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>> Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Stock trading is a business that I don’t know about and I find it risky doing this thing. Why risky? Because for me you’ll never now when the stock are rising or falling. Oh well that’s the only thing I know of stocks. One of my colleagues told me that when you learned the ins and outs of stock trading it will give you very good profit and returns. So that’s the reason why many entered this field, it must be really good for some risks I must say. Then I learned online that there’s a software in option trading that will teach the basic information in stock trading. The tips are there also on how you control your trades and getting the best returns possible. Well it’s good that there’s some ways on learning the stocks business and it’s up to those who want to try this software. Who knows you can be the next top trader!


I ♥ Faces : Just For Fun

My entry for this week's 'Just For Fun' is my kid's photo when he's one year and 6 month. His dad is holding him here and his hands suddenly tickled him just as I point the camera to him. Just love his smile here, seems like he's enjoying his moments with his daddy.

Now that Josh is already 5 years turning six this September I tend to look back at his pictures when he's just a baby and toddler. The Mom in me sometimes holds back to him as a baby, I still miss his being a baby. After just few more years more he'll grow fast that his world will not only surround on me, on his dad and his sisters, but also to his friends. But for now I'll just cherish him and take advantage that he wants to be always with me.

View more cute faces of boys at I ♥ Faces.


Multi-Tasking At Dawn

I’m getting accustomed to my new schedule of blogging as I start very early in the morning. I’m an early riser ever since and I do wake up everyday past 4 am to cook and get school things and lunch pack ready for my kids. I also want them to eat heavy breakfast to sustain them in their school activities. I’m just happy these days that all of them woke up early too and they have enough time to eat and prepare themselves.

Now I’m having multi-tasking as I do blogging alongside my early morning activities, I’m used to multi-tasking in the office and I’m just applying it at my own home. Anyway writing posts is ideal at dawn, thoughts and ideas just flows from my mind and I love it that way. It’s also right to sleep earlier at night and wake up early dawn.


Vacation Thoughts

I’m so tired these days with the inventory and sorting of my things in the office. I never really thought that I will be exhausted in the process and after filling up six storage boxes I just need some rest. Anyway I still have eight days to go before my last day so I guess I better relax for awhile. As I rested myself on my work cubicle I had some really nice and relaxing thoughts of being on white-sand beach and letting the soft sand warm my feet.

It’s a welcome thought on my mind as I need some rest and vacation from the everyday work that I’m doing. I would love to really make it big as big as a romantic cancun vacation in Mexico. I’ve been browsing the net everyday and I’ve had some great finds for a perfect getaway vacation. Just love to surf their site and browse over their beach resorts, gourmet recipe and all that they offer in complete package. Hope I’ll be able to get there one day


God Confirmed My Decision

Wow! I just had blessings for my sites, I really didn’t imagined getting those bountiful blessings early this day. God has given me enough signs to confirm the major decision I did in my career. Retiring early to concentrate on my family and my chosen freelance writing has raised a lot of questions on my colleagues and friends. Some understands and feels that my decision is the best for me, others are just wondering where I will get the usual salary I’m having with my present job. Of course my family and my close friends support my decision because they know me and my capabilities.

Now that I’m consuming the last days of my turnover I’m having a very hectic schedule and that includes my blogging. I’m just very happy that my perseverance is paying off as I get to grab and reserve many opportunities. I was able to do plenty of assignments even on my not so active sites and I’m very thankful to God for these blessings. I need this to confirm that I did the right thing in setting up my priorities in life. God has helped me a lot in my decision and He’s been so good all the time…


I'm 51% Skeptic?

You Are 51% Skeptic

You aren't exactly a skeptic, but you're no blind believer.

You doubt what you hear, especially when you hear it for the first time.

When it comes to doing your own research, you sometimes fall short.

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Are You a Skeptic?

Gosh is this true? Why not!


Fashion Statement

Who wouldn’t be attracted to beautiful jewelries? Many women at least possessed more than three in their wardrobe as it’s part of dressing up and also a fashionable statement. Style differs of course as it depends on the personality of the owner. I go for the simple ones not so glittery and designs are of the minimal value but I like those with high value.

Many of the young ladies now prefer their jewelries with more style than of value. It’s a form of fashionable statement that’s why they can’t go out of their homes without a single fashion jewelry on their body. Nowadays you can see beautiful silver jewelries with attractive designs but very low in value because it’s a safe adornment. Even if their jewelry will be snatched from them it will not be a great loss. Anyway it’s just very easy to buy jewelries because many stores love to sell this kind of adornment as it has a high selling capabilities. You can also buy online and have the convenience of searching, finding, choosing and buying your specific style and designs through online shopping.


My Things Are Packed

As I’ve only two weeks to go before I leave my work I started packing my things and sorted out my files. I’m a pioneer of this company which started in 1999 and officially came into operation selling prepaid cards in 2001 when minor telcos are just starting up some communications’ business. I was employed in another company of my boss and at the same time starting the prepaid card business of BT&T. As I’m the starter employee I have all the files since we started and now that I’m retiring I sorted out the very old documents and stored it in the boxes to file it in our storage room.

Actually I felt a little sadness that all my clients were gone now saved for the few big ones and I suddenly remembered the workloads that I used to have, sometimes missing my break time just to beat deadline. When my small corporate and few carrier clients diminished I felt inactive and wanted new things. As excitement in busy work inspires me I decided to move on to other things that will make my day challenging. Now I’m happy that I found what I want and so I’m leaving my work.


When It Rains…..

My Mom loves to quote most of the time and she carries it until now even if she’ has already retired from her teaching profession. She always has words of wisdom for little things that comes in our lives. Now that I’m having many works lined up for me in my sites and just grab numerous assignments she told that 'When it rains it pours'. And she’s right as I’m having a great time and at the same time a hard time too in finishing my works. My sleeping hours are limited to 4 hours or even less this week and I do work even on office break time. I keep telling myself that it’s ok because I only have less than 2 weeks remaining in my office job and I’m going to rest after I’ve finished with it.


It's Hard to Be Sick

It’s hard to get sick that’s why I’m thinking of ways to avoid it especially for my kids because children are susceptible to sickness especially if it’s airborne. I told them not to miss their vitamin so they can fight common sickness brought about by the changing weather. I always gave them Vitamin C as their resistance for common respiratory diseases that’s very common these days especially the current swine flu which can be transmitted easily.

My grandma used to tell me that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure and I know she’s right in saying that. It’s tough to acquire heavy sickness that will require the patient to be hospitalized for days because it would be hard on the patient and also to your budget. The kids will not like it sometimes if they’re going to have food supplement through dextrose and sometimes if the patient can’t move they’ll put the catheter for convenience purposes though for some they’re not comfortable with it. Anyway I’ve experienced having catheter and was glad it helped me after my caesarean operation.


Phone Courtesy

I had a phone call from one of the collection agency from a credit card company asking for the whereabouts of our former employee who resigned from our company three years ago and being the HR officer I have to take the call even if the caller is somewhat rude.

Of course he’s wrong and I told my officemates to give the call straight to me if he called again. Good thing when he heard my tone of voice and formal confirmation as per my copy of the person’s quit and claim release he stopped being persistent and didn't call again.

For me handling a phone gives a responsibility on the user to handle it properly. I’ve attended a seminar few years back and it gave us some notes on how to act properly when you’re on the phone, here’s some reminders for everyone:

- Use variety in tone of voice
- Smile
- Answer in three rings
- Ask how you can help
- Be courteous


She's Very Fond of Josh

My Mom reminded me that Josh will have his monthly examination this coming Thursday and she asked for the pointers so she can go through it and review Josh verbally. She wants to practice her teaching profession on my children and even though she has retired from her teaching profession several years ago her teaching abilities has never faded in quality. She’s the only person who accompanies my little Josh in the house and maybe that’s the reason why Josh is showing so much interest in learning things. My Mom would always tell me when I came home from office that Josh never runs out of question and it gave her some laughing moments because some of Josh inquiries were out of his age. She’s very fond of Josh and they enjoy each other’s company.


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