:Food Friday - Pickled Tulingan

>> Friday, June 12, 2009

Here you can see our version of pickled fish, in this recipe we chose tulingan fish because this kind has lots of meat. It's actually my cousin's recipe, she's also the one who cooked the ube maja I featured last week.

If you're interested to try this one here's the ingredients: Tulingan or any kind of fish you want, cooking oil, minced garlic & onion, tomatoes, pickle relish, raisins, salt, pepper and MSG (optional).

It's easy to cook this one just put salt into your chosen fish and mix with all of the ingredients mentioned above and fry the whole mixture into cooking oil, be sure your oil covers at least half of the mixture in your pan. Since fish is easy to cook please put on moderate heat only. When the fish is tender enough and all of the ingredients have blended well put off the fire and serve. If you have questions about this recipe just email me :-)

Happy Food Friday to all, enjoy your weekend with other delicious food here!


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