:Food Friday - Parmesan Pasta

>> Friday, October 9, 2009

Just craving for white sauce pasta this night as I remember our lunch in Outback Steakhouse where we ordered Parmesan Pasta together with other sumptous meal and drinks. This is their version of Parmesan pasta, Fettuccine noodles tossed in a creamy Parmesan cheese sauce. Up the flavor with the addition of grilled shrimp, scallops or chicken breast, or choose two. We choose grilled shrimp. And though I'm not much of shrimp I'd say it's perfectly good on his one. The sauce did the magic.

I'm rather late today and I'm not sure when to submit this as I'm only taking advantage of a 4-hour schedule rotation of Meralco for Metro Manila and nearby towns. After the storm now we're suffering from rotational brownouts, what a situation.

Happy Food Friday to all, see other yummy foods here!


An Edge Over Other IT Staff

For the past two years I’ve been writing up for my blogs which started as one and now it accumulated into many domain blogs. My passion for writing led me to open up more than one blog but it really didn’t occurred to me then that maintaining a blog seems just appropriate for me because somehow I can use some of my education skills here.

I’m an IT graduate several years back and my last work deals mainly with telecommunications and some other technical jobs. Due to my hectic schedule I wasn’t aware that the job also led me to update myself with my computer education and in the process of doing my job I was able to hone my skills pertaining to some hardware and software requirements of being a staff of telecommunications company. I was handling call termination and directly responsible with carrier settlements of termination minutes consumed by clients.

Suddenly my education played a great relevance to my job tasks especially in understanding the flow of works in technical department. We’re handling VoIP and if you don’t have education on IT and other related courses you’ll be lost. That made me thankful for my bachelor’s degree that even if I haven’t landed a high IT position job I was able to use some of my knowledge in doing my job.

Since I handle bidding also I had the first hand information that multi national companies here in the Philippines offering bids for companies requires IT personnel to have certifications of specific fields they want to be employed with. Our company experienced looking for certified personnel to be our key staff but we failed to get as many certified staff as we need. If only many IT graduates would enroll in one of those Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) training camps being offered by cbt planet we would have more qualified personnel then.

Anyway for those interested you can be assured that your skills will be enhanced and you’ll learn expertise on the field you chose to get certification from if you enroll now. Now that CBT planet announced its inclusion of MCITP training in their various distance learning and onsite training you can have certification on any IT course you want. You’re sure to get quality training with professional instructors to teach you the skills and knowledge you need to get that certification you long for and in the process you’ll have an edge over some other IT staff.


Browout Rotation

Sis called me from her office and informed me of the power interruption schedule which would last until Monday. We were monitoring power because we need our cable fixes and if the cable’s technician arrived at the wrong time he wouldn’t be able to fix it if there’s no power. It’s a little disturbing on our part as we have just enjoying electricity after almost a week’s brownout. I’ve been running after connection and power ever since the storm stopped. After the fire in Taytay Rizal’s (next town to us) power plant electricity was on and off that’s why people and even companies are complaining now.

So now we’ll have 4 hours rotational brownout in Pasig, Eastern Rizal and some other parts of Metro Manila. That’s not enough to finish all my online tasks and some household works that need power but it’s fair enough as long as they follow their schedule.


MCITP Boot Camps now in CBT Planet

With the fast upgrading of computers, hardware and software you’ll have to update yourself of these recent changes in order to keep track of the latest technology. It’s a field where changes happened overnight. There’s just too much to upgrade on mobile technology, computers, software’s, gadgets and even on IT education. I’m a graduate of computer engineering way back several years ago and I can say I had a hard time keeping up with the times as my job was in different field. Even if I was doing work other than IT I still want to be updated in respect for my education. At least partial update would be nice as I can use it also on my online job.

Now it’s not enough that you’ve taken a course on Information Technology or a graduate of bachelor’s degree on computer education because when you apply for work on IT-related jobs some positions require you to be a certified individual. And what do I mean with certified? Well you have to be a Microsoft Certified IT Professional on specific technology and job like that of MCITP enterprise administrator, server administrator, enterprise messaging administrator and many other IT positions depending on what the job requires you. It certifies the individual through training that the holder has the proper skills and expertise to handle the IT job he’s going to work at.

Now cbt planet, an IT training provider included MCITP boot camps in its courses offered for 2010. They have integrated it with their various onsite training and distance learning courses. What’s even more exciting is their slight changes in the MCITP training, they will be compressing the period of training decreasing the usual period which lasted for months to a much shorter period like in a week’s time. Everyone now can have a chance to have certification in a more convenient duration.


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