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>> Friday, October 16, 2009

Been craving for veggies this week especially those coming from the north. I can't cook chopsuey now as it's too expensive to have one and I find it hard to look for complete ingredients. Anyway I have to content myself with some veggies available monggo sprout (togue), monggo beans, kangkong and some others. I'm looking for an entry this friday and I've found this Banana Heart Lumpia, one of the many entries in our July's nutrition week. Actually this has won together with Banana Heart burger patties.

Happy Food Friday to all, see other yummy foods here!


Time Management

I have tons of online work to do plus the new domain that I’ve been working on but my offline tasks won’t have doing them first. No matter how many tasks I’ll have to do it’s sad to think that writing posts is of second priority as I need some documents notarized, need to attend parents’ meeting, need to check my bank account and many other things. I wasn’t actually expecting that working at home can really be a test on my skills on time scheduling.

It’s alright for the time scheduling as I can do all these work fast but by the time I’m through with the errands and finished with my school check on my kids I feel tired and I can’t work much less write reviews. Oftentimes I do all my works at night when I’m relaxed enough to think of worthwhile things to say. It’s ok even though this week has given less sleeping hours as long as I’m able to attend to my kids and beat my tasks’ due dates.


About Sports and Football

I’ve always liked sports ever since I was studying especially on college where I took a subject on my physical education about introduction to sports which includes a little of everything that involves ball games. I’ve learned the basics of volleyball, basketball, badminton, softball and football.

Actually I’ve already known volleyball and table tennis since my secondary studies as I’ve been a volleyball player too. On the other hand we’re always playing table tennis in our house and we have our own tennis table in our garage. I’m also into marathon and walkathon and have been using my skills whenever there’s a need for kilometers walk. Even if I gained pounds since I gave birth I can walk and run faster than those lighter than me.

I know that professional football is different from what I’ve done in college days but I still love seeing those that play these sports especially on television where I get to watch professional players. Now I found that there’s an online football fixtures where you can see schedule of different teams that will play. There you can see whose teams are scheduled to play with dates and time properly scheduled. Players are coming from different countries and that’s what makes it so exciting. With regards to scoring no need to worry about it as they have livescore which shows the real time score of the team. All scores are updated automatically.

In order to gain an edge over other viewers you can sign up in their newsletter so you can update yourself on the best deals of bookmakers and read some really informative football analysis from the professionals. I have one friend who is so hooked on football and maybe he’s going to sign up.


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