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>> Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I had a call from one of my college friends and I learned that she’s now working in one of the call centers in Eastwood near my office. We had fun remembering those days in college where we had memorable moments to reminisce. It was a respite from everyday tension of work and I really felt young again just like in our school days. Oh well she asked about our other friends who had some teaching stints in provincial schools because she would like to ask them about taking masteral courses.

She wanted to take further studies but she wasn’t sure if her time will allow her being always on tight schedule. We discussed that matter and I suggested that she search about online university degree school which offer various courses through online studies. I was a bit interested myself and been thinking about taking some course different from what I’ve finished in college. She was happy with my suggestion and promised to give me a call again.


Consideration in Planning Your Meals

It’s time to get ready for dinner and it’s always the mother’s everyday question in her mind what will be the appropriate menu for this meal. The question keep hanging in my mind why is it necessary to plan luncheon or supper? Food served for luncheon or supper needs careful planning. Planning meals to meet the food needs of the members of the family requires careful attention.

You have to consider the weight, age, gender, occupation, likes and dislikes of your family members who will be the recipient of your cooked meals. You also have to consider with special attention your budget for that particular meal, the preparation time needed to cook the food, weather condition and the six basic group foods for healthy purposes. I know it’s not an easy task but it can also be a challenging one for Mommies like us. You just have to follow some pointers and simple rules to plan just the right and adequate luncheon or dinner for your loved ones.


Telephone Etiquette

As I’m working in a telecommunications company and having been in an environment of a small call center I learned some facts and tips on how to handle calls with customers. Actually I’ve been doing this for several years now when I’m dealing with our providers and clients and it really helps me in communicating with them. It’s always good to be nice on the phone because it encourage good communication. My boss always tells me that I’m very friendly when talking with our clients and partners.

Here are some tips for you guys:

- Always smile when you are talking on the phone. The customer needs to feel understanding in your voice.

- Answer the phone within the first three rings. This will give the customer a feeling that you are efficient and there to help him/her.

- Ask what you can do to help him/her. Doing so will let the customer know that you are willing to help in anyway you can.

- Always be courteous when putting someone on hold or transferring calls. Ask if you may put them on hold or transfer their call before you do it.

Follow these guidelines and I’m sure you’ll never go wrong. This is just a part of our seminar in Telephone Etiquette.


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