Phone Courtesy

>> Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I had a phone call from one of the collection agency from a credit card company asking for the whereabouts of our former employee who resigned from our company three years ago and being the HR officer I have to take the call even if the caller is somewhat rude.

Of course he’s wrong and I told my officemates to give the call straight to me if he called again. Good thing when he heard my tone of voice and formal confirmation as per my copy of the person’s quit and claim release he stopped being persistent and didn't call again.

For me handling a phone gives a responsibility on the user to handle it properly. I’ve attended a seminar few years back and it gave us some notes on how to act properly when you’re on the phone, here’s some reminders for everyone:

- Use variety in tone of voice
- Smile
- Answer in three rings
- Ask how you can help
- Be courteous


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