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>> Monday, August 10, 2009

Wow I never thought that being a Mom can be so busy that it surpassed my work when I’m still in the office. Yes I’m just referring on my kids’ school activities which are taking so much of my time. I’m happy that I can assist and concentrate on them now. They have so many activities including that inter-school academic competition which sometimes need to give some time dedication. I even went with Gen last Friday on Math Camp and I had a great time with few friends there, also the parents of Gen’s classmates. It’s a different feeling that I felt last Friday, I somehow thanked that I’ve already resigned from my office job or else my kids wouldn’t be so active now. I felt that they gained strength from knowing that I’m always there for them whenever and wherever unlike when I was working away from home that my time is only limited.

As their periodicals is also approaching fast we really have a very hectic schedule and I’m longing for next week when I can rest from too much school activities and concentrate for awhile on writing inspirational posts on my sites. I’m also hoping for some nice and relaxing vacation on a place by the beach like what I saw on Outer Banks rentals vacation packages. It really excites me seeing those accommodations they have which provides a nice vacation rental where you can enjoy the beach, savor the convenience of a rental homes and cottages that will make you relaxed and comfortable while enjoying the beautiful scenic view of dunes and ocean. What a lovely thought!


Meeting on Induction of Officers

We had a meeting in my kids’ school where all PTA officers from all grade level and sections were invited. We held it in the school library to have a quiet atmosphere, as always attendance is only 50% of the expected attendees. The meeting is for the upcoming induction of officers on Friday where high officials will officiate. This is the first induction that will be attended by both our town mayor and provincial governor so we’re preparing (even if a little rush) some programs and food for the occasion. We were promised by the mayor’s staff that we’ll have official clothes for the occasion but due to some delay we’ll prepare our own designated clothes, we were again given an orange color for our level.

After an hour or two of discussing the program layout and food each grade level shouldered different food, we’ll cook chicken hamonado for 200 plus people and we’ll discuss the meeting and agenda with some of our co-officers in other sections of our 5th grade level. We’ll finalize our assigned food on Wednesday as we’ll wait for the other officers. As it’s about kids’ departure time I waited for them. They’re in the district school where they had journalism competition, together with some of their classmates (around 6 per subject) Gen will compete for English journalism and Ruth for Filipino journalism.


Best for Your Skin

As I’m working at home now I don’t have much exposure to direct sunlight except for the times that I’m going to school to check on my kids’ activities. When I was working in the office with nine to six working schedule I was always exposed to sunlight and that gives my skin a rather dry look. I’m blessed with a skin that’s not prone to pimples but not with sunlight because we all know the earth’s ozone layer was heavily damaged making the UV rays of sun very dangerous to skin.

Too much exposure to sun can gives us wrinkles that can make us look older than our real age that’s why we should be careful with our skin and better yet we should use the best wrinkle cream perfect and suited to our skin. I’m glad that my godmother gave me her best moisturizer cream which she brought along when she went home from NJ, it makes my skin soft and supple. Actually it’s originally for my Mom because it’s also an anti-aging cream but she later gave it to me and my sister when Mom didn’t want to use it, lucky for us!


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