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>> Friday, October 23, 2009



This oven-baked chicken is actually meant for chicken adobo when my kids requested me to bake it instead of cooking it in the pan. Josh was the most insistent one as he picked the drumstick part of the chicken to be his piece when cooked. He offered himself as my assistant and he brings to me whatever I asked him to get from the ref.

Mom told me that I have two aspiring cook in the future, one is my eldest 12-year old Ruth and 6-year old Josh. My other kid is contented in eating as she has the biggest appetite among the three. Anyway cooking has been my parents' specialty so it's not surprising that my kids will love to cook also. In my family both men and women knows how to cook but the women takes the primary role :-)

So now here goes my adobo ala baked chicken which I added some out-of-the-blue ingredients which means not in the recipe book. I always love cooking in my original simple way. I don't want to pattern my cooking to others. I always put something that's originally me, so much for the talk, happy friday to everyone!

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The True Spirit of Christmas

It’s in the air you can actually smell it! I’m talking of the coming holiday season where everyone seems to devote their time decorating and preparing gifts for everyone. For those who didn’t want to rush themselves on the last month of this year they choose to shop for gifts to their loved ones as early as last month. Here in our part of the globe Christmas season seems to start as soon as month of September comes in. They call it as the ‘ber’ season. Well that means the four months ending in ber. People are really funny sometimes; they always have something exciting to make their lives happy.

Even if we’re badly affected by the recent storm that hit the country there’s no stopping as to how we’re going to make our loved ones feel special by our gifts and christmas cards. It’s one way of showing our affection to our friends, family and relatives. Even in these times where we receive heart warming messages through email and text notes from mobile phones it’s still sweet to receive Christmas cards.

Actually people are accustomed in giving cards but the busy schedule sometimes hinders them from doing it. Good that you can now order Christmas cards online through ChristmasCardsUk.com which offers classic and personalized cards which will put a special touch on every card that we sent. I particularly liked the cards done out of recycled papers which is environment-friendly. It’s good that they have a card like that, I know many people especially those very conscious of saving our environment will appreciate the recycled cards.

Just don’t forget the other importance of this holiday is to show our loved ones our great love by giving them care and attention. And if you ask me what Christmas is all about I’ll say it’s giving your love. Like the lyrics that I personally liked in one of oldest Christmas songs which goes ‘Give love on Christmas day…No greater gift is there than love’. Since I was a child those phrases left a mark in my heart that the true spirit of Christmas is love.


Friday Fill-Ins#147


And...here we go!

Another week has passed and I feel like time is running so fast so before this day runs fast I'd like to share some of my thoughts here.

1. The crickets sing, I remember their song clearly when I was a kid in the province.
2. Dad, we'll always miss you wherever you are.
3. I want to get far away from the bustling city sometimes, I'm glad I live just after the city.
4. Weekend in Paris & England and roaming around historical/biblical places in Israel; this was a dream.
5. But as for me I will try to enroll in a cooking/baking class so I can serve delicious dishes to my family and to satisfy my hobby.
6. A happy, conservative and God-loving family is where I come from.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finish baking my chicken barbeque, tomorrow my plans include doing a general cleaning of the house and Sunday, I want to eat outside with my kids after church service!


Vail Ski Rentals

While we’re having different kinds of weather here sometimes hot and sometimes rainy or stormy on some areas the other side of the globe is experiencing very low degree temperature. That’s why you can be wet or hot here and be super cool when you travel abroad. The rich can choose to have the climate they want as many of them have houses in different parts of the world. They would just plan their vacation and they didn’t have to bear the indefinite weather of their country. Some are just lucky enough to have landed a better working opportunity that gave them better climate country but for me I still love it here no matter what the condition and climate is.

I just mentioned the seasons and temperature because when it’s winter times it’s also the season for skiing. The sport of skiing is a very well known sport around the globe. The skis were believed to have evolved from the old generation of Ice Age where they used it for hunting together with spear and bow of course.

Anyway modern skiing is a kind of sports that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Many of them plan a vacation in North American ski resorts and hire a vacation package complete with ski and snowboard rentals in shops like Ski Butlers to enjoy a full skiing vacation with their family. Ski Butler is full service shop for ski and snowboard rentals and they’ve known for the most convenient kind of service as they have delivery service. You can have your reservation of your dream vacation in Vail Ski Rentals in the comfort of your own home and you can have it delivered right into your living room. Very convenient indeed, just right for busy people and those who didn’t have the time to go over the shops. This way vacationing in one of the most beautiful ski resort is going to be easy and hassle-free with the best customer service that will take care of everything you need for your family vacation.


The Candy Apple Test

You Are Silly and Goofy

You're the type of person who channels your inner kid during Halloween, and you tend to go for a more nostalgic, simple costume.

You remember Halloween as a happy time, and just like when you were a kid, you treasure every sweet given to you.

Your favorite Halloween celebrations have lots of fun games, and of course tricks and treats.

You love to do all the same things you did as a child during this time. You'd go trick-or-treating if you thought you could get away with it.


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