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>> Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I’m so glad that Josh is sleeping soundly now after taking the prescribed medicines twice now. Last night his cough is harder and much often unlike tonight that he only cough for few seconds and he’s back to sleep again. It’s good for him to have a really good night sleep to recover from yesterday’s ill feeling. I’ve secured medical certificate so I can go to his school tomorrow for his schedule of special periodical exams. Now that hubby is here already I can do some very tight due tasks, I’m worried that I will not meet the allotted time but now I’m confident that I can do them all quickly. I have my coffee to keep me awake and some peanuts for good ideas, what a team!


A Place for Bargain Hunters

I love shopping especially when my favorite items are on discounted rates. Almost every girl does love it and it became almost a hobby for most of us. For busy mothers like me it’s more convenient when we do it online. Lately shopping online has become a preferred choice among shoppers as it’s not only convenient buying goods in the comfort of your home but having the means of finding some really good bargain deals along the way.

I’ve been a frugal shopper most of the times because I don’t want to spend my hard-earned money on goods that are not needed. But sometimes I splurge on shopping for goods occasionally on a whim if I spotted some hot deals like when I did when I explored Buxr, a place for bargain hunters like me. They’ll make your shopping fun as you’ll get to avail of the hot deals without hurting your budget. That’s what I like buying without affecting my budget allocation.

Well I love gadgets and small techy items and I found plenty at the bargain deals offered by Buxr. It’s a cool site and made even better by their exciting contests, just submit or vote deals and you’re in. You can also share it on your site and earn something from sharing, really cool isn’t it? Imagine you shop and you save some bucks then you share and earn commission.


My 10 Guilty Pleasures

Nice theme/topic for today featuring our ten guilty pleasures that's seems so good!

1. Chocolates
2. Coffee with milk
3. Chocolate cakes
4. Fruit shakes with milk
5. Chatting and twittering
6. Snacks that's more than a dinner
7. Buffalo wings with rich creamy dips
8. Buco Fruit salad with lumpiang shanghai
9. Watching music contest TV shows
10. Double Dutch ice cream

See other guilty pleasures here!


Help Your Finances with Debt Management

With all the natural disasters that visited the country almost all affected people tried to seek help from their insurances or companies that they worked for. It’s a good thing that we have organizations that help victims of storm but for those who have big amount of existing debt they were only allowed a small amount for their calamity loans. It’s hard to accept this situation especially if you need money badly so it’s better to keep yourselves debt free if you can manage to prevent it from happening again.

Our economic situation will not help us recover so it’s better for us to have discipline on our finance management and that’s spending only on the basic essentials. I’m sure your love for new appliances and new things in your house can wait until you have saved enough for those. We must practice the old way of managing money and not using our credit cards or loans to buy things on our whim which will end up in high credits.

If you’ve already on accumulated credits and find it hard to pay your entire monthly you’re on your way to bad credits which will ruin you good reputation and credit standing. Now if you feel helpless to solve this financial crisis in your family there’s a debt management company that will help save your good name. Feel free to seek advice and discuss your capacity in paying. They will help in recovering your bad credit reputation and give you tips on managing your money without debt. Soon you’ll be debt-free and life will be better for your family.


My Hidden Talent

Want to know what's your hidden talent? This question fancied my eyes and kept me thinking
about. So if it's a hidden talent I must know what it is even if through this personality test only, who knows it can be true! Well here's the result:

Your Hidden Talent is Your Quick Wit
You are a great communicator. You have a real way with words.

You're never at a loss to explain what you mean or how you feel.

People find it easy to empathize with you, no matter what your situation.

When you're up, you make everyone happy. But when you're down, everyone suffers.
What's Your Hidden Talent?


Beautiful Car Photos and Features

As almost all girls I know love shopping I must say for the boys their fancies are about cars, aside from many other things. When you happen to know or see a little boy he must have at least 2 or more toy cars in his toy collection. The little boys in our homes seem to enjoy any car they receive be it plastic cars, wooden or metal cars. They love it in big, small or miniature sizes. The fact remains that they really love cars and when they grow up they strive to buy their own car.

Depending on our level of living we also have our own preferences of car types. Some content themselves on pre-owned but most like brand new. Anyway for the high-finance boys who has enough money they spend their money on elegant cars and are always looking and searching for new photo releases like the volkswagen touareg photos. Well for those who have their hearts on beautiful cars they need to get the specifications and the picture so they’ll know if that’s enough for their needs.

It must feel so good to like the car at first glance and you have enough money to buy it. The rule is if you can afford it why not? But it’s always best to search reviews, read specification and browse photos if you really want to settle on the final car that you’re going to buy like viewing some hyundai sonata photos before concluding which one is the best for your taste.

Reviews can really help people balance and weight things up and Car Connection is a good site which offers reviews that assess the car’s features, quality, performance, safety and styling. This is also where I came to see the beautiful mercedes benz m-class photos which many of you would really say wow as it’s perfectly elegant in its own way. With its hybrid system mercedez benz has improved efficiency, boost performance and offers regenerative braking. Mercedez Benz has a good name reputation in the market and they were known for delivering quality and elegant cars for a long time.


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