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>> Saturday, January 3, 2009

For my kind of work in the office and my blogging it’s important to have a good storage capacity always. I’m always storing data, pictures, music and many other things that I need to be at hand whenever and whatever. I’m thinking of buying another 2GB memory stick for backing up my other storage cards. It’s very important to have backups just in case I’m in the provincial fellowships where there’s a need for bigger and multiple storage.


Swimming & Baptism at Pansol

We started our first day of the year relaxing and swimming at our fave resort in Pansol, Calamba, Laguna. We chose not to bring our car because Redge wasn't with us and for us to relax also. We were transported by Bro. Alex' jeepney and if someone is driving other than my hubby I can sleep myself throughout our journey, nice thing about riding with other brethren. We were four vehicles traveling from GMA Cavite to Calamba Laguna.

My kids were all excited as after we've eaten our new year's eve dinner they didn't want to sleep. I just told them that I'm going to wake them up as soon as the vehicle arrives in the morning. They really love swimming! We packed some of the evening's food and grilled them again on the resort. Our brothers in the church bought pusit and tilapia because all our food are meat. They stuffed the seafoods there with spices and grilled them.

Lunch was served later with everything open for everyone but the kids just went on swimming after taking some bites lol! And because the weather is so cold I prepared hot milk and noodles for the kids. They took advantage of their last day outing because on Monday all will be back to normal.

Will post pics later!


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