Manic Monday #180

>> Monday, August 31, 2009

It’s Monday once again but because it's a holiday today - 'National Heroes Day' - I felt relax and at peace, now here are some questions that I had answered.

Are you usually late, early or right on time?

I'm always using my time to the max so I'm always right on time, few that I arrived very early as I feel I can do something on that few minutes, sometimes due to my hectic schedule I'm few minutes late :-) Well I'm just human and I'm not perfect

What would be harder for you, to tell someone you love them or to tell them that you do not love them back?

It's harder to tell someone that you don't love them back as human hate rejection and don't want the feeling that they're not worthy to be loved. I always say 'I love you' to my kids and hubby, We never miss a chance to tell each member of the family that we love each other.

Which would you rather have: a high salary or job satisfaction?

It's a two-way traffic you can't live long without a balance of high salary and job satisfaction. Before I thought that If I'm satisfied with my job it's ok to have a middle-range salary but after giving all my efforts and dedication to my job I also dream to have a high salary not just for my self-satisfaction but for my family as well.

According to my work experience a high compensation rate coupled with job satisfaction gives an inspiration to working :-)


Fashionable Yet Economical

Do you love to wear stylish eyeglasses? I am but sometimes wearing fashionable eyeglasses takes a lot of money from my wallet as they all seem so expensive. If you have been saving your bucks for more essential needs you have to decide what your priority list is, is it fashion or economy? Now the big question is How You Can Start Spending Smart if you want to be fashionable? Well I’ve got good news as Zenni Optical’s $ 8 Rx eyeglasses are the ideal finds for your needs because they’ve got quality and stylish eyeglasses at very affordable price. I can actually get more of My favorite high fashion eyeglasses that I can wear on different occasions. They’re so economical that buying one or more styles won’t hurt your budget.


:PH#176 - Surprise!

>> Saturday, August 29, 2009


It's always a surprise for kids whenever it's their birthday with the numerous gifts they receive on their special day. For them there is no small or big gifts as long as they have gifts to open they're happy enough. That's the wonder of being a child, the contentment on the simple things in life. They appreciates even the smallest and simplest of things like my son Josh here on his birthday last year (he's going to turn 6 next week). Look at his excitement on his classmate's gift to him, you can feel that he's very happy.

I just thought of including the second pic with his surprised and happy look as I took a shot on him while he and his classmates were eating his birthday snack.

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Your Way to Getting CCNA Certification

I’ve worked for a telco company and on one of our project bids on one of the asian companies the client wanted our candidates to have IT certifications on the positions bidded for. It was a hard task for me as only 10% of our staff has the certifications they require for a winning assurance on the bid. That was the time that I became aware of these IT certification things. I’m also an IT graduate but several years of work have shifted my work experience from computer specialization to accounting and administration. Even so I’m always updating myself on the latest trends and things on Information Technology because it’s already in my system.

Further studies to update yourself on your graduated course or advancing to a different field of study take time, effort and a sizeable amount of money. But if further studies will upgrade your employment or will land you a good paying job why not? There are some schools like ccna boot camp who will ensure you of a broad IT learning skills that will make you competitive in the chosen IT field. CCNA Boot Camp provides a good quality training program that will lead you to get a certification that will qualify you to a lot of better IT job opportunities. Their camp facilities are the best place to study with equipment that will help you learn fast and gain skills. After you’ve finished your program with them you’ll be assured to earn and passed that Cisco Certified Network Associate certification you aimed for.


I'm A Harvard?

You Are Harvard

You are smart, ambitious, and hard working. Academic success has always come easily for you.

You are responsible and conscientious. You don't mind hard work and never cut corners.

You are very competitive and driven. You like to be the best at everything you do.

And you also expect the best from any school you attend. You want to go to a top institution.


Shopping Made Easy

All women love shopping, in fact I can say that it’s our species’ favorite hobby. Regardless of status in life and age it has been a way of life for women. They devote their time shopping for their own and family’s needs but still few finds it as a kind of responsibility and obligation. It’s basically worthwhile and exciting to do shopping but it’s also tiring on one side as finding your needs takes a lot of effort and time consuming.

It’s more fun if you do it online, yes I’ve discovered it years ago. You don’t have to tire your feet hopping from one store to another just to find the traveling bags I need for our December camp meeting. I’ll just have to do shopping in the comfort of my home. Very convenient indeed, imagine finding not just bags but all travel essentials in one site! Just one reminder when traveling - please make sure that you know the roads to your destination or bring some maps or a GPS system to help you track the right way to wherever you want to go.

Why is it that Shopwiki have it all in their site? The reason is they seek every store in the net making the stores available to shoppers through their site. Many sites cater to online shopping but some don’t have everything you need. I can say that it’s a big advantage to busy Moms like me who don’t have much time to stroll among stores and buy their personal choices of Ipod or MP3 because their time is occupied usually with their house chores and kids. They do have their personal needs also so with this shopping online available they can get it easily. It’s nice that I can get my son’s headsets here, he’s been asking me to get him a headset for our components. He’ll be happy that I found one for him.

For whatever you may want or need for all members in your family Shopwiki have the complete buying guides on selecting what you want when it comes to travel, camping and hiking, automotive, home and garden, computers, clothing, accessories, toys, health and beauty, jewelry and many other things. Now we can all get what we want and shop whenever we need with online shopping made easy with Shopwiki.


:Food Friday - Nutritional Foods (Banana Heart Burger)

>> Friday, August 28, 2009

This is the winner in SJES cooking competition during the school's nutrition week celebration. At first glance you'll see here ordinary patties for your burger. On the contrary this burger patties uses the heart of banana together with a little ground pork. Sounds good!

Happy Food Friday to all, see other yummy foods here!


Feel Safe with Home Security Systems

>> Thursday, August 27, 2009

Home is where we feel happy and secured but sometimes intruders invade our precious security and burglars rob us of our belongings. Now how secured are we in our homes? If safety and security are at stake in your homes it’s better to consult professionals on how we can make our dwelling place a peaceful one for us. Actually there are companies who offer different kinds of security using different equipment and gadgets to give your most precious privacy back to your life.

One of the ways that we can do is to acquire Home Security for our homes so they can start protecting us from burglars and unwanted intruders. I’ve dropped by the site and I’ve found home security cameras and home security systems that can really help monitor and detect unwanted visitors in your home. SmartHome made it all possible for us to protect our family by providing home security systems at discounted and affordable prices! It’s even made more convenient and now it’s flexible enough that it gives you control over the systems you can activate it before you leave for your work.

Wow that’s a lot of convenience and security for the home owners. Now you will never feel that awkward feeling that intruders are just waiting somewhere when you’re not home. Why not give this one a try?


:Thursday Challenge - Tranquil

"TRANQUIL" (Quiet, Peaceful, Still, Calm, Serene, Garden, Forest, Beach,...)

my baby Josh here when he was about 6 months. He just had his milk and he's supposed to take a nap here but oh boy he's in deep sleep here, quiet, peaceful, calm and looking as tranquil as possible. Anyway almost all babies looks very peaceful and angelic when awake lol! He's going to be 6 years old on Sept. 5

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Reach for Your Dreams

>> Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Many of us dream of a good life wherein we’ll have the ability to live in a good community, eat the right food, study in the best schools and eventually land a good paying job. Sad to say not all dreams come true as most of them just remain a dream as poverty attacks many families these days. This is also the reason why many teenagers wanted to try their luck on applying in call centers even if they will be scheduled on night shift. I think in this present generation people are really putting a high percentage on how they will earn money to feed their families.

Some children start early in working because their parents can’t give them full financial support. One of the most common jobs that children can get is being movie extras. In this field of work you need strong abilities to survive the field. Well if you’re really interested there are lots of companies whose main goal in their business is to discover talents through which provides a way for those talented artists to be discovered and given a chance to make it good in movie industry. If not for them talents wouldn’t be revealed so it’s best to let them help you make your dream come true. As the song goes “to dream the impossible dream and to reach the unreachable star…” Start reaching your dream and try hard to achieve it.


Unconscious Mutterings

>> Monday, August 24, 2009

Start of the work week once again and I remember when I was still working in my office I sometimes call this day a manic monday. You see when you're working in an office it's the most stressful day starting from traffic up to office works and Friday is relaxing day because it's the last day of the work week! Now I don't to worry about it anymore as I'm working at home hmmm just love it!

Got this from Bes blog and I'm joining now!

1. Disguised :: alias
2. Big wheel :: construction delivery truck
3. Irritating :: when people are making gossips
4. Care :: when i prepare special menu for my family
5. Grandpa :: rest in peace
6. Shooting :: can be dangerous
7. Sunglasses :: protection from glaring sun
8. Stampede :: sudden running for exit due to panic
9. Painstakingly :: conscientiously
10. Terrible position :: lying in bed without pillow after a caesarean operation and not being able to stand for about 20 hours

You can join us at
Unconscious Mutterings


:Photo Hunt#175 - Ripples

>> Saturday, August 22, 2009

While others tend to avoid water I really searched for some water photos but reminded myself to use a subject on the water so I decided to pick on this one. I like this shot of fish pond when my office friends were in Hongkong with plenty of fishes mostly gold fish swimming endlessly :-) (of course they're fishes and water is their habitat). Well that causes some ripples on the water. There I got my theme!

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Beach Vacation Plans

It was a very busy and somewhat stressful day as I’ve run a lot of errands for the day; the stressful thing about my day is thinking about my online tasks and not having the time to do it. I’m just happy that Redge and I finally decided on the Sunday school chairs that I wanted to buy last week. We’re lucky to secure the stocks and colors that we need. We’ve just transferred to a new church location and I thought some kiddie monoblock chairs would be nice for the kids in school; they will surely love using it in Sunday school.

I’m glad that despite the busy weekend schedule I finally made it to my PC and started my online tasks. Sometimes I feel that being a work-at-home Mom is a lot busier than my office world, well thinking positively I’ve proven myself that I can do various things at one time and I can take care of my kids by myself while working to help hubby with financial matters. He told me that he really appreciates helping him but he wanted me to rest early in the night as my eyes would suffer from the stress of too much exposure on the screen.

Actually we were discussing that if only he can apply for a leave we can rest for a while and go with our vacation plans, no not as luxurious as romantic vacation riviera maya but as relaxing and as peaceful I might say. Of course it would be on white-sand beach only as the sea and the sky above it has a calming effect on me especially when I get to watch the sunset. That’s what I really need, a beach vacation.


I'm Coffee

I just got to answer this one though I know in my heart that I'm a coffee simply because I love coffee :-) actually I believe that coffee is a stronger beverage than tea and I think I've grown to be braver now after all the trials that passed by my life.

You Are Coffee

You are highly ambitious and goal oriented. You feel like there isn't enough time in your day to get it all done.

You are outgoing and creative. You love talking with people, thinking up crazy plans, and then acting immediately on them.

When it comes to caffeine, you'd like a refill. You can almost always use an energy boost.

Life is too short. You're going to get as much out of it as you can. You live for today.


Putting Some Style Into Your Car

When we started owning a car our first objective is to have a vehicle that we can use for our Sunday service and some other church activities. True to our objective our car has been our transport every Sunday and sometimes on midweek bible study. We also used it on camp fellowship which we held on faraway provinces where we bring our basic essentials, food and clothing that will last us for three days. Our car has brought us comfort and ease on travel and we thanked God for giving us an opportunity and means to buy a second hand car.

When we first bought the car it was devoid of style because the original parts and accessories were either worn out or broken. As we’re excited to bring some style and design to our car we looked for some nice auto accessories like lights, floor mats and other items that will fit the car and after doing it the car suddenly turned out stylish enough for our usage. You see cars are like people they should be given proper care, maintenance and some makeover if needed.


:Food Friday - Birthday Cake

>> Friday, August 21, 2009

Will have to pass the weekly nutritional foods now as I'm posting my eldest Ruth's birthday cake. It's a chocolate cake which is so yummy but not so sweet that's why you'll be back for more and more and more.... This one was not from any other famous bakeshop because I've only ordered it in our neighborhood community bakeshop. The whole family loves cake so in every birthday that we had cake would always be in the center of the birthday feast. Enjoy the pic!
Happy Food Friday to all, see other yummy foods here!


Sell Gold for Cash

During the older generation of our ancestors gold is the representation of how rich the families are. They invest on these precious metals for keepsake, for inheritance, gifts and for many other things. Some regard it as a kind of financial status that the more gold you have the more stable is your family. Now that era was gone but people tend to look up to gold as a viable investment that will give them profitable income in the coming years.

As gold is not only precious but beautiful as well gold jewelries are the most common thing that most people pawned when they need quick money. That way they can redeem it anytime they want. It’s a different thing when you sell gold as there are lots of things to consider and learn on how to sell gold for cash. One must know the value of gold and the price corresponding it in order to have a good selling out of it. There are many sites like Cash 4 Gold which provides tips, guidelines and all information that will help you in buying and selling gold online.

Planning to sell your unwanted jewelries online? Find out Cash 4 Gold's road to success for consumers by reading some of the testimonials of satisfied customers.


Gen Joined Chess Tournament

Gen was again busy with her extracurricular activities these days but this time she’s into sports and she’s joined the chess elimination in her school, luckily she passed and started competing last Wednesday. And oh she made me buy her a new big chess board and gave her old small one to Josh which she’s training also. If you can see them playing you’ll laugh out loud as Josh always want to take all the soldiers (poon) and he doesn’t care about the king lol! He knows the entire move and the rules but he told that those are his favorites.

Well anyway as of this day Gengen have 2 loses and 2 wins and she’s happy that she was sure to have additional grades as her teachers in Science and Math promised to give them incentives or additional extra curricular points once they win once or twice in 7 rounds. At home we all played games with her to practice her moves and I can see that she was very happy with it. >Win or lose I’ll give her a price!


Modify Your Loan

With the current economic crisis going on here and abroad people tend to have more loan applications than before. It is becoming a fast solution to finance shortage which in the end can cause headaches in payments. Some lenders really have the capacity to investigate and study how much the borrower can afford to repay the loan but others don’t so in the process after some period problem with payments arises.

Most often the borrowers overestimate their financial capacity to pay and end up using their entire paycheck to pay the mortgage, so how about their daily and basic expenses? And what if something happens like emergency cases of sickness, death or loss of job. That’s the start of the borrower’s dilemma leading to bad credits which is not good for both the borrower and the lender. If you happen to encounter this kind of problem all you need is loan modification to help recover your debts and in the process meet your ability to pay monthly mortgage to avoid foreclosure of properties.

Well I came upon McFarlin & Geurts which provides expertise on loan restructure and can give you the best terms for modifying your loan. They do it with their group of experts who knows and understands the loan proceedings and regulations. In the process you’ll soon have a more flexible payment terms which will not deprive you of finances for your family’s basic needs.


I Paint the World with Bright Colors

I'm an optimistic person and don't want to be intimidated by life's problems and if ever there's one that comes my way I face it with God's help. Being a christian help you see life in bright perspective and all christians should be setting a positive example. Here's some tests to show how I paint the world.

You Paint the World with Bright Colors

You are a true artist. You are very creative.

Your friends can count on you to be playful. You always know how to have fun!

You are a truly friendly person ... though sometimes you can be a bit jealous.

You are laid back and relaxed. Nothing really gets to you.


Helping A Drug Addict Quit

Have you ever known a drug dependent person and care enough to listen to what he has to say? You’ll feel sympathy towards them as most of them had a bad childhood or experienced worst situation in their lives. I should know because I had a first hand experience of knowing one drug addict. A close relative of mine who used to be a good boy when he was young with a remarkable talent in his hands suffered insecurities and uncertainty in life that he resorted to drug to console him. A part of his dependency was mainly due to peer pressure, he was convinced by his friends who earlier tried taking drugs and being problematic then he readily succumbed to temptations.

I’ve read a lot of stories and write ups about the life of drug addicts and I agree on some of their conclusions. Most of drug dependent people are those who have weak personalities and some has not been given enough time to voice out their problems to their parents. It’s hard to admit but parents play a major factor in a child’s dependency in drugs but I must also say this is not applicable to some families.

If you have encountered having relatives or a member of your family who resorted to drugs and became dependent on it you can do something to help them. Just always remember that it’s not the end of the world for them, you can help a drug addict quit by getting some information on how you can start changing their lives from the mess they entered. You can start by choosing the right treatment center available who can really give the right medication, treatment and rehabilitation programs to your loved ones. I recommend those centers that have staff that truly understands what drug addiction is all about.


Two Birthdays and Thankgiving

>> Thursday, August 20, 2009

In time for Ruth's birthday last Tuesday and my sister' birthday yesterday we prepared a quite simple celebration for them in our church yesterday. We're going to be the host family for next week's bible study but we exchanged it so we can combine my two loved ones' birthday in our bible study. It's more of a thanksgiving occasion and we're happy that it falls exactly on a Wednesday.

Ruth and Redge used to set a date for them every year because they love having their dates of birthday in a row. When I was still pregnant Redge was hoping that I'll give birth to my first baby on her birthday but Ruth came out few hours before the date :-) I prepared and cooked the all-time favorite spaghetti, barbeque and brownies which were served after the bible study. We thanked God for the bountiful blessings bestowed upon us and we return them with gratitude through this thanksgiving.


My Renovation Projects

Staying in the house most of the time leads me to discover what’s needed in the house. When I was still working in an 8-hour job I can’t really monitor the status of the house if there are certain areas where we badly need renovations or repairs. Now I can see what my Mom was always telling me, she was always saying that if I’m one who stays in the house the whole day I’ll get to see that some areas need to be prioritized. Well there are lots to be repaired and replaced but for our budget we'll have to check the immediate ones and the budget needed. In these days you can’t just start a construction without studying and analyzing your finances or else your project will not be able to finish. Hubby let me do all the budgeting.

As I can see now we have to start with our gate and fences which was shelved when my Mom was operated last summer. Then we should be dealing with our old bathrooms which we've already started also this summer. We’ve started the first phase outside the house and now we’re into the second phase which includes the bathroom interior. I’ve found some stock clearance sale online at and found one nice furniture that would really fit in our bathroom.We’ve already saved enough for these two projects and we’ve only to wait for my brother’s list of estimated expenses before starting up. Hope we can finish it all in one month as we have some more projects to line up.


:Thursday Challenge - Curved (Roads)

"CURVED" (Roads, Buildings, Shapes, Bowed, Arch, Bubbles,...)

This is the curved roads of Laguna. We're on our way here from our house to our hometown in Laguna to visit our cousins and relatives there. This road is near the top of the mountain where Rizal and Laguna province separates or what we call the boundary. This place has an expanse of long curving roads because the mountain sides was constructed merely to be able to cross the mountain in reaching Laguna from Manila. Way back when we were kids there were no road signs and no metal fences around so travel is very dangerous, a bus actually almost dropped down the cliff.

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Big Bro's Pickup

Big brother dropped by yesterday and we had a noisy lunch as we’re complete yesterday in time for my sister’s birthday. It’s not everyday that we all have free time to be with each other because of our work and families but yesterday we had a talk about almost everything that concerns us three siblings. We also discussed the needed fence construction and some inner renovations; all these things are my brother’s concerns as he’s the engineer of the family. He showed us his newly acquired second hand pickup which he will use for his construction projects and for some run errands. We earlier advised him not use his other car for construction and as soon as he found a car suited for his projects he immediately bought it. He has already registered the vehicle and we reminded him to get the car insurance papers he has applied last week. He searched for the best car insurance that’s affordable for his budget because he really needs it for safety purposes as his pickup will also be used in long distance travel.

Well you can try looking for yourself online as you’ll find the answers there like a car insurance that defines affordable rates. You’ll be amazed that you can get your quotes easy and quick. We should always think of the best way that we can extend our finances like getting the best deals in everything that we purchased and in services that we asked for. Nowadays we must be smart and wise in spending our money to get through this current economic crisis.


Ruth's Birthday!

>> Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It’s Ruth’s birthday today and I was very busy as she celebrated it partially in school with some of her classmates and in our house with family only. I cooked very early before lunch so I can bring pasta and bread to her classmates before their lunch break. Half of the class is going home at lunchtime so it’s easier to manage her birthday there. I was on time-pressure as I also need to finish some due tasks online but decided to leave some when I get back. Mommies should really be on a fast-move track to do everything in time, wish I hired the magic wand of fairy godmother lol!Anyway I reached the school before 12 noon and made Ruth very happy as seen from the look on her eyes which also took away all the tiredness in my body, seeing my kids happy is all I need to feel contented. I also dropped by bes JennyL to bring her some pasta for snack. I decided not to invite anyone so I just deliver snack to some of my friends and family.

As my girls went home before 6pm we started the blowing of candles and eating after they arrived with just me, Ruth, Josh and my Mom. When hubby arrived we went to a nearby Jollibee and ordered mostly desserts because we’re full from Ruth’s birthday foods back home. It’s nice to dine in fast-food after dinner time as people are fewer and the staff is relaxed. We really had a nice time there because we’re not in a hurry; just want our kids to enjoy the moment. Ruth turns 12 today and it’s her final year of being a girl. Next year she’ll enter secondary school and teenage years but for now I want to enjoy my first baby before she turns into a young lady!


On Discovering Illegal Activities

If there’s anything that I think is a lot of help in fighting crime and illegal matters it is in investigating and monitoring the activities of suspected group of people. I’ve been watching a late show on weekends featuring crimes and illegal activities that were caught in the act. It was for me a risky job for the people who are doing it but it was also a courageous act. I was amazed at their style of doing it using private people to pose as customers with hidden camera inside their clothes so they can have evidences of the illegal acts committed. Then they will use it to report to law authorities for further investigation and proof for issuing warrant of arrest.

Due to curiosity on this little piece of helpful gadgets I browsed online for some information and I’ve found out that there are various types of spy camera available depending upon the user’s needs. I’m amazed at the maker’s ideas of using ordinary simple things to hide the spy camera. I’ve browsed for some of their designs and found some really nice ones looking like air ionizer, tissue box, pen, watch and body worn button/screw cameras which are perfect for surveillance. It’s dependable enough to capture and store needed videos. It can also be used on offices and in your own homes.


:WS - Induction of Officers

>> Monday, August 17, 2009

VenueInduction of General PTCA officers by Hon. Mayor Mon IlaganShort speech by Hon. Gov. Casimiro Ynares Jr.
Our group Grade V-1 level (before induction)During induction

We had the first ever induction of officers where all homeroom officers from all grade level and section were included not just the usual general PTCA officers. The only difference is that the general PTCA were inducted on the stage and all homeroom were there offstage because we're 200 plus in numbers. All previous induction only includes general PTCA officers but since we're aiming for a general project which we're requesting from our municipality and provincial desk we organized a rare occasion like this.

We're assigned in the food committee which made it more difficult for us in grade V level (orange group) because we didn't expected a very big crowd and we used all our budgeting skills and talents to serve the foods to them. Oh boy that's too much! I was tired from head to toes! Lucky that one of us cooked baked macaroni for our food after the event or else we're gonna be starved. Though we're tired and haggard after the event and dismayed that I didn't get a pic with mayor and young governor we were happy enough. We were laughing happily at our faults and experiences in serving the food. We'll get more organized and possibly better next time! Next time? Hope we'll not be in the food committee again :-) Wishes!

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