:Food Friday - Champorado

>> Friday, October 2, 2009

After what happened to our town after storm 'Ondoy' I cooked my kids' favorite to make it a little different from what we ate when our house was flooded up to neck level with water. We didn't have so much choice when we cooked upstairs in our terrace. On the first day we only had rice cakes, water and hot drinks. On second day we were able to get our cooker downstairs when it's safe to go down and we had noodles, pancit canton and fried eggs. On the third day when I got hold of my gas range and there's no more flood I promised my kids that I'll prepare their favorite food. They love it more when it's raining lol! I ate this one with dried fish, yummy :-)

Happy Food Friday to all, see other yummy foods here!


Brings Back the Beautiful Smile

I’ve been planning to visit my dentist and have a complete checkup of all teeth that needed laser treatment. Now that the storm has impeded my appointment I’m thinking if I should have it treated individually through laser pasta or have the newest technology available now which introduces implanting teeth like dental implants Plano. I’m thinking about it seriously as I’ve seen my SIL undergone such procedure and now you’ll think her complete dental is natural. It really looks natural as all teeth were implanted although it’s a bit expensive. She came home just to have the procedure because it’s cheaper here than in G.B. The results are really excellent and now she can flaunt her beautiful smile again.


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