: Photohunt 174 : Artificial (Clock)

>> Saturday, August 15, 2009

As I'm in my kids' school yesterday with our Induction of Officers I thought of taking a shot on this artificial clock used by the kindergarten class. We used the kinder class room to prepare the foods for the occasion and I just spotted this one for a photo hunt idea. The teacher used this artificial clock to teach the basic of learning how to read the time. Well I had some pretty shots on other areas of this room and will save them for other themes. Happy weekend!

For more artificial theme photos just visit tnchick.com


Emergency Funds

You’ll never really know sometimes when emergency situation arises and you’re left with no money available to use for certain cases like that. It’s good if you have saved some money for extra needs but if you didn’t whose going to save you from your dilemma. When I was still working I’ve known some people in the same company who would risk giving their ATM cards as collateral just to be given a cash advance with high interest to pay for. Well I can’t blame them as a person who really needs money badly can enter a risky agreement like that. At least they have their incoming salaries to pay back cash advances.

Many similar cases happened to my friends as they really need to make both ends meet, those petty cash problems that need immediate funding. Oh well life in the office world is really like that, sometimes your salary is just enough to pay your bills and expenses, you can’t save anymore and in some cases it’s not sufficient! It’s good to know that in case of emergencies they can always avail of payday loans to help them with small emergency needs. That will make life easier to live with.


Arranging Few Important Things

After my resignation I’ve arranged few things that need immediate attention like reminding my former office about my certifications for employment, SSS/HDMF/Philhealth contributions. I need to have these certifications because I’m going to continue them even if I’ve retired from office employment. Actually I’ve completed the needed number of months for SSS early retirement and will just have to wait for my age maturity to avail my premiums. As soon as I’ve graduated from college I immediately landed a job that’s why I’ve enough premium contributions. But I want to continue paying and my family agreed with my decision as it’s a security also for me and my family.

I also added a personal bank account in my list as I’m using a payroll account for my income proceeds, then I added it to my paypal. It’s easy to add bank account in your paypal, you just have to know the list of bank codes available here in the Philippines and you’ll have it added in your paypal bank lists.


Visiting NYC

It’s lovely to travel abroad and roam around popular cities on your vacation. My friend used to do this when she’s feeling overworked and stressed out. Her sister lives in New York so the best choice for her destination is there as she’ll have no problem with accommodation and everything. When she planned for her vacation in her sister’s house she made it sure that she book a transportation service from airport to her sister’s apartment and onwards to beautiful places that she wants to visit. Her sister don’t always have time to drive for her and sometimes her target place would mean a long drive so she just book online for a Car Service NYC to take her to wherever she want to go and visit. My friend is a very independent woman and she didn’t want to impose too much attention even to her siblings.

Anyway as it’s not her first time to be in the Big Apple she knows what to do and that is booking online ahead of time for Go Airlink NYC, a transportation service from the airport throughout New York City and surrounding suburbs. They offer and provide convenient, reliable and affordable transfer from airport to wherever she wanted to go. It’s really convenient for many of our travelers to be able to hire a good transportation service that will also take care of their travel, vacation and visits to popular cities like NYC. Tours can be worthwhile when you’re in good and reliable hands and as for my friend who loves to visit NYC it’s really worth her while. She loves it!


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