:Photohunt 173 : Low (Grounds)

>> Saturday, August 8, 2009

Well as I'm thinking early this day what will I post for the photohunt theme I came across my friend Win's picture of their domestic flight to Aklan. He actually gave me this picture because he took the picture for my collections lol! He's also learning photography like me.

So now this is my entry because the plane is on the LOW grounds before it will go up on high grounds, see my picture is just right for the theme! Anyway I really liked the shot from where Win stand because it captured the beautiful sky above with white and gray clouds, perfect background for the plane.

For more 'low' themed photos just visit tnchick.com


Looking Pregnant?

My auntie told me that my new blouse fits me perfectly and I don’t look as fat as I was two weeks ago. She told me that the color is just right for me and advised me to wear sizes like the one I’m wearing at that time so I’ll not look as if I’m pregnant lol! That kept me laughing for awhile because some people mistake me for being pregnant because my stomach are the only areas that seems to get fat.

Now that I’m taking pineapple everyday I’m starting to lose some pounds on the problem areas of my body. I’m starting to think last month that I’ll have a need for diet pills because I really gained some pounds on my last weeks of office works. Luckily I resorted to fruit and vegetable diet on dinner time that’s why I’m slowly shedding some pounds now. Wish it will continue!


English Project

Well I’m happy now that I’ve finally found what I’ve been searching for. Gen has to produce five poems, five declamation pieces and five speeches. She on her own finished the first two categories but she left the last for me as it’s too complicated for her. As I replaced her place in search engine I saw that she has already found some sites for her speech assignment, she’s just wondering at the super lengthy speeches in front of her. Of course mommy will finish everything that they can’t finish, anyway their teacher told us to help them in their English project.

I’m happy to find out that there are plenty of sample speeches and I took three samples for Thank You speech on love and gratitude, Inspirational speech on overcoming storms of life and Charity speech from speech-guru.com. I joined these three speeches with Madame Cory Aquino’s speeches and of other former president. I came to like Madame Cory’s speeches since she became president up to now. I noticed that her eldest got her talent too.


Lovely Babies

I just love babies be it my own or other babies. Now here in our compound there are three babies and another one coming up in the next few month, they’re not mine as my own is already going to be 6 years old next month. The babies I’m referring to are the babies of my two nieces, both daughters of two of my cousins and the babies of our tenants. I’m just excited because my grandkids are both good looking and very cute. We’re happy that we have one boy and one girl here to play; you know babies are really huggable and so soft to touch.

I really can’t get over with my fondness and my camera attests to that because I always take pictures of the two lovable babies namely Princess and Bon Isaac. I’ll post pictures of them sometime. They’re both living elsewhere but on daytime they’re always here to visit their grannies. I always see them arriving on beautiful strollers just like quinny buzz stroller which offers comfort and convenience to infants like our babies here. Strollers are really a lot of help in managing babies and I can really say it because I had three and I must say I’ve used two kinds of strollers for them.


At Their Beck and Call

I’m spending the day with little time to blog, actually I’m sneaking to do my assignments because my kids has plenty of their school assignments too and they need to do research online, our other PC is down so I have no choice. It will be a hectic week ahead of us because this coming week is their First Periodical exam meaning I have to assist them in their reviews especially Josh who is in Preparatory level. I was really wondering because it seems that I’m busier these days than when I’m working on an 8-5 office schedule. Nope I have no regrets whatsoever, I’m busier now but absolutely happier as I get to help my kids in their academic studies besides encouraging them in joining multiple school clubs and extra curricular activities. Now that I have my own time schedule I can be at their beck and call anytime they need me and that’s for me an essence of being a Mom.


Order Fulfillment

It’s always nice to have your things bought at stores who delivered a good service to customers. In business it’s not only the products that will sell but most commonly the way the store employees handles clients. In fact a good customer service group can boost a company’s sale into a much bigger dimension. As the saying goes the customer is always right and what do we mean by this? In any store or service business a customer always feel that she can have some requests on anything. The store employees in return will attend to the clients’ request so they will come back again and they will have a regular customer. That what’s business is all about – the loyal and returning customers, the ones who will patronize your business.

I’ve worked for a telecommunications company which sells services and prepaid cards and I learned how to deal with nice and irate customers. Our boss taught us to serve customers and deal with them with our utmost nice service. He imparted that a good business thrive on always making a good order fulfillment to customers like what I’ve read about One World Direct which offers quality domestic and international orders for company regardless of order sizes. They assure their clients of their flexibility, great customer service and a company that fulfills every order with an accurate and fast delivery.


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