PH#179 - Upside Down

>> Saturday, September 19, 2009

These pictures were taken during Josh playful antics in our sofa, he was just one and a half years old here and so active! He was beaming with happiness here as he's doing some acrobat-like :-) positions. My camera was with me then and even if he's not what I'm take a shot at I immediately took some shots and sit beside him ton control him. I was worried that he might fall or he might break some limbs hmm Josh had my heartbeat in fast beats!

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Earning Microsoft Certified IT Professional Credential

Years of staying in a consultancy firm and telecommunications company has exposed me to the requirements and qualifications to enter certain project contracts. In bidding for consultancy works the largest percentage or criteria goes to human resources or the proposed staff for the bidded project. You must propose a group of well qualified manpower personnel in order to win. In my experience as the supervisor in handling Technical Proposal group I was trained to identify flaws in applicant’s biodata. I have to identify and study their educational qualifications, training and seminars attended, work experiences and professional licenses or certifications.

In my last technical proposal that I’ve done with them we were bidding for a contractor service for a large Asian company. We were hoping to get the contract for Helpdesk and IT Operations. It’s a big project and we really needed it to deploy our technical staff that is nearing their contract end. We were surprised by the guidelines that a big score will be given if the principal key staff proposed has an IT certifications like mcitp boot camp. We have I think 3 staff that has the required certifications but we didn’t win anyway because others have more staff with certifications.I read a lot and in browsing I saw MTCIP boot camp classes are being offered online wherein you’ll learn Microsoft technologies very well. I suddenly remembered our past bidding. If only we had some of our staff enrolled in certification training like this we would have won the project. The project is big enough to give employment to a large number of staff. I was really interested in what I’ve found online.

As a computer engineering graduate myself I also want to enhance my skills and earn a Microsoft Certified IT Professional credential as I’ve changed my line of work a long time. My work entailed me to learn human resources and accounting leaving computer enhancements on the side. Well I’ve resigned from my job now and I have all the time in the world to learn everything I want to.


Beating Deadlines

It’s raining heavily again and I was worried that electricity will turn off because of the thunderstorm and heavy rains, sometimes the electric provider do that for precautionary measures or if some transformers malfunctioned. Know why I’m worried? I’ve got plenty of online tasks to do and without power and internet I won’t be able to do those tasks and submit. I always tell myself to be a disciplined worker and refrain from doing the tasks on due dates, at least one day before deadline is good enough.

Anyway I’m good at beating the deadlines and I write better sometimes lol! I’m not recommending it as it’s a bad habit but sometimes companies only give 2 days allowance and when you have more work lineup you just have to race between time and writing. I still have more to do and I know I can do it faster now as my kids now is watching TV and been so full and satisfied with our snack.


Chocoholic Family!

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Actually I’ve known only one or two friends that doesn’t love chocolates that much for certain health reasons. Majority loves chocolates, its one food that not only children loves to eat but the grownups as well. I will not cite other people as examples as I’m the perfect example who loves chocolates to the maximum level. When I was a little child and living in the province my father would always bring me chocolates on midweek and weekends from his hometown because there’s a factory of chocolates near their area.

When we finally settled in my father’s town when I was in grade school I was awed by the smell coming from the chocolate factory. It always excites me to imagine how they make chocolate candies there. If only I was a grown up then maybe I would like to work there. That’s the fanciful thoughts of a child. Now that I’m a mother of 3 kids I have noticed that all my children got my liking for chocolate candy as they really love it when you bring them chocolates. Even on some food they love them in chocolate flavors.

I’m just taking some precautions on how my kids take chocolate candies because if they eat it with no limitations they might increase their blood sugar level so I told me to take it slowly although I understand them as I’m a chocolate lover also. I should tell them this as sometimes we really get plenty of supply when my SIL’s packages would arrive from G.B. and my MIL would distribute it among families. Would you believe that my Mom-in-Law will reserve the largest Toblerone for me and the kids? She’ll save it as she knows we love it lol!

Anyway we also like some brands such as Hershey’s, Snickers and more as we are not so picky about chocolate candies, we love them all in plain, nuts, mint, almond and any toppings or flavors of it. That just shows that you can call us ‘chocoholic family’. By the way you can order chocolate online from Sugar Stand. They have wide variety of chocolate candy stocks and they offer chocolate delivery in fresh and perfect condition.


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