:Food Friday - Sliced Cakes

>> Friday, July 31, 2009

These lovely colored cakes caught my Josh' attention while we're visiting the new bakery around the corner. The new bakery has about more than a dozen of cake varieties ranging from mocca, marble, choco, ube and many other flavors. Of course I love choco but Josh like marble so we decided to buy the two plus another choco cake which has a choco filling in between for my Mom. Well from the looks of it esp. the icing you would mistake this cake as over sweet but when we tasted it it's not so sweet but very yummy! The taste is not the usual taste of cakes bought from normal bakery within the areas. Actually it can compete the taste of 'G' especially their round cake ala Oreo inspired cake which costs around P200 only. Anyway we promised ourselves to round up their array of baked goodies aside from cakes. Btw the sliced cakes price range is P12-P15 only, isn't it competitive?

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Watch NFL Games on DIRECTV

It’s great to relax, bond with your family and watch your usual favorite television shows. Working in an office or in field works somehow gives you stress and back pain that you want to just sit in your sofa and let movies or sport shows entertain you. Well if you really want to do that and you’re a sport enthusiast you might as well watch National Football League through Direct Satellite TV. Be sure to get yourself an nfl sunday ticket so all you have to is watch NFL games in the comfort of your home. No need to travel and spend lots of your time just to get there!

For those who want to follow all NFL football games you just have to browse their site and find how much is the nfl sunday ticket price. You’ll see it’s also affordable with all the good packages within. You’ll really enjoy your visit especially as you’ll know the nfl sunday ticket schedule. Now you’ll have a really fun watching day with your family as you all watch your favorite National Football League players. Just imagine watching it in the confines of your home with your family and some popcorn too! Happy viewing!


:Thursday Challenge - Earth

>> Thursday, July 30, 2009

EARTH (Sky, Clouds, Mountain, Sea)

This is the view of Mindoro from ferry boat leading to that island also. The view is very breathtaking as you can see everything 'earth' and nature here. See the clouds behind the mountain and the sea? Makes me yearn for a relaxing vacation in this beautiful province. My brother went there for an outreach ministry in one of their churches there.

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Looking Your Best

>> Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I’m planning to buy hubby some new polo to use for fellowship service. Ministers and elders in our church practice formal dressing especially among ministers of the week. As they say wear your best when you meet God in fellowship. At first I noticed few young ministers were hesitant to wear neckties over their long-sleeve polo but as the time goes by they got used to it.

Actually even my son Josh would love to wear necktie and he did on one choir performance in our camp meeting. On formal gatherings especially conferences and weddings some choose to wear tuxedo with tuxedo shirt inside as they think it’s a lot more presentable and stylish. I’ve seen some of our friends wear tuxedo and I have to admit they look their best with it. No wonder they chose the best brand available for their tuxedos.


:WS - Last Visit to Uncle

>> Monday, July 27, 2009

Few minutes before the rain with my niece
and my god daughter Sheila
While having some slight raindrops the view of
Sierra Madre Mt. behind us suddenly gets dark!
The view looks beautiful even on cloudy rainy days!

Here's few of the shots taken in our hometown in Laguna where sceneries of mountains, trees, clouds and skies are so beautiful. Just can't have a clearer shot than this because of the weather.

We were there on the 18th of this month because my uncle, the only living sibling of my Mom died last July 15. He's a very loving and humorous uncle that the whole town just can't get enough of his funny antics. Ever since he was young from what Mom remembers of his big brother he always have some funny jokes about something. Until now his grandchildren would always tell us that they will be missing his jokes and funny attitude over something.

Everyone in town loves him and so we are! He's very strong even in his eighties but suddenly a month ago he began resting on his house and just stayed on his bed. He didn't have any sickness at all, seems like he suddenly felt like resting. I just put in my mind that we all have our own timeline with God, in time when it's your time to leave the world He'll take you even if you're not suffering from any sickness. He's 86 years old when he died, happy and healthy!

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Some Tips on Proper Diet

I’m glad that for the last seven days I was able to return to my old habit of eating my favorite pineapple, you see for me one slice of pineapple a day keeps my fat away. Actually it also keeps the doctor away on most cases as it has the ingredient that can prevent some cancer sickness. I’ve tested the effect of this fruit to my body which eliminates some toxic elements because of its fiber contents. It can also be used as a cleansing element just like most of the fruits we have.

As I’ve gained some pounds in the last few months when I was still working in office I need to shed some as it’s unhealthy for me to be overweight. With the help of fruits and vegetables I think I will not be need diet pill for now. But for those who can’t maintain a fruit-vegetable diet it’s best to consult your doctor if you’re thinking of using some diet pills. Just consider also the following tips in choosing the best for you. You should be aware of the pills’ safety which can be answered by doctors, and then careful thinking must be done to know the price and effectiveness of the product. Some reviews online can help you also as those reviews came from the people who have used the product already. Hope it’ll help you in your decision.


I'm Patient Enough

>> Sunday, July 26, 2009

You Are Patient Enough

In most cases, you are patient enough to keep it together.

You may feel impatient on the inside, but you don't usually let it show.

However, if you're made to wait for too long, you will usually crack.

You're only human, after all. You don't like for your patience to be tested.

Are You Impatient?

Yes I'm a certified patient person just look at my employment history and then you'll see and surmised that I'm really patient enough lol! Patient enough to last a 16-year old job. Well I have virtue and a lot of perseverance in tow! How about you? Are you patient enough?


Reading Books

>> Saturday, July 25, 2009

One of my favorite hobbies is reading books and aside from playing ball games it’s one of the things that I love doing to relieve stress. It’s been my hobby since I was 12 but for now I’m fond of reading articles on the net as most of my time were spent doing online writing. It’s easier for me to read online especially before when I was working full-time in a telecoms company. I devote my lunch break doing some browsing and reading on the net.

I’ve sacrificed my break time into having lunch at minimal time and spending the rest of it reading books online. That way I learned many things and that inspired me to write more inspirational posts. It helped me a lot and I’ll never stop this habit as I feel so good doing it. During my free time away from my computer I still read some books to learn, relax and be informed.


:Food Friday - Chicken Lollipop

>> Friday, July 24, 2009

Chicken Lollipop is my kids' favorite, actually it's our family's favorite as this is the common cooked food on occasions and some other ordinary days. It's actually from the wings' part of the chicken but when it's done it looks like lollipop. I've observed how it is done in the market and did it myself at home. It's easy as you nly have to divide the chicken wings into two and then make some trimmings :-) then you have your own chicken lollipop. Then you just marinate and put some breading on it before you deep fry it! Result - yummy and cute chicken lollipops!

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RV Finance

>> Thursday, July 23, 2009

Many people now are getting their cars through financing rather than cash payments. With financing you can budget your money as there will be an allotted monthly payment due unlike paying it on cash terms which you will spend a lot of money on purchasing cars. Of course there are interest rates but that will cover up for the convenience of paying the car on installment basis. Now you can get your financing over the net through Good Sam Finance Center which has a broad lenders’ network to help you find the best rates and terms for your needs. You can have a boat or rv finance if you like. It can be a new one, used or private party. It all depends on your requirements and family needs. Call them anytime or visit their website to see what they have to offer. Rest assured your application will be easy and quick.


Thursday Challenge : Hot (Fire)

'Lechon Manok On Fire'

I picked this one for my entry because I want this photo taken last December on Christmas day during our camp meeting. Since we're on a faraway villa and we want to feast on grilled chicken we improvised this rotisserie made of woods from the tree. One brother was rotating it manually on one side to even out the grilling. Isn't it creative? From what I remembered we roasted more than 10 chicken. We had it for lunch in addition to pork mechado.

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Personalised Wedding Invitations

>> Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Many girls dream of an ideal wedding and of course the perfect groom to live with for the rest of their lives. Even in this modern generation of questionable morality most of women I know still believe in getting married and having one man to share their life with. But in getting married you’ll have to be prepared with enough finances for all the expenses that go with it.

I and hubby experienced that when we get married 13 years ago. Couples would have to prepare everything like guests list, wedding gowns and suits, sponsors, reception, food, music and wedding invitations. We made our own layout of our invitations because I wanted a personal touch and to prevent misspelled names and words. I want my invitation to be perfect and personalized that’s why I made it myself in my computer. I just have it printed in printing press to emboss the printouts. Until now when we read and browse back our wedding invitation we’re happy that it’s our own personalized invitation.

Now you can have your wedding invitations customized without so much fuss as you can order it online. That’s the gift of modern technology and for the couples it’ll be more convenient and affordable too! I’m sure it will make your big day more special.


:WS - My Despedida

>> Monday, July 20, 2009

Finally after more than one year of my resignation I was finally approved for early retirement. It was a very happy day for me as I see my plans will finally pursue. I wasn't informed that there will be some sort of despedida for me and it wasn't until few minutes before lunchtime that I was told by Berry, the youngest girl of my boss that they have prepared some food to feast on as my despedida. My despedida was both attended by my officemates from both companies and we feasted on chicken curry, lumpiang shanghai and pancit. Later I've bought ice cream for our desserts.

Those are few of my shots, first one with some of my officemates and the second one with Sir Bob's children, Ms. Berry and my junior boss Sir Bobby. I like their smiles here, makes me feel touched with their thoughtful words and valuable effort in making me feel special. He joked and told me not to cry lol! I'm not the least teary-eyed though I'm touched!

I served for the two companies of my boss for more than 16 years, ten years on consultancy doing technical proposals and bidding projects and 6 years on BT&T Telecoms/Network Corp. doing multi-task on being Billing & Collection Officer, Accounting Supervisor, Administrative and Human Resource Officer. Actually even if I have no educational background on all these jobs because I'm a Computer Eng'g. graduate I've learned the skills through experience. I thanked Sir Bob for letting me learned all of it. It was a privilege for me.

I had some talk with my younger boss and he arranged everything for this final day.

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Diet Review

It’s hard to limit your food or follow your diet plan when you’re working because the moment you feel stressed and pressured you have a tendency to eat what’s available. Well that goes for me and I know my officemates suffer the same dilemma as mine. What really bothers me is the effect of bad eating habit to my body as we all know excess pounds on your body placed some risks on your health.

I know I should be serious on my diet plan that’s why I started reading some diet pills review to help me acquaint with available remedy for my problem. Of course I should consult my doctor before taking any of them but for now I’ll just discipline myself on my new eating program and that’s eating the right kind of food. I will not skip my meals just to be thin but instead I’ll eat more of fruits, vegetables and fish. Hope I’ll change next month. Wishes!


:Food Friday - Banana Milk Shake

>> Friday, July 17, 2009

I have this flair about fruit shakes that every time I eat in a restaurant I always want to taste their version of my favorite fruit shakes. I love natural fruit shakes because you can taste the real flavors of the fruits and it's also healthy compared to other powdered milk shake. Though I'm also a fan of those powdered shake with black sago I just buy them at least once or twice a month for some health reasons.

This banana milk shake I have for my entry today is part of the combo meal of Outback Steak House in Libis. The meal for four consists of baby back ribs, beef burger steak, green salad and fettucini. I didn't remembered the restaurant names for the mentioned foods I just described it by myself lol! From the pic above you'll have an idea how yummy it is!

Happy Food Friday to all, see other yummy foods here!


Thursday Challenge : Power (Electronics)

>> Thursday, July 16, 2009


My Little Technician at Work (Do not disturb!)

This is the Central Processing Unit of my sister's personal desktop computer, the POWER inside any computer. We opened it because it bogged down and we replaced its power supply. When my son Josh saw us tinkering with the computer's hardware he asked us to let him put the screw back into each places and there he had the case closed perfectly.

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:Food Friday - Dinner Feast

>> Friday, July 10, 2009

This is our dinner foods which are a combined potluck from all who attended, it's actually a dinner with bestfriend JennyL and some of our friends way back in school days. I brought Andok's Liempo and JennyL brought drinks. Some of our friends brought pancit, cake and salad. It was a mixture of various foods without really organizing who will bring this and that. Anyway even if some foods are the same we enjoyed the evening with our friends.

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Online Studies

>> Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I had a call from one of my college friends and I learned that she’s now working in one of the call centers in Eastwood near my office. We had fun remembering those days in college where we had memorable moments to reminisce. It was a respite from everyday tension of work and I really felt young again just like in our school days. Oh well she asked about our other friends who had some teaching stints in provincial schools because she would like to ask them about taking masteral courses.

She wanted to take further studies but she wasn’t sure if her time will allow her being always on tight schedule. We discussed that matter and I suggested that she search about online university degree school which offer various courses through online studies. I was a bit interested myself and been thinking about taking some course different from what I’ve finished in college. She was happy with my suggestion and promised to give me a call again.


Consideration in Planning Your Meals

It’s time to get ready for dinner and it’s always the mother’s everyday question in her mind what will be the appropriate menu for this meal. The question keep hanging in my mind why is it necessary to plan luncheon or supper? Food served for luncheon or supper needs careful planning. Planning meals to meet the food needs of the members of the family requires careful attention.

You have to consider the weight, age, gender, occupation, likes and dislikes of your family members who will be the recipient of your cooked meals. You also have to consider with special attention your budget for that particular meal, the preparation time needed to cook the food, weather condition and the six basic group foods for healthy purposes. I know it’s not an easy task but it can also be a challenging one for Mommies like us. You just have to follow some pointers and simple rules to plan just the right and adequate luncheon or dinner for your loved ones.


Telephone Etiquette

As I’m working in a telecommunications company and having been in an environment of a small call center I learned some facts and tips on how to handle calls with customers. Actually I’ve been doing this for several years now when I’m dealing with our providers and clients and it really helps me in communicating with them. It’s always good to be nice on the phone because it encourage good communication. My boss always tells me that I’m very friendly when talking with our clients and partners.

Here are some tips for you guys:

- Always smile when you are talking on the phone. The customer needs to feel understanding in your voice.

- Answer the phone within the first three rings. This will give the customer a feeling that you are efficient and there to help him/her.

- Ask what you can do to help him/her. Doing so will let the customer know that you are willing to help in anyway you can.

- Always be courteous when putting someone on hold or transferring calls. Ask if you may put them on hold or transfer their call before you do it.

Follow these guidelines and I’m sure you’ll never go wrong. This is just a part of our seminar in Telephone Etiquette.


Learning The Stocks Option Trading

>> Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Stock trading is a business that I don’t know about and I find it risky doing this thing. Why risky? Because for me you’ll never now when the stock are rising or falling. Oh well that’s the only thing I know of stocks. One of my colleagues told me that when you learned the ins and outs of stock trading it will give you very good profit and returns. So that’s the reason why many entered this field, it must be really good for some risks I must say. Then I learned online that there’s a software in option trading that will teach the basic information in stock trading. The tips are there also on how you control your trades and getting the best returns possible. Well it’s good that there’s some ways on learning the stocks business and it’s up to those who want to try this software. Who knows you can be the next top trader!


I ♥ Faces : Just For Fun

My entry for this week's 'Just For Fun' is my kid's photo when he's one year and 6 month. His dad is holding him here and his hands suddenly tickled him just as I point the camera to him. Just love his smile here, seems like he's enjoying his moments with his daddy.

Now that Josh is already 5 years turning six this September I tend to look back at his pictures when he's just a baby and toddler. The Mom in me sometimes holds back to him as a baby, I still miss his being a baby. After just few more years more he'll grow fast that his world will not only surround on me, on his dad and his sisters, but also to his friends. But for now I'll just cherish him and take advantage that he wants to be always with me.

View more cute faces of boys at I ♥ Faces.


Multi-Tasking At Dawn

I’m getting accustomed to my new schedule of blogging as I start very early in the morning. I’m an early riser ever since and I do wake up everyday past 4 am to cook and get school things and lunch pack ready for my kids. I also want them to eat heavy breakfast to sustain them in their school activities. I’m just happy these days that all of them woke up early too and they have enough time to eat and prepare themselves.

Now I’m having multi-tasking as I do blogging alongside my early morning activities, I’m used to multi-tasking in the office and I’m just applying it at my own home. Anyway writing posts is ideal at dawn, thoughts and ideas just flows from my mind and I love it that way. It’s also right to sleep earlier at night and wake up early dawn.


Vacation Thoughts

I’m so tired these days with the inventory and sorting of my things in the office. I never really thought that I will be exhausted in the process and after filling up six storage boxes I just need some rest. Anyway I still have eight days to go before my last day so I guess I better relax for awhile. As I rested myself on my work cubicle I had some really nice and relaxing thoughts of being on white-sand beach and letting the soft sand warm my feet.

It’s a welcome thought on my mind as I need some rest and vacation from the everyday work that I’m doing. I would love to really make it big as big as a romantic cancun vacation in Mexico. I’ve been browsing the net everyday and I’ve had some great finds for a perfect getaway vacation. Just love to surf their site and browse over their beach resorts, gourmet recipe and all that they offer in complete package. Hope I’ll be able to get there one day


God Confirmed My Decision

Wow! I just had blessings for my sites, I really didn’t imagined getting those bountiful blessings early this day. God has given me enough signs to confirm the major decision I did in my career. Retiring early to concentrate on my family and my chosen freelance writing has raised a lot of questions on my colleagues and friends. Some understands and feels that my decision is the best for me, others are just wondering where I will get the usual salary I’m having with my present job. Of course my family and my close friends support my decision because they know me and my capabilities.

Now that I’m consuming the last days of my turnover I’m having a very hectic schedule and that includes my blogging. I’m just very happy that my perseverance is paying off as I get to grab and reserve many opportunities. I was able to do plenty of assignments even on my not so active sites and I’m very thankful to God for these blessings. I need this to confirm that I did the right thing in setting up my priorities in life. God has helped me a lot in my decision and He’s been so good all the time…


I'm 51% Skeptic?

You Are 51% Skeptic

You aren't exactly a skeptic, but you're no blind believer.

You doubt what you hear, especially when you hear it for the first time.

When it comes to doing your own research, you sometimes fall short.

Question your beliefs a little more. You might be surprised what you find out!

Are You a Skeptic?

Gosh is this true? Why not!


Fashion Statement

Who wouldn’t be attracted to beautiful jewelries? Many women at least possessed more than three in their wardrobe as it’s part of dressing up and also a fashionable statement. Style differs of course as it depends on the personality of the owner. I go for the simple ones not so glittery and designs are of the minimal value but I like those with high value.

Many of the young ladies now prefer their jewelries with more style than of value. It’s a form of fashionable statement that’s why they can’t go out of their homes without a single fashion jewelry on their body. Nowadays you can see beautiful silver jewelries with attractive designs but very low in value because it’s a safe adornment. Even if their jewelry will be snatched from them it will not be a great loss. Anyway it’s just very easy to buy jewelries because many stores love to sell this kind of adornment as it has a high selling capabilities. You can also buy online and have the convenience of searching, finding, choosing and buying your specific style and designs through online shopping.


My Things Are Packed

As I’ve only two weeks to go before I leave my work I started packing my things and sorted out my files. I’m a pioneer of this company which started in 1999 and officially came into operation selling prepaid cards in 2001 when minor telcos are just starting up some communications’ business. I was employed in another company of my boss and at the same time starting the prepaid card business of BT&T. As I’m the starter employee I have all the files since we started and now that I’m retiring I sorted out the very old documents and stored it in the boxes to file it in our storage room.

Actually I felt a little sadness that all my clients were gone now saved for the few big ones and I suddenly remembered the workloads that I used to have, sometimes missing my break time just to beat deadline. When my small corporate and few carrier clients diminished I felt inactive and wanted new things. As excitement in busy work inspires me I decided to move on to other things that will make my day challenging. Now I’m happy that I found what I want and so I’m leaving my work.


When It Rains…..

My Mom loves to quote most of the time and she carries it until now even if she’ has already retired from her teaching profession. She always has words of wisdom for little things that comes in our lives. Now that I’m having many works lined up for me in my sites and just grab numerous assignments she told that 'When it rains it pours'. And she’s right as I’m having a great time and at the same time a hard time too in finishing my works. My sleeping hours are limited to 4 hours or even less this week and I do work even on office break time. I keep telling myself that it’s ok because I only have less than 2 weeks remaining in my office job and I’m going to rest after I’ve finished with it.


It's Hard to Be Sick

It’s hard to get sick that’s why I’m thinking of ways to avoid it especially for my kids because children are susceptible to sickness especially if it’s airborne. I told them not to miss their vitamin so they can fight common sickness brought about by the changing weather. I always gave them Vitamin C as their resistance for common respiratory diseases that’s very common these days especially the current swine flu which can be transmitted easily.

My grandma used to tell me that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure and I know she’s right in saying that. It’s tough to acquire heavy sickness that will require the patient to be hospitalized for days because it would be hard on the patient and also to your budget. The kids will not like it sometimes if they’re going to have food supplement through dextrose and sometimes if the patient can’t move they’ll put the catheter for convenience purposes though for some they’re not comfortable with it. Anyway I’ve experienced having catheter and was glad it helped me after my caesarean operation.


Phone Courtesy

I had a phone call from one of the collection agency from a credit card company asking for the whereabouts of our former employee who resigned from our company three years ago and being the HR officer I have to take the call even if the caller is somewhat rude.

Of course he’s wrong and I told my officemates to give the call straight to me if he called again. Good thing when he heard my tone of voice and formal confirmation as per my copy of the person’s quit and claim release he stopped being persistent and didn't call again.

For me handling a phone gives a responsibility on the user to handle it properly. I’ve attended a seminar few years back and it gave us some notes on how to act properly when you’re on the phone, here’s some reminders for everyone:

- Use variety in tone of voice
- Smile
- Answer in three rings
- Ask how you can help
- Be courteous


She's Very Fond of Josh

My Mom reminded me that Josh will have his monthly examination this coming Thursday and she asked for the pointers so she can go through it and review Josh verbally. She wants to practice her teaching profession on my children and even though she has retired from her teaching profession several years ago her teaching abilities has never faded in quality. She’s the only person who accompanies my little Josh in the house and maybe that’s the reason why Josh is showing so much interest in learning things. My Mom would always tell me when I came home from office that Josh never runs out of question and it gave her some laughing moments because some of Josh inquiries were out of his age. She’s very fond of Josh and they enjoy each other’s company.


Personalized Wedding Favors

>> Monday, July 6, 2009

It’s always nice to hear that couples will go to tie the knot or get married. It means the starting phase of their lives where they will dream for a home and for their kids. I’ve always love to remember my own wedding several years back. Hubby and I were really excited and at the same a bit exhausted at the preparations we have to do before the big wedding day. Starting with the gowns, guests list, invitation, flower arrangement down to reception, menu selection, cake design and everything that goes with wedding preparation I can say are all tiring but since we want a nice wedding we did all we can to make it a memorable one.

We were just so happy that my sister, cousins and bestfriend helped me with making unique personalized wedding favors because if I will just do it solely maybe I’ll only buy ready-made giveaways. I had three or four unique designs for different group of guests. When my kids saw some that were left in my cabinet they find it very unique and pretty. Actually we saw some of personalized wedding favors online at The Knot Wedding Shop and were excited to find wide variety of wedding supplies and novelty items there. It will be of great ease to those planning to get married. They can shop online, less stress and saves time too.


My Ice Cream Personality

>> Sunday, July 5, 2009

Your Ice Cream Personality:

You like to think of yourself as a fairly modest person. And it's true that you don't talk yourself up... but you're also pretty happy with who you are.

You are a pretty cautious person. You look before you leap, and you don't leap often. There's a bit of a wild child within you, but it doesn't get out often.

You are a fairly open minded person with a wide range of tastes. You are quite accepting of unusual ideas and people.

You are a natural multitasker. You feel alive when you're doing more than one thing at a time.

You are a serious and contemplative person. You definitely do your own thing in life.

The Ice Cream Personality Test

Oh I really ice cream and so I took this test and was quite happy with the result because it says a lot similar to myself. Funny that it's just a simple funny personality test but it's 90% true!


:Photohunt 168: Pink (Flowers)

>> Saturday, July 4, 2009

I've chosen these beautiful flowers for my entry this week. These are two flowers with different shades of pink but both are equally pretty. I've always loved pink flowers ever since I was a kid because it's so feminine and it exudes an air of innocence just like white ones. The first photo was taken in the garden of St. Audry Learning Center where Josh is studying and the second photo is just over the fence, from my cousin's pots of flowers, nice resources :-) I have another entry at my Beyond Horizons

For more pink theme photos just visit tnchick.com


The Car Connection

I’ve known some friends whose hobby is to collect cars, improve it and when he has used it for some time he sells it. He just has some fascination over cars and he feels good every time he turns a simple car into a fashionable and sleek car. Actually it doesn’t only feel good but it pays as well. As for his own personal car he prefers those seen on car pictures online. He’s always into finding and searching updates on styles and designs for his buy and sell car business.

Just recently he’s been browsing the Car Connection site and he found information and reviews about this super cute 2 door mini cooper with convertible top, the smallest in the US. It’s still the same Mini car as the previous ones but there’s a bit change in roofline and side windows. Now you can have it and choose among some variety of interior design. Anyway he’s just curious but this mini cooper may not be of much usage to him. He just wants it for display and short travel. As I’m very interested by his browsing I tried the site myself and found for myself various reviews on many sleek and beautiful cars. You can read what the buyers have something to say for their cars.

As I browsed more I’ve noticed this best selling Chrysler pride the dodge ram 1500 I know this car because my sister works for a company that distributes Chrysler products in the Philippines. Even if the country is suffering a major economy crisis some individuals can afford to have many vehicles as they wish and this one is great as many people wanted pickups for their field jobs. It’s more applicable than using a car especially on non-urban places. With this one you can be assured of a smooth ride and great help to tow vehicles on the road.

For car enthusiasts this site has a lot to offer in terms of showcasing your favorite models of cars and in bringing awareness to public and would be buyers what the car has in store for the buyer. It provides tips, photos and full reviews on style, performance and quotes. All reviews on each and every car featured in their site will be of great help to the consumers. The last I read a review on is the ford f 150 which is also familiar to me as I like pickups though I’m just a novice when in terms to cars. Well there’s no doubt about the selling capability of this pickup especially now that it has been improved. So with the current update on this pickup with an improved box frame and superior performance in towing and hauling you can be sure you’re in safe travel. For those interested in cars and seeing reviews on their most wanted models you can visit their site and see for yourselves.


:Food Friday - Cheesy Maja

>> Friday, July 3, 2009

This is the very yummy maja with lots of cheese inside and out, just looking at this pic makes me want for more but no there aren't anymore of this as we consumed all of this very fast :-) This is a gift and pasalubong for my Mom from one of her wedding sponsored godchildren, specialty of Rina and her hubby Santi, a bank manager with a great flair for cooking.

Happy Food Friday to all, see other delicious food here!


Beautiful Lights to Brighten Up Your Homes

We took after our father’s love for designing houses. I think it runs in the family although it’s just my brother who pursued the field of civil engineering. My sister and I entered the world of computer courses. I remember when we were younger we used to spend our summer vacation designing and planning our dream house and we used to supplement our design with floor plans just like the real engineers. Well as my brother is into construction business now doing design and supervision on residential houses and buildings his talent and skills were directed properly into a lucrative source of income.

When we get to talk about his projects I asked him the latest trends in construction and designing and I usually delve further into his style in home lighting because I’m really interested in these things. I’ve always loved looking at beautiful houses with nice lighting because it exudes a warm ambiance and even on the outside houses looks noticeable. Lights make a lot of difference when it comes to the aura of the house be it in the dining, living room or kitchen area. It reflects the personality of the owner of the house if they’re conservative, modern or simple family. Actually if I see the ceiling light fixtures of the house I visit I can tell some characteristics of the people living in the house. It really reflects some of the owner’s personality.

Choosing the perfect lighting for your house can be tasking though as you’ll need to visit various shops to compare designs, stocks and prices. To help you with it you can go to Farreys which offers various choices of the finest light fixtures and products for your specific requirements and needs. They have what you want when it comes to lights like chandeliers, lamps, pendant lights, accent lighting, home lighting, outdoor lighting and many other lights particularly made to brighten up your home. You can be assured of their products’ quality, good craftsmanship and beautiful designs. Visit their site and transform your homes now.


Thursday Challenge : Male (Church Brothers)

>> Thursday, July 2, 2009

These are my fellow brethren in the church, most of them here are our ministers in our church., deacons and the young ministers. This photo was taken during our December Camp Meeting in Villa Dominga Forest Resort in Indang, Cavite just beside Tagaytay City where we had our camp fellowship for three days. This was our last day and this was shot before we travel back to our homes. You can see their faces here enjoying the photo session :-). It was an enjoyable camp fellowship there last December last year and we've booked again for next December.

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June 2009 Top Droppers

>> Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I want to express my appreciation to these people who regularly drops their entrecard to my site. For those people who didn't make it to top ten I would like also to extend my warmest thanks.

Dropper # of drops
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Special mention to Liza of Simple Life, Yummy-as-can-be, Mommy's Little Corner and moms...check nyo coz her four blogs made it to the top, thanks sis! Appreciate your visits!


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