Achieving Masters Degree

>> Saturday, October 31, 2009

I’ve always wanted to study further after graduating with a degree in computer engineering but I want to enter a field which is completely different from my college degree. I want something different and I would be bored if I’ll take a course similar to my college course. I want to take up courses in journalism and culinary, my two favorite courses which leads to my passion for writing and cooking. It was a wonderful thought and I hope I can fit in my busy schedule so I can enroll even in online education only. It will certainly fit my schedule and at the same time I can look after my kids.

For those who have the same situation as me or just wanting to continue their studies but can’t find the time to attend regular school there’s an opportunity to study and achieved your goal in life. You can now earn your Online master degrees at Gonzaga University, a non-profit private university that offers high quality online education and ranked as one of the best colleges in the West. You can obtain your dream in getting masters degree in Organizational Leadership, Communication and Nursing. So if you’re interested with this you can start choosing your degree now.


What My Height Says About Me

Your Height Says You're Logical

You are a rational, stable person. You have a strong head on your shoulders.
You are a good judge of character - and you don't suffer fools gladly.

You are highly motivated and a bit of a daredevil. You crave success.
Limitations and rules frustrate you, but you have enough savvy to overcome them.

You are about as tall as the average Korean woman.

Funny test because this one just asked me what my height is then they have this psychology findings about me! But honestly most characters written above are true or should I say fits my personality, what a test!


:Food Friday - Sweet Pork and Green Salad

>> Friday, October 30, 2009

I don't know the name of this dish as I'm not the one who ordered this and it's my first time ever to eat there. This menu if from Outback restaurant in Libis where I had lunch with my bosses. We intended to eat in our favorite Causeway resto but we'll have to wait for three tables to vacate before we can eat so my boss changed our lunch venue. I was surprised he picked this resto because it's their competent as they owned a steakhouse also. Anyway he ordered big ribs on the barbie, tenderloin, fresh baked ziti, this sweet pork and green salad and fruit shakes.

I'm very fond of salad any salad that is! Be it green salad, fruit, buco, macaroni and any other salad I just love it. This one was served with sweet pork (I don't know the name of the menu here) and lettuce salad. All are deliciously prepared and originally flavored and we enjoyed our lunch. I just found the ribs too sweet for my liking.

See other yummy foods here!


PR Updates Again!

The big ‘G’ is updating again and I’ve been checking various blogs now if they’ve been hit by the current update. This blog has decreased one step already and I’m praying that it will be over now. I’ve been trying myself to update my blogs everyday just in case it counts. You’ll never really know what it takes to get that high PR and try as we might sometimes you’ll still receive low or worst zero rank. Hope the PR change would be on my main blog so that can get PR, hoping and waiting!


Moving is a Nice Adventure

My friend’s husband was assigned for 3 years in a provincial city by his company. It was a promotion given by company but he should agree to move out and live in a provincial city branch there. It was a very hard decision on both my friend and her hubby as my friend has a career also and holding a managerial position in our company then. We talked her into joining his hubby together with their 2 kids.

The company will pay for their relocation and every expense that will incur so they finally decided to move to the place where her hubby will handle the branch of their company. She gave up her career to be with her husband and I know that it’s the best decision she made because family should always come first.

Moving out was hard as the distance is very far from them. She spent plenty of time sorting out the things that they will bring with them. After sorting all needed materials she called for a professional moving company like that of Boston Movers to take care of relocating their belongings and appliances. She wanted their personal documents, furniture and appliances to be safely delivered that’s why she hired the professionals. If not for the movers she will be stressed and tired.

Whatever the reason for your move or transfer be it another job, better house, change of environment or any reason just be sure to hire professional movers that will relocate your belongings to your new house with assurance that it will be safe and protected. This way your relocation can be a happy adventure!

This is a sponsored post


Almost Finished!

I’m happy now that I can see how my house project was forming. I choose everything that was placed there and I’m glad it looks good on our new bathroom. The color of the tiles is very cool to look at and the color of other fixtures there are so nice in white color. It costs us a lot but nowadays what else is cheap? Anyway I don’t mind the expenses as long as I’m contented with the workers’ job. Just one more day and it will be finished except for the wall as I’ll have someone to do the painting. I’m just so tired of monitoring everything that I can only blog after dinner, I’m just lucky today to start earlier than usual.


Enjoyable Ride with Kia Forte

Almost all men I know likes car. I know this from my father to my cousins and to my brother who derived the passion for loving cars since his childhood. He loves miniature model cars and he collects them when he’s only a kid. Later when he grew up he bought a pickup to use on his first construction project. I saw the excitement on his face when he first showed it to us.

As time goes by he bought a car because he needed to look more professional in dealing with his clients. Though he changes cars depending on his specific needs he always have one car to remain for his everyday use. Oh well a car nowadays are a necessity so it’s better to at least own one car for family’s use. It shouldn’t be too hard on the budget as there are pre-owned cars for sale which are somewhat affordable.

For those who can afford to buy a brand new expensive car they wanted elegance, style and they always search for great performance in cars. I just don’t know if my friend have seen this new kia forte I’ve seen in Car Connection. This kia forte has earned praises for its elegant good looks and while having the elements of more expensive cars its affordability can’t compare with those expensive cars. It’s price is still competitive compared with other small sedans.

When it comes to safety features it has side airbags, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control and front active headrests. For those who wants cool features it has a Bluetooth, satellite radio,an input for audio system, controls for the steering wheel and voice activation. It has minor imperfections though as it has an awkward clutch coordination for manual transmission so it’s better to get the automatic. With these features from kia forte in overall performance it gives a good deal of driving satisfaction that can be comparable to other car brands. It will give the buyer a worth for his money with the kia forte’s elegant good looks and a much more enjoyable drive.


Classes Suspended Due to Storm

My kids were already dressed up and ready for school when they wonder why their service was late. I didn’t know they were assuming that maybe there’s no classes. Yes no classes today from preparatory up to secondary school and when I glanced at my kids who were lined up in our sofa they smiled at the announcement. They weren’t happy just because they can take some rest from school activities but they’re worried about the storm that’s coming in our country’s area of responsibility. Josh was always worried every time he hears a storm that’s brewing up. He told me that he didn’t like the flood to come into our house again.


The Reason for the Season!

It’s just two months now before the biggest celebrated occasion around the globe and people are so busy with their gift list and holiday preparation. All people from all walks of life are all excited with this occasion where family bonding and love sharing is strongly encouraged. I remember my school days when my days would be complete if I received cards from many of my friends. That’s how I know if many like to be my friend.

Even if today’s modern technology such as instant messaging allow us to communicate faster its still best to send christmas cards to our distant relatives, family and friends. It’s still sweet receiving cards from your loved ones especially if it’s meant to show how much the sender loves the recipient.

The only problem with sending cards is the time you’ll allot for the period that it will be bought, signed and delivered. It took some time to visit bookstores for those little greeting cards. Now for busy people who have no time to choose and buy Christmas cards you’ll be happy to know that you can order your cards online at You can choose between their classic types and personalized ones which is more sentimental than the first type. You can put in more personal touches on the cards so it will look more like you. What caught my attention were the beautiful recycled cards I’ve seen in their various card types. The cards were recycled to help support the drive to protect the environment.

But what is really the meaning of Christmas? Is it just the giving of gifts and cards the reason for this season? The true spirit of Christmas is the love that you can give to your brethren and it’s not important how nice and how expensive your gift is just as long as you give it with love. I should say it’s the best gift ever because it’s packed and wrapped with love. And did you know that the reason for this season is Christ? Yes he’s the real reason.


Curious as a Cat - Week#190

>> Thursday, October 29, 2009

1) What genre of movies do you prefer?
I go for action and suspense thriller. It excites me to watch movies like this. I also watch romantic movies with unique stories.
2) If you could have overheard a specific conversation between any two people, what would it be?
I would have loved to have heard the discussion between Jesus' parents around the time she became pregnant.
3) What behavior do you think is the most common but rudest?
Having your mobile phone ringing in the middle of a very important corporate meeting is a bad habit. Phone should be silenced on meetings to avoid disruption of discussion. Answering it when there's a call is very rude but many have been doing it unconsciously.
4) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.

I see a very tight football game here and I guess it's a championship game which made them pushed their skills and energy to the limit. Their objective - to win no matter how hard it is.



Additional Decors for Your Homes

I’ve been doing some minor repair works in the house and spending some of my earnings to buy some new accessories that would lighten the atmosphere of our home. I’ve been slowly erasing the memory of the storm that hit our place so we really needed to add a warm and cheerful ambience to some of our rooms.

Since I’m very fond of lighting fixtures I’ve browsed around for some ideas that would help me. I’ve seen some ceiling fans that are very beautiful to look at especially with the beautiful lights that go with it. Filipino homes are always surrounded with electric fans and whatever the status of life is there’s always one that would give them comfortable air during summer days. Anyway for tropical country like us we always need it everyday of the year.

When searching for the right kind of electric fans we should consider various things to look for such as performance, quality, durability and capacity. Then for decorative purpose we should also consider the style as every furniture and fixtures in our homes should blend with the existing ones we already have. For all of this in our mind we should all be looking for Minka Aire Concept II fan because its functionality and style corresponds to our specific needs. I can say these ceiling fans are the better choice since it has convenient features of efficient air distribution and easy set up. You can easily add this to your decorative appliances with their choices of exciting finishes ranging from white, bronze, painted and many others. I simply love its features and style.


Shopping for My New Project

It’s only now that I had the time to browse my blogs and somehow write some posts and do my online tasks. I’ve been out most of the morning with my brother to buy all necessary things for my new bathroom project. Big Bro (Kuya) brought me to Federal Lumber where we choose from among its various designs and styles of floor tiles, complete bathroom packages with bowl, soap/tissue holders, lavatory, shower sets and many others. I really didn’t know that it has plenty of accessories and fittings.

I’m awed with their supplies that I canvassed floor tiles for our next house projects. We’re canvassing and looking for big floor tiles because it will surely accentuate our spacious house floors. Josh was with me and as young as he is he seemed more occupied than us. He looked at the small accessories and suggested some to my brother. He even put a nice item in the basket which we don’t need at present. Anyway I always love shopping for home accessories sometimes better than shopping for my things


Online Training for IT Enthusiasts

I’ve heard in one of the radio stations that I begin to follow these days about entering the job of IT staff. The guest speaker is current employed in HP and he shared how he studied his course and landed a good paying job in one of the makers of computers and peripherals. It’s actually a big company here in our country and since it’s a well-known IT company it has many requirements when you apply for a job. Of course a degree in computer courses is a sure advantage especially if the position you’re applying for is very much related to your college education. But the two other important key in entering a good position is your work experience and an IT certification as what the guest speaker has been saying. It actually opens a much wider door for anyone who has the certifications because the more prestigious and high paying jobs calls for a higher and advanced education in IT.

In my previous job I’ve been directly involved in hiring applicants and one of our qualifications is proficiency in Microsoft Office because if the employees doesn’t know the operations it would be hard for them to work in our telecommunications environment where almost everything are run through system. It’s really a big advantage to be skilled in software. But if you’re not as good as you want to be and you want to learn the craft you can still enroll online in k alliance training to learn Microsoft office and other software. You can also start training to prepare yourself for that IT certification which would promote your position to a higher position.

Time and place of training is not to worry about as you only need a PC and internet connection to qualify and start the training. Experience the comfort of studying in your home through K Alliance online computer training programs. It’s very convenient that even the busy employees who doesn’t have the time to attend classes on a regular school can enroll and train on K Alliance offsite location. With their quality training and high standards you’ll soon pass and get your most wanted IT certification.


I'm 24% Girly

You Are 24% Girly

You are a pretty hardcore tomboy, and a very free spirit.
Gender roles be dammed, you like to do things your way.

This quiz really caught my attention as I wanted to know if it will make out the real me :-) I'm not girly if it would mean being so vain in my looks, in my things and accessories and on being so feminine in every ways. Look at the result above and I can say it's the real score in real life. I grew up next to my big brother and being with him as playmate I have many guys as friends, I guess he influenced me a lot.

It's just lucky that the sibling next to me is a girl so I had that 24% score below :-) Funny but true! Well being a born-again christian now helped me a lot to develop some girly things about me. I did fall in love with my bestfriend, married him and now we have three kids.


Advanced and Affordable Phone System

>> Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Communication is very important in our lives and we uses different medium in order to communicate. If we want to send a fast message to our friends or talk to them wherever they are we use mobile phone for easy communication. If we want to send letters, images, videos or soft copy of documents we use email to assure fast processing and acceptance. Some are still using snail mail for greeting cards and postcards but majority relies on the internet for faster communication like instant messaging such YM, Chikka, Twitter and many others. Sometimes I wonder what the world will be like when there’s no communication. The world will be so silent and quiet because conversation is also considered as communication. It really plays a major role in our lives.

Now if we talk business we will be dealing with volume of calls because big and small businesses use business phone system to cope with their business requirement and with interacting with clients and providers. I worked for six years in a small telecommunications company which offers cheap international call rates and termination services to local and international clients. We’re also a VoIP provider and I know how it helps reduced the rate of termination calls. Anyway I’ve resigned from my former job to be work-at-home Mom so I shouldn’t be telling about what our company offers.

I just want to share what I know of VoIP and the advantages of using it. Well I read about Vocalocity hosted pbx which uses the same VoIP technology as with my previous company and I became interested in their services. It’s what every company dreamed of in a business phone system. It’s more affordable and no need to maintain any equipment. Getting the advantages of having a dependable, flexible and advanced phone service over the internet need not be expensive.

Hosted PBX works perfectly in today’s modern businesses. You don’t have to worry about anything as they maintain the equipment on an off-site hosting, host the software and responsible for any upgrade that you will need in the future. It’s all you need for your phone system, unlimited usage for one flat fee, no binding contracts, reliable VoIP consultant and a lot of savings for a complete advanced system that will cater to all your needs.


Tired But Inspired

>> Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It’s only hours before midnight and I just started doing my online tasks. I’ve been very busy with household matters and preparation of Josh’ costume the whole day that I earlier planned to do some writing and posting in the evening. It’s easier that way because I’m more relaxed and able to think clearly. After seeing that my kids have finished with their dinner and assignments I prepared myself for my due online work only to find myself tired and sleepy to even think and type a sentence. I rested for about an hour and when I feel that my brains will function normally I headed for my PC to start blogging. Just when some of my blogger friends are saying good night I just said hello and good evening.

Sometimes I really felt sleepy after a long day of going to my kids’ school, attending meetings, grocering and a lot more things. I often schedule my online work at night when everything is finished and completed. Having three schooling children is not a joke when it comes to household chores and parenting but the happiness you get from them is immeasurable that’s why I’m always inspired in writing and working. I’m just lucky that hubby can still massage my forehead even if he’s tired from his whole day’s work. His massage work wonders on my headache and tiredness that I can still work up to midnight or beyond that time.


Securing Your Homes

As early as now we’ve already planned our travel and 4-day fellowship in one of the villas in one of vacationing places in the South. It’s going to be a 2-3 hours travel so we planned to travel together with our church brethren in convoy. All in all we’re six groups in separate vehicles and I know it’s going to be fun while traveling. We’re really very excited with our fellowship but because we’re going to be away for four days my family planned some home security measures on the house. In times like these burglars and intruders are everywhere and we must take necessary precautionary measures to ensure safety of belongings and properties while away.

It’s good finding ADT Security System because they offer 24-hour monitoring service through their monitoring centers to help their clients secured their homes from intruders and bad elements even when the homeowners are not at home. How they do it? If you get their services their professional staff will install a wireless home alarm system complete with digital keypad, keychain remote, PIR Infrared motion detectors, wireless doors, window sensors with audible alarm, alarm siren, battery backup and ADT sign to let the people know that your home is monitored and protected by ADT home security. Intruders will surely change their mind if they earlier planned to enter your house because they know that they will be caught.

My Auntie recently signed up for installation of ADT Home Security Systems in the house and you know what’s the most beneficial thing about having it in the house? It’s what people always want in their lives, peace of mind. Now that home security is here we need not worry about leaving the house for several days or going out of the house without someone to look after the house as its monitored securely 24 hours a days 7 days a week. It’s a great feeling knowing that a group of people are helping you in securing and monitoring it. Home is where our heart is and we should always feel peaceful and secured in our own homes. Btw consultation is free at ADT so better contact them now.


I ♥ Faces - Halloween Dress Up

>> Monday, October 26, 2009

Click image to enlarge

This is my son Josh in Robin costume and his friend Carl in Count Dracula costume in their Halloween/Costume party in St. Audry learning center last year. Josh should be posing with Batman here as his partner but Batman was nowhere in sight so Count Dracula teamed up with him lol :-) Anyway they're the best of friends in school and also in our community as Carl lives three blocks away from us.

This week's theme at I Heart Faces the theme is Halloween Dress Up so I picked this last year's pic for this week's meme! It's been months since I last joined in here! Good to come back again at I ♥ Faces. Visit more dress up entries here.


Looking for Additional Vehicle

We had a meeting yesterday at the church about our coming camp meeting fellowship which will be held in time for holiday season. The camp will run for four days so we need a lot of preparation because all things must be complete and ready for 4-day supply of clothes, food and other basic essentials. Our camping place is a 3-hectare villa with banana and other fruit plantations and a resort also on the other side of the villa. The place is far from the nearest town market so we should think of foods that will last for four days without being spoiled. The answer to this is cooking foods in a good preservative recipe and bringing canned foods and easy-to-cook packed meals.

Anyway we were trained for these things so it will not be much of a problem. Our problem is actually one bigger vehicle for us and our other brethren because as of now we only have 4 vehicles. I was thinking that a motor home would be perfect for us if only we have one. I will not buy of course as it’s too expensive I just saw some offers of rv financing for brand new and used RVs. Well it’s just a thought nothing more and I just love looking at motor homes, it thrills me to dream of having one.


Searching for Josh Costume

I’m searching for Josh costume for their party on Wednesday. Every year they have this costume party held on last week of October. For two years he used his Robin costume but this year I want another character or another kind of costume. Just this morning Josh was telling me if he could wear scary costume. I told him it will not fit him and I don’t want him to look like a zombie or Frankenstein even on costume only. We were both looking and searching online for possible costume and I pointed out to him that it’s not necessarily a scary Halloween clothes or look but anything that will look like a costume. After one hour of explanation he succumbed and we settled for Spiderman. Of course he loves Spiderman it’s one of his favorites.


Our Welder’s Safety Glasses

We were having our steel gate repaired because rust is slowly forming at the bottom so I just instructed the welder to replace the plain aluminum bottom area with the same design as with the top. I just want to make sure that when they install the gate it would last for a long time rust-free so I replaced the area with small rusts forming. The result is beautiful as it add some style to the gate unlike the previous design which was so plain and simple.

Anyway I find the welder’s safety glasses unique as it resembles my Mom’s protective glasses when her cataract was removed. When I told the welder that it’s like my Mom’s glasses he told me that his safety glasses was missing and he’s using his Mom’s eyeglasses for the meantime. His Mom’s eyes were also operated the reason why he has the same protective glasses. Funny glasses for a welder!


How Phobic I Am

Lately my friends and I were talking about our phobias for things and animals. Actually the main phobias I have is that of being in small confined or closed areas and of heights. Yes I'm afraid of heights that's why even if I want to ride in those awesome rides in Enchanted Kingdom I can't because I fear heights and I think mechanical equipments are not that safe even if the park's staff were so disciplined in maintenance and regular checkup. I came across this quiz about how phobic we are and this is the result of my test, care to see them!

You Are 28% Phobic

Scared? You? Not really. Everyone has a few normal phobias, and you're no exception.
It's okay to be afraid of a few things. You wouldn't be human if you weren't.


Getting Your Premium Seats Online

The stress and pressure of everyday life sometimes takes it toll on us that’s why we always felt being tired and worn out. If you’re feeling a lot like this for days like me you should find something that will relax your mind, body and senses. We can always find ways like going to a vacation, taking a leave from our work, have dinner with special someone or just simply spend sometime watching quality event shows. We know that not all people have the same hobbies or inclination but most really would appreciate a night of relaxation watching events especially sports which is the favorite show of most men. Now no need to wait in line just to get a ticket to your favorite show as you can get in online. For those who love watching football games you can now be assured that you’ll get the ACC Football Championship Tickets you’ve been saving your day for. You can also get many tickets for the whole family to enjoy with the best deals available at everyday.

Actually I was just helping a friend get his ticket when I came upon, a professional ticket broker which can help you get premium seating to special events without the discomfort of waiting in long line. You can now easily avail tickets of your favorite concert, theater and sport shows like Dallas Cowboy Tickets in the most competitive price available in their site. You can really relax your mind and body because you’ll have no difficulty in getting your tickets and eventually getting your cheap seats on your desired sports.

Getting all these online are a great relief to busy and tired people. My friend can really benefit from this site as she doesn’t have the time to go to some stores to get her ticket. This way she will not only save time and money but save her feet as well because she can have her tickets in the convenience of her home. She actually browsed their listings and been picking out some nice sport show tickets on the list including Calgary Flames Tickets so she can give the ticket to her father who likes to watch hockey. It’s good that she was able to get premium seats as they can watch in front seats. For inquiries you can call their customer representatives anytime.


Saturday 9: Hey Jealousy

>> Saturday, October 24, 2009

1. Tell us a story when you got jealous.
~~ I get jealous over people who have perfect teeth :-)
2. What is your least favorite thing about yourself?
~~ When I lost control of time! I like to be always in control of my schedule
3. Who do you mess with the most?
~~ No one in particular
4. Do you have any special talents? What are they?
~~ not very special just lettering and cooking
5. If you could have a secret fling that no one would ever find out about, would you?
~~ I believe in trust, honesty and respect so fling is out of the question. Hubby love me so much I can't ask for more. I'm perfectly happy with him and my kids. I love them so much.
6. What's the furthest you've been from home?
~~ North Luzon
7. How many Saturday 9 player's blogs do you typically visit?
~~ More or less, four.
8. Some great bloggers lose their "mojo" and quit blogging. Could you see that happening to you?
~~ I don't think so; I love writing and blogging so much! If I'm too busy I'll just make it thrice a week!
9. What's the biggest mistake you've made so far this year?
~~ Not resigning as early as possible, I missed too many opportunities online because my resignation lasted for one year before it finally materialize


Everyday Fruits

I went over to Josh’ school the other day to arrange his special exam schedule for second periodical test. I brought Josh medical certificate and asked for his possible exam schedule. Teacher Joan scheduled it yesterday. They can’t give him schedule next week because their last day will be on their Costume/Halloween party. Anyway I also want him to finish all exams this week so we don’t have to worry about it next week.

It’s been a very busy week for me attending particularly to my son’s every need. During his sickness he wants me to be always near or beside him because he’s not feeling well then. Well these busy weeks have done some favor on me as a parent of Josh’ classmate asked me if I lost some pounds as I look a little slimmer than before. The last time she saw me was a month ago. Thanks to my lunch and dinner fruit dessert it’s making wonder on me that I didn’t have to think of diet supplements for now.

Know what I’m taking for my desserts? I’m eating 2-3 slices of fresh pineapple, papaya and citrus fruit. Sometimes for variation I replace papaya and citrus with banana and mango but not pineapple as it’s my favorite everyday fruit. I don’t only get vitamins from it but high fiber content as well which is perfect for burning bad cholesterol. It’s also cheaper than other fruits so there’s no worry about affordability. Well for those who can’t eat fruits you can always consult your doctor what to do.


:Food Friday - Oven-Baked Chicken

>> Friday, October 23, 2009



This oven-baked chicken is actually meant for chicken adobo when my kids requested me to bake it instead of cooking it in the pan. Josh was the most insistent one as he picked the drumstick part of the chicken to be his piece when cooked. He offered himself as my assistant and he brings to me whatever I asked him to get from the ref.

Mom told me that I have two aspiring cook in the future, one is my eldest 12-year old Ruth and 6-year old Josh. My other kid is contented in eating as she has the biggest appetite among the three. Anyway cooking has been my parents' specialty so it's not surprising that my kids will love to cook also. In my family both men and women knows how to cook but the women takes the primary role :-)

So now here goes my adobo ala baked chicken which I added some out-of-the-blue ingredients which means not in the recipe book. I always love cooking in my original simple way. I don't want to pattern my cooking to others. I always put something that's originally me, so much for the talk, happy friday to everyone!

See other yummy foods here!


The True Spirit of Christmas

It’s in the air you can actually smell it! I’m talking of the coming holiday season where everyone seems to devote their time decorating and preparing gifts for everyone. For those who didn’t want to rush themselves on the last month of this year they choose to shop for gifts to their loved ones as early as last month. Here in our part of the globe Christmas season seems to start as soon as month of September comes in. They call it as the ‘ber’ season. Well that means the four months ending in ber. People are really funny sometimes; they always have something exciting to make their lives happy.

Even if we’re badly affected by the recent storm that hit the country there’s no stopping as to how we’re going to make our loved ones feel special by our gifts and christmas cards. It’s one way of showing our affection to our friends, family and relatives. Even in these times where we receive heart warming messages through email and text notes from mobile phones it’s still sweet to receive Christmas cards.

Actually people are accustomed in giving cards but the busy schedule sometimes hinders them from doing it. Good that you can now order Christmas cards online through which offers classic and personalized cards which will put a special touch on every card that we sent. I particularly liked the cards done out of recycled papers which is environment-friendly. It’s good that they have a card like that, I know many people especially those very conscious of saving our environment will appreciate the recycled cards.

Just don’t forget the other importance of this holiday is to show our loved ones our great love by giving them care and attention. And if you ask me what Christmas is all about I’ll say it’s giving your love. Like the lyrics that I personally liked in one of oldest Christmas songs which goes ‘Give love on Christmas day…No greater gift is there than love’. Since I was a child those phrases left a mark in my heart that the true spirit of Christmas is love.


Friday Fill-Ins#147

Serendipity we go!

Another week has passed and I feel like time is running so fast so before this day runs fast I'd like to share some of my thoughts here.

1. The crickets sing, I remember their song clearly when I was a kid in the province.
2. Dad, we'll always miss you wherever you are.
3. I want to get far away from the bustling city sometimes, I'm glad I live just after the city.
4. Weekend in Paris & England and roaming around historical/biblical places in Israel; this was a dream.
5. But as for me I will try to enroll in a cooking/baking class so I can serve delicious dishes to my family and to satisfy my hobby.
6. A happy, conservative and God-loving family is where I come from.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finish baking my chicken barbeque, tomorrow my plans include doing a general cleaning of the house and Sunday, I want to eat outside with my kids after church service!


Vail Ski Rentals

While we’re having different kinds of weather here sometimes hot and sometimes rainy or stormy on some areas the other side of the globe is experiencing very low degree temperature. That’s why you can be wet or hot here and be super cool when you travel abroad. The rich can choose to have the climate they want as many of them have houses in different parts of the world. They would just plan their vacation and they didn’t have to bear the indefinite weather of their country. Some are just lucky enough to have landed a better working opportunity that gave them better climate country but for me I still love it here no matter what the condition and climate is.

I just mentioned the seasons and temperature because when it’s winter times it’s also the season for skiing. The sport of skiing is a very well known sport around the globe. The skis were believed to have evolved from the old generation of Ice Age where they used it for hunting together with spear and bow of course.

Anyway modern skiing is a kind of sports that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Many of them plan a vacation in North American ski resorts and hire a vacation package complete with ski and snowboard rentals in shops like Ski Butlers to enjoy a full skiing vacation with their family. Ski Butler is full service shop for ski and snowboard rentals and they’ve known for the most convenient kind of service as they have delivery service. You can have your reservation of your dream vacation in Vail Ski Rentals in the comfort of your own home and you can have it delivered right into your living room. Very convenient indeed, just right for busy people and those who didn’t have the time to go over the shops. This way vacationing in one of the most beautiful ski resort is going to be easy and hassle-free with the best customer service that will take care of everything you need for your family vacation.


The Candy Apple Test

You Are Silly and Goofy

You're the type of person who channels your inner kid during Halloween, and you tend to go for a more nostalgic, simple costume.

You remember Halloween as a happy time, and just like when you were a kid, you treasure every sweet given to you.

Your favorite Halloween celebrations have lots of fun games, and of course tricks and treats.

You love to do all the same things you did as a child during this time. You'd go trick-or-treating if you thought you could get away with it.


Bulk and Save!

>> Thursday, October 22, 2009

Do you have a sweet tooth? Well for kids the answer can be yes as you’ll notice they’re excited every time they see candies and chocolates. I know this because I have three kids and they really love delicious confections and sweet treats. I let them eat sweets but remind them that they should balance it with other foods for health reasons. How could I deprive them of these things when I love chocolates and confections too! So I can say we have a sweet tooth, the whole family I think! We’re just lucky that every now and then we received packages containing our favorite chocolates from my SIL who lives in Trent G.B. and some others from friends who love to give delicious treats to my kids especially to Josh whose charm works for many people. My Mom’s friends used to give him delicious cookies and chocolates when they visit her and he loves it.

My friends told me that it’s better to buy bulk candy if you need big volumes of sweet treats for occasion or for gift-giving on holidays. It’s nice to give candies and chocolates on holidays because almost everyone loves it. I know my SIL buy bulk candy too when she shop for her balikbayan package because it’s cheaper and she’ll save a lot of money when she do it. I’ve been thinking of doing this also when I need for occasion giveaways and I know Sugar Stand has all the best sweet treats and delicious confections for all members of the family with its healthy snacks, bulk candy, chocolate candy bars, lollipops and many delicious items.

Bulk orders are good also for company events, fundraising programs, party, wedding and some other occasion that needs giveaways. Sugar Stand online store will never be short of sweet treats and fun snacks for all occasion so it’s best to browse their site and choose what you like. Remember to buy in bulk and save money!


:WW - Our Little Princess

>> Wednesday, October 21, 2009

At 2 months At 4 months This is my latest model for my photo hobby :-) This is our little princess, daughter of my niece and goddaughter to my first cousin. In short she's my grandchild but I'm not that old it's just that my father married later than his siblings so my cousins are decades away from our ages.

Her name is really Princess and everyday I would look for her and will make her smile to complete my day. The first time I took a shot of her she would always close her eyes but in her 4-month old picture she already knows how to look at the cam! I love her eyes and lips, so lovely!

See Josh driving a tractor at Beyond Horizons

Happy WW visit more entries -> here.


Best Web Host for Your Blog

I’ve been employed for several years and stability in employment is one thing that I’ve experienced over the years. If others were unlucky with getting jobs I was lucky to get a job that’s good as long as I want. What’s good about my job is my chance to help others to be employed also. Despite of this I decided to resign because my family needs my attention and time. I was very thankful that my friend introduced me to blogging two years ago and now that I’m a work-at-home Mom my site helped me earn some bucks. I’ve been blogging for more than two years now and it has been a part of my life.

Through my blog sites I was able to share my thoughts, experiences and many things about my family and life. I have a passion for writing and through blogging I was able to find an outlet for my passion. There are other things that blogging has brought to my life including friendship, work and education. I didn’t imagine that meeting friends online can be such a wonderful experience and these friends are my everyday visitors only. I also had the opportunity to earn extra income for my family and at the same time educate myself on many things. It’s because when you write something you must be well equipped with information so you tend to do some research and that’s the time that you learn something. When you have your own site you’ll learn how to do layout, photo editing, some writing styles and how to get readers into your site.

I started out posting my entries on bravejournal, a free-hosted site which you can use to have your journal or blog. Then I tried blogger and that’s the time that I bought my own domain from my chosen web host. It was a nice feeling that I felt when I finally redirected my blogspot into my very own domain. I was happy that I never had problems with my web host. If you’re a blogger you must get the best blog web hosting to host your site because it’s the life of your blog. And to get the best web host you can read reviews and top ten list of blogs provided by Web Hosting Choice, a free guide to web host searchers to help them choose the perfect host for their blogs. They listed each web host capabilities and features like uptime, technical and customer service support, reliability and one of the most important - the price or affordability. With all this in mind you’ll be able to choose the right one for you.


Bible Study Host

We’re the host for dinner in our church bible study today and I’ve planned to cook menudo. Our bible study is being attended by 80% of our church members which is at least 50 members. I’ve planned to serve pork barbeques but changed my mind as I want some saucy food this time. I’m going to stop working this afternoon so I can start cooking because I have to be ready by six pm. I just have to post my Wednesday weekly meme for two of my blogs then I’m all set for cooking and later to our bible study. Cooking for 50 people is not that easy so I’m giving myself some time so I will not be tired on our fellowship. Hope they will like our food also :-)


Where to Buy Delicious Wonka Laffy Taffy Candy

Have you seen the Willy Wonka movie? If you do I’m sure you’ll again imagine the fun and excitement together with lots of great tasting candies. My kids would surely love that movie because they will be amazed at the wonderful and delicious confections present there. And who doesn’t love candies and chocolates, ok I have to agree that a few percentage may not love it for health reasons but I must admit majority of the population wouldn’t deny their love for sweets and that includes me and my kids. So if there are delicious Willy Wonka candy in the movie there’s also wonka laffy taffy candy outside the movie and you’ll see them in where you can shop for your favorite sweets and delicious confections.

You’ll be amazed at how many candies they have in stock for single and wholesale orders. It’s actually thousands of candies and I’m beginning to guess the kinds they have there. This is really exciting for kids and the whole family. I’m a candy and chocolate lover and I remember those Jelly Belly and Tootsie roll when I was a kid and found out that it’s included in their hundreds of brands together with the great tasting Wonka candy. You should see the product description and lots of good reviews from satisfied customers in their site. It’s always better to browse and read before spending your money on online store purchases.

All I can say is this super yummy candy can be purchased at a much lower rate in wholesale prices. So when your cravings for wonka laffy taffy candy and some other confections comes be sure to order it online from Sugar Stand, no need to worry about delivery as they will bring it to you in perfect condition sealed tightly for safety. This is really good news for those with sweet tooth like my family. Of course they will surely love it!


Sound Asleep Now

>> Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I’m so glad that Josh is sleeping soundly now after taking the prescribed medicines twice now. Last night his cough is harder and much often unlike tonight that he only cough for few seconds and he’s back to sleep again. It’s good for him to have a really good night sleep to recover from yesterday’s ill feeling. I’ve secured medical certificate so I can go to his school tomorrow for his schedule of special periodical exams. Now that hubby is here already I can do some very tight due tasks, I’m worried that I will not meet the allotted time but now I’m confident that I can do them all quickly. I have my coffee to keep me awake and some peanuts for good ideas, what a team!


A Place for Bargain Hunters

I love shopping especially when my favorite items are on discounted rates. Almost every girl does love it and it became almost a hobby for most of us. For busy mothers like me it’s more convenient when we do it online. Lately shopping online has become a preferred choice among shoppers as it’s not only convenient buying goods in the comfort of your home but having the means of finding some really good bargain deals along the way.

I’ve been a frugal shopper most of the times because I don’t want to spend my hard-earned money on goods that are not needed. But sometimes I splurge on shopping for goods occasionally on a whim if I spotted some hot deals like when I did when I explored Buxr, a place for bargain hunters like me. They’ll make your shopping fun as you’ll get to avail of the hot deals without hurting your budget. That’s what I like buying without affecting my budget allocation.

Well I love gadgets and small techy items and I found plenty at the bargain deals offered by Buxr. It’s a cool site and made even better by their exciting contests, just submit or vote deals and you’re in. You can also share it on your site and earn something from sharing, really cool isn’t it? Imagine you shop and you save some bucks then you share and earn commission.


My 10 Guilty Pleasures

Nice theme/topic for today featuring our ten guilty pleasures that's seems so good!

1. Chocolates
2. Coffee with milk
3. Chocolate cakes
4. Fruit shakes with milk
5. Chatting and twittering
6. Snacks that's more than a dinner
7. Buffalo wings with rich creamy dips
8. Buco Fruit salad with lumpiang shanghai
9. Watching music contest TV shows
10. Double Dutch ice cream

See other guilty pleasures here!


Help Your Finances with Debt Management

With all the natural disasters that visited the country almost all affected people tried to seek help from their insurances or companies that they worked for. It’s a good thing that we have organizations that help victims of storm but for those who have big amount of existing debt they were only allowed a small amount for their calamity loans. It’s hard to accept this situation especially if you need money badly so it’s better to keep yourselves debt free if you can manage to prevent it from happening again.

Our economic situation will not help us recover so it’s better for us to have discipline on our finance management and that’s spending only on the basic essentials. I’m sure your love for new appliances and new things in your house can wait until you have saved enough for those. We must practice the old way of managing money and not using our credit cards or loans to buy things on our whim which will end up in high credits.

If you’ve already on accumulated credits and find it hard to pay your entire monthly you’re on your way to bad credits which will ruin you good reputation and credit standing. Now if you feel helpless to solve this financial crisis in your family there’s a debt management company that will help save your good name. Feel free to seek advice and discuss your capacity in paying. They will help in recovering your bad credit reputation and give you tips on managing your money without debt. Soon you’ll be debt-free and life will be better for your family.


My Hidden Talent

Want to know what's your hidden talent? This question fancied my eyes and kept me thinking
about. So if it's a hidden talent I must know what it is even if through this personality test only, who knows it can be true! Well here's the result:

Your Hidden Talent is Your Quick Wit
You are a great communicator. You have a real way with words.

You're never at a loss to explain what you mean or how you feel.

People find it easy to empathize with you, no matter what your situation.

When you're up, you make everyone happy. But when you're down, everyone suffers.
What's Your Hidden Talent?


Beautiful Car Photos and Features

As almost all girls I know love shopping I must say for the boys their fancies are about cars, aside from many other things. When you happen to know or see a little boy he must have at least 2 or more toy cars in his toy collection. The little boys in our homes seem to enjoy any car they receive be it plastic cars, wooden or metal cars. They love it in big, small or miniature sizes. The fact remains that they really love cars and when they grow up they strive to buy their own car.

Depending on our level of living we also have our own preferences of car types. Some content themselves on pre-owned but most like brand new. Anyway for the high-finance boys who has enough money they spend their money on elegant cars and are always looking and searching for new photo releases like the volkswagen touareg photos. Well for those who have their hearts on beautiful cars they need to get the specifications and the picture so they’ll know if that’s enough for their needs.

It must feel so good to like the car at first glance and you have enough money to buy it. The rule is if you can afford it why not? But it’s always best to search reviews, read specification and browse photos if you really want to settle on the final car that you’re going to buy like viewing some hyundai sonata photos before concluding which one is the best for your taste.

Reviews can really help people balance and weight things up and Car Connection is a good site which offers reviews that assess the car’s features, quality, performance, safety and styling. This is also where I came to see the beautiful mercedes benz m-class photos which many of you would really say wow as it’s perfectly elegant in its own way. With its hybrid system mercedez benz has improved efficiency, boost performance and offers regenerative braking. Mercedez Benz has a good name reputation in the market and they were known for delivering quality and elegant cars for a long time.


Not Feeling Well

>> Monday, October 19, 2009

I feel so tired today after looking after Josh who had a fever last night and a little sleepless because of his breathing problem he told me . I was glad that at dawn he and hubby had a good sleep so I didn't wake them up until late morning when it's time for hubby to go to work. Josh developed cough this the morning and I think I'll just have this last post for today to be closer to him the rest of the day as he wants to be by my side all the time. I bought him all his favorite foods and luckily he ate all of them, at least he still has some appetite.

Just hoping that my due tasks will be ok until tomorrow as I can't think of anything anymore. When things are like this my kids are my priority. Hope I'll be able to catch up tomorrow.


Saturday 9: Inside Job

>> Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday 9

1. When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a chemist.
2. Did you ever pursue that career?
3. If you are not in that field, what changed?
I'm not healthy enough to be in laboratory most of the time and computer education is very in demand those days so I decided to take up computer engineering for better job opportunities after college.
4. What is your current job?
I just resigned from being an Admin. officer, Billing,Collection and Accounting Supervisor, a Human Resource officer and International Carrier Settlement Officer in a small telecommunications company. It's almost three months now since I decided to be a work-at-home Mom and do freelance writing and blogging. See I've almost rounded up all office departments
5. What’s the best part of what you do?
Being a dedicated Mom and wife and at the same time earn bucks online, isn't it wonderful!
6. Do you have plans to do something else down the road?
Yap, small business on foods.
7. How did you get your present job? If you are a stay at home mom, how long did you need to plan that move? My bestfriend taught me the basics of bloging and as for being Mom and wife I think 'till my family needs me....
8. Did your parents influence your choices of jobs over the years?
9. What advice would you give your children on careers?
They need to choose the field that they they really want and at the same time the field that they can earn a living for their future families. Sometimes what we want is not the best for us and will not give us decent job.


Balance of Income and Expenses

These days you can never rely on others to help you in dealing with finance imbalance. With our economy falling into crisis times made even more harder with the natural disasters that happened before the end of September and first week of this month. Prices of commodities are increasing while the people wages are left behind.

There’s a great imbalance of income and expenses. People must think of a secured investment where they can earn extra income while making sure that their investment is on the right track. If you ask the older generation they would suggest investing on precious metals as that’s their way of investing several decades back. Now to invest on silver and gold you can choose to have it on coins or bullion bars like what coin dealer is doing. Monex companies are one of them as they provide a way on silver coin investing and offer competitive prices on silver coins.


:Food Friday - Banana Heart Lumpia

>> Friday, October 16, 2009

Been craving for veggies this week especially those coming from the north. I can't cook chopsuey now as it's too expensive to have one and I find it hard to look for complete ingredients. Anyway I have to content myself with some veggies available monggo sprout (togue), monggo beans, kangkong and some others. I'm looking for an entry this friday and I've found this Banana Heart Lumpia, one of the many entries in our July's nutrition week. Actually this has won together with Banana Heart burger patties.

Happy Food Friday to all, see other yummy foods here!


Time Management

I have tons of online work to do plus the new domain that I’ve been working on but my offline tasks won’t have doing them first. No matter how many tasks I’ll have to do it’s sad to think that writing posts is of second priority as I need some documents notarized, need to attend parents’ meeting, need to check my bank account and many other things. I wasn’t actually expecting that working at home can really be a test on my skills on time scheduling.

It’s alright for the time scheduling as I can do all these work fast but by the time I’m through with the errands and finished with my school check on my kids I feel tired and I can’t work much less write reviews. Oftentimes I do all my works at night when I’m relaxed enough to think of worthwhile things to say. It’s ok even though this week has given less sleeping hours as long as I’m able to attend to my kids and beat my tasks’ due dates.


About Sports and Football

I’ve always liked sports ever since I was studying especially on college where I took a subject on my physical education about introduction to sports which includes a little of everything that involves ball games. I’ve learned the basics of volleyball, basketball, badminton, softball and football.

Actually I’ve already known volleyball and table tennis since my secondary studies as I’ve been a volleyball player too. On the other hand we’re always playing table tennis in our house and we have our own tennis table in our garage. I’m also into marathon and walkathon and have been using my skills whenever there’s a need for kilometers walk. Even if I gained pounds since I gave birth I can walk and run faster than those lighter than me.

I know that professional football is different from what I’ve done in college days but I still love seeing those that play these sports especially on television where I get to watch professional players. Now I found that there’s an online football fixtures where you can see schedule of different teams that will play. There you can see whose teams are scheduled to play with dates and time properly scheduled. Players are coming from different countries and that’s what makes it so exciting. With regards to scoring no need to worry about it as they have livescore which shows the real time score of the team. All scores are updated automatically.

In order to gain an edge over other viewers you can sign up in their newsletter so you can update yourself on the best deals of bookmakers and read some really informative football analysis from the professionals. I have one friend who is so hooked on football and maybe he’s going to sign up.


My Best Trait

>> Thursday, October 15, 2009

Your Best Trait is Friendliness

You enjoy the company of others, whether you're at work or at play.

You believe that almost everyone has something to contribute to this world, and you treat people with courtesy and respect.

You're a natural extrovert, and you have a dazzling charm that is not easily forgotten. You are good at building rapport.

You're the type of person who can meet a stranger and feel like you've bee friends for years after a few minutes.


How I Started Blogging

>> Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I never knew that I can be attached to blogging as intensely as now. It just started as a try out when my friend introduced me to it. I started out in bravejournal which is a free hosted blog and that lead to another and another. I’ve tried blogspot and that encouraged me to move from free hosted blog to my own domain name. I was very excited to purchase a domain which carries my first name. It was a new experience for me as I would say my first name with a dotcom every time my friends ask me. Redirecting my blogs to its domain name was another thing as I’ve diligently followed my friend’s tutorial on redirecting blogs. JennyL was way ahead of me with owning her own domain and redirection so I have a willing tutor.

I was amazed at how fast time flies as I began blogging in 2007 and still actively updating my blogs especially three of my five blogs as they’re all hosted with two of the top ten web hosting companies we have. Why I know the top ten companies? I learned them from searching and from reading reviews. It’s very important to know the capabilities and features of web hosting company you’ll get because it will determine your blog’s capacity also. Anyway for those who want to get into the blogging world be sure you have the right knowledge before picking on the right web hosting company for your blog. And when you’re into it be patient with instructions and you’ll soon blog intensely like me.


10 Things That Makes Me Feel Old

>> Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This week's theme are those things that make us feel old. Actually I'm not much of the type who think of my age all the time. I think being so busy with life deprived you of thinking too much, now I'm thankful that being busy has its own advantages :-) Anyway as I think about it here are my list (not so serious though)

  1. Slow metabolism as I gain pounds so easily even if I'm super active.
  2. My 12-year old eldest daughter suddenly looks like a young lady and she's almost my height now
  3. Slight change in my vision, I'm nearsighted since college but even if I'm reading near objects I used to wear my nearsighted eyeglasses, now when I read small printed documents I have to remove my eyeglasses to read it perfectly.
  4. My hair has never been dyed since birth because I used to have very black hair, now that I reached 41 years few gray hairs started showing in my hair. Well I should be thankful as it's only now that I experienced that.
  5. More and more people call me 'Ate' which makes me feel that I'm older than them even if sometimes they look matured than me.
  6. I'm acting like my Mom used to be when we were teens :-) I read somewhere that when you grow old you tend to be like your Mom.
  7. I can walk 2 kms. in 20-25 minutes unlike before (around 10 years ago) that I can walk the same distance in 15-20 minutes! I used to join walkathon :-)
  8. I'm more patient and understanding now and I think it goes with the age
  9. Seeing officemates come and go and you're still left. Then they will all call and email and ask you if you're still with the company and you're the only person left in your batch.
  10. Receiving certificate of length of service on company anniversaries and christmas parties and when your co-recipient is much much old, it really makes me feel old :-)
Happy Tuesday guys! See other participants here!


Losing that Belly Fat Fast

I started having exercise again after several months of not including it in my schedule. Actually my activities of going to some places walking and household chores can also be taken as an exercise especially the walking which is very good for our health. It’s not a task for me as I’ve always love walking even when I’m still working full time. It stimulates my whole body to be more effective in doing activities and I feel very healthy. It also help those who are searching on how to lose belly fat fast which is very common to women who gave birth to many kids. I just noticed it with some of my friends and officemates who gave birth just like me. After giving birth sometimes it’s really hard to return to your previous form but if you maintain having healthy foods, exercise and a lot of discipline you’ll soon reach your goal.


Feeling Dizzy!

>> Monday, October 12, 2009

My eldest got slight fever coupled with headache and dizziness yesterday that she felt like she will not have strength for schooling today. I told her to relax rest and eat healthy foods which I purposely bought for her easy recovery. When my kids are sick I ask them what they want to eat because I know that their taste buds reject most foods. I always buy fruits so they will feel fresh and revived. I limited her television viewing time to lessen the pressure on her eyes and told her not to open our computer so she will have more time to rest. It’s also her first time to drink paracetamol in tablet form as she always drink the syrup type. Anyway it lessened her headache and dizziness and she’ll be ok tomorrow when she


Gifts for Newborn Babies!

My cousin’s daughter gave birth to a healthy and cute baby girl last night. We were so happy that even if there’s an advice from her first doctor that she might undergo caesarean operation her current doctor successfully helped her to have a normal delivery. The baby weighs 7 pounds and resembles her father so much. Actually they went home already right from the clinic to her husband’s home in Antipolo. After the storm that flooded their apartment they chose to stay somewhere else after giving birth, after all the granny there has excitedly waited for the little princess. Luckily they’ve saved their baby’s things including baby clothes, feeding bottles, sterilizer, Baby Bedding, crib and some accessories.

I’m fond of searching and shopping for baby’s accessories that’s why I found the Baby Bedding Palace a good shop to go to when you want to shop online for baby beddings especially now that they’re on sale. Imagine this pink floral brown nursery baby crib bedding 12 pc set costs only $59.98 now! By the way this set is already complete as it includes crib bumper, crib quilt, crib skirt, fitted sheet, decorative pillow, diaper stacker, toy organizer and window valences. They have different designs for boys and girls or you can chose unisex design if you want to be safe with gender. They’re made with 100% cotton and they’re all cute, best for cute little angels.


Car Allowances for Account Executives

I’ve worked for a small telco company which offers affordable termination calls to corporate and DID to private individuals in US. I was in-charge of accounting and mainly of billing and collection. We deal with local and international clients and we hire marketing staff to offer our services. These staff will look for prospective clients locally and when they have signed an agreement they will start with demo and test period. They have a quota of closed accounts for the month so they do their best to look for clients.

These account executives or marketing assistants were given reimbursements for their travel costs. When they have their own personal cars they were given Car Allowance which they can used for official business or office transactions. It’s a lot of help for them as they really have many travels and trips everyday. There are some rules regarding how much and when to reimburse and they have to follow in order to get their allowances.

Well for me it’s just right to set rules on giving allowances such as this but it’s better to get the services of consultants like Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc. to help in customizing programs for employees. The program should benefit both the employer and the employee. Of course rates will vary depending on the current gas prices, tax, actual business miles run for the period and some other conditions.

Since creating a good database reimbursement program for employees takes time CRS comes very helpful with their vehicle reimbursement system which helps the client in customizing vehicle reimbursements and saves a lot in the cost of purchasing and issuing a car for employees. Well let’s just leave those things to the experts!


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