roses.

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Magnetic Therapy

Have you been suffering from stiff hands, arthritis, backaches and other ordinary pains in your joints and body? Well I’ve experienced some of these pains especially when I’m working in my office for more than 8 hours. Staying long working some reports in my PC sometimes give me stiff hands and backache. I’m searching some herbal medicine and exercise for this when I learned about magnetic therapy and the use of magnetic bracelets to ease the usual pains in our bodies when we’re working so hard. It’s known also to give you a nice peaceful sleep. Wow if this is really true then I should be really thinking of buying one now! Besides they look pretty!


Cainta's 437 Foundation

Today marked our town’s 437 foundation anniversary, actually the celebration started yesterday with parades and presentation from all companies, establishments, schools and organizations in Cainta. It was a well-prepared occasion in our town and all involved agencies and staff gave their time and efforts in making their presentation beautiful. Students from my kids’ school were asked to play lyre and drums and show off their baton skills. Some others gave their best shows.

I didn’t have the chance to watch this year’s parade as it falls on Sunday and we have a whole day affair in our church. I’ll just have a preview here of last year’s parade.


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