Safe Shower Seat For Mom

>> Sunday, January 11, 2009

As my Mom is getting older she’s currently experiencing some pain in her back and legs causing her to have difficulty in standing too long and in going to the bathroom. Actually at her age she’s very healthy, it’s just her rheumatism that’s giving her pain sometimes. I was glad to find some bathroom safety supplies that will be of great help to my mother and all the elderly people who need comfort, safety and proper mobility. I’ve checked some sites and found this wall mounted shower seat and some other innovations in providing safety seats for the old generation. These supplies will prevent the usual bathroom injuries suffered by the elderly.


:Today's Flowers #22

This lavender flower (don't know the name of this flower) caught my fancy while I was taking shots of the beautiful sceneries in Villa Dominga Forest Resort. I was excited to take pictures because there are lots of pretty blooms there owing to the nice climate they have in Indang, Cavite. Almost any flower, plants and trees can grow here abundantly just like in our hometown in Laguna where my Mom grew up. If only I can bring some of these flowers to my Mom she'll have it grow beautifully also as she has a green thumb when it comes to planting flowers, plants and trees.

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Gift Cards

I just had an inventory of my things in the office because we're having a renovation of our cubicles and stockroom. To maximize spaces I need to get rid of some old unneeded files and other things that occupy too much space in my mobile pedestal. I've been thinking about those holiday gift cards that we used last December for company's giveaways and gifts to clients and partners.

I remember I had some printed ones which my boss decided to discard and replaced with my other designs. I think I'll save some of it for future design references, you know sometimes they change their minds and go back to their old choices. People are sometimes like that.


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