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>> Monday, September 21, 2009

These shots were actually taken during Josh' birthday few days ago, just want to share their fun at playing in arcade. I love accompanying them to arcade once in a while as it brings back my childhood memories of good fun. I just have some worries sometimes on crowded place like this one as kids can easily be lost and snatched by others so I'm very careful with paying close attention on them. I encourage them to play on parallel booths so I can watch them all! Anyway as the arcade's name is World of Fun, it's really fun!

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Things to Remember on Losing Weight

When I’m watching shows on TV I noticed that most of the commercials now are focused on food supplement, diet products and on food. If you’re not careful with your understanding you’ll easily be lured with what they’re advertising especially on the diet pills and diet foods that they’re promoting. It’s not really easy to know the best weight loss pills that can take off your unwanted pounds or will make you a slimmer person in just few weeks.

But I have an idea what to do to choose the best and that is you can read reviews because experiences of the people who used the products already are the best testimonials then if you have chosen a diet pills for yourself you can consult your doctor about it and I’m sure he’ll know if it will fit your physical health conditions. For me a regular exercise, discipline on food intake and a well-balanced diet can help also to minimize the risk of becoming overweight.


Snack on a Lazy Afternoon

Its past lunchtime now and my eyes were slowly drooping down, today is a holiday because it’s the end of the Ramadan holiday and all my kids and sister are all here with us. I’m thinking about what snack to have now and was having an imaginary inventory of the bread in the nearest bakeshop in our area.

Well they have everything you would ask for, all flavors of cakes, egg pies, ensaymada, pianono, mamon, custard cakes, crinkles and many others. I decided on ensaymada and some loaf breads and since it’s raining this time I’m going to have coffee with it. It’s my second coffee today and it’ll be my last. I’m having a counter on my intake and I’m serious on having a maximum of two cups only per day. Just can’t resist having it on such a cold, rainy and silent afternoon, it’s nice to cuddle up too! I’ll do it when I finished my work.


A Good Cleanser!

I happened to meet an old friend of mine and we’re both surprised why we’ve grown bigger than before. She’s my school friend and the last time we saw each other several years ago was when I was still single. We had a great time remembering the past period of our school days and I shared to her what I’m doing now to somehow stop gaining weight. I’m having fresh pineapples, papaya and banana as my everyday fruit intake every afternoon. It helps my fiber supply and prevents me from gaining more pounds and hopefully lessens my fat level.

Actually it’s not just the issue of being slimmer but that of being healthy. I’ve read about colon cleanse reviews and I learned that our body needs a good cleanser to get rid of bad toxins and fatty acids. A good cleansing diet is a must for our colon to be clean and healthy. It will also prevent us from having colon cancer which is slowly entering the list of most common deadly sickness. As I can’t start a rigid colon cleansing treatment for now I think eating fruits can help also as it has many benefits of cleansing our body’s bad toxins.


Benefits of Mobile Employees

What really does it take to make the employees stay long in the company? Of course the answer to that is a good company that thinks about the welfare of employees. Some companies now gives their hired employee’s contractual positions only to save costs on other benefits that will be given when the employees reached their regular appointment. In this case the employees will just finish the contract period and stop working then they will be called again to work as contractual for a different or same project. This way the person will not reach the required continuous service that will qualify them for a regular position and the benefits that go with it.

Not all companies are like these as my previous job assigns newly hired employees as probationary staff. After six months of good performance they will be hired for a regular appointment and can avail of the company’s benefits. Speaking of benefits I remember my company was giving Car Allowance for the managers and the account managers who are handling clients and their accounts. They use their cars and at the send of the month they will reimburse their vehicle’s gasoline expenses. I was directly involve with the computation as I look into their reimbursement papers and check their claims.

During those days we have few account managers only who go out everyday for client’s call and visit. If there are many mobile employees in the company they need the services of Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc. to make computations easy because they offer customization of vehicle reimbursement of employees in the company. Computations will be based on mileage history, the current price of gasoline, reimbursements rates allowed and many things to be considered. It’s an advantage for the employer as they will not anymore issue cars to mobile employees; they will only provide car allowances for their personal cars used in their work. That’s benefits for the employees and lots of savings for the employer.


Disliking Foreign Languages Says You Are Creative

You are creative, non-conformist, and a rule breaker.

For you, foreign language is too structured. You don't like the exacting standards set in a foreign language class.

You believe that close enough is good enough. You are definitely not a perfectionist.

You're more likely to make up your own language than learn an existing language. You rather create than mimic.

I don't really dislike foreign languages, not all of course as I want English and French but I think other languages that are being taught to us to embrace to secure better standing in job employment is not good for me as I believe that as long as I know Filipino and English language here in my own country it's enough! Of course with the exemptions on some call centers who specializes on some languages, that's ok with me. Just don't want discrimination in my own country! Peace!


Limitations on My Coffee

I’m having some limitations on drinking coffee as I’m returning to my old habit of drinking too much coffee. It’s not helping me to get rid of excess pounds on the contrary it’s adding up to my intake of sugar and milk. Yes I’m taking my coffee with milk because I love the taste of milk on coffee better than non-dairy creamer. Not that I don’t put creamer on my coffee as when I’m outside my home I take 3-in-1 coffee. You see I really love coffee on different flavors and creamers.

I realized suddenly that my discipline is running ahead of me as I can’t control it so I started drinking herbal tea instead to help my digestion and fight obesity. It’s a natural tea and known to have bitter gourd on it. There are many diet products available in the market but I know better than to grab any product that I came upon online. It’s best to read reviews like what I saw in ConsumerPriceWatch.net and to consult the chosen product with your doctor. Diet products should be used with special advice and consent. They should know what type would suit you best.


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