I Love Personalized Flash Drives

>> Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I’ve always been dependent on storage devices for my office works and online jobs. It makes my jobs easier because I can carry multiple images and files wherever I go. As I’m a blogger sometimes I go to different places and if I have some due dates on my assignment I’m confident enough that I have my files and pictures with me. It makes my life convenient and my job easier as I sometimes hop from one computer to another whenever the need arises. I was happy that my friends gave me flash drives as their souvenir gift for me when they went abroad for business conferences. They know that I love gadgets and tech accessories not at all feminine though.

Because I really need multiple files and pictures for my writing jobs I wanted more than two flash drives and I also want to give my kids their own flash drives for their school projects. I was actually looking for Personalized flash drive which was given to me last holiday by one of our telco providers as their Christmas gift to me. It was a nice remembrance as the name of the company was etched in the flash drive. I have a friend there also and I know she picked that gift for me. Now I’ve found online that you can have personalized flash drive with variety of choices on the color and material. I felt very excited browsing different designs, style and color of flash drives and I particularly liked the one encapsulated in leather. It’s elegant and very beautiful.


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