>> Monday, September 21, 2009

Disliking Foreign Languages Says You Are Creative

You are creative, non-conformist, and a rule breaker.

For you, foreign language is too structured. You don't like the exacting standards set in a foreign language class.

You believe that close enough is good enough. You are definitely not a perfectionist.

You're more likely to make up your own language than learn an existing language. You rather create than mimic.

I don't really dislike foreign languages, not all of course as I want English and French but I think other languages that are being taught to us to embrace to secure better standing in job employment is not good for me as I believe that as long as I know Filipino and English language here in my own country it's enough! Of course with the exemptions on some call centers who specializes on some languages, that's ok with me. Just don't want discrimination in my own country! Peace!


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