Curious as a Cat - Week#190

>> Thursday, October 29, 2009

1) What genre of movies do you prefer?
I go for action and suspense thriller. It excites me to watch movies like this. I also watch romantic movies with unique stories.
2) If you could have overheard a specific conversation between any two people, what would it be?
I would have loved to have heard the discussion between Jesus' parents around the time she became pregnant.
3) What behavior do you think is the most common but rudest?
Having your mobile phone ringing in the middle of a very important corporate meeting is a bad habit. Phone should be silenced on meetings to avoid disruption of discussion. Answering it when there's a call is very rude but many have been doing it unconsciously.
4) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.

I see a very tight football game here and I guess it's a championship game which made them pushed their skills and energy to the limit. Their objective - to win no matter how hard it is.



Additional Decors for Your Homes

I’ve been doing some minor repair works in the house and spending some of my earnings to buy some new accessories that would lighten the atmosphere of our home. I’ve been slowly erasing the memory of the storm that hit our place so we really needed to add a warm and cheerful ambience to some of our rooms.

Since I’m very fond of lighting fixtures I’ve browsed around for some ideas that would help me. I’ve seen some ceiling fans that are very beautiful to look at especially with the beautiful lights that go with it. Filipino homes are always surrounded with electric fans and whatever the status of life is there’s always one that would give them comfortable air during summer days. Anyway for tropical country like us we always need it everyday of the year.

When searching for the right kind of electric fans we should consider various things to look for such as performance, quality, durability and capacity. Then for decorative purpose we should also consider the style as every furniture and fixtures in our homes should blend with the existing ones we already have. For all of this in our mind we should all be looking for Minka Aire Concept II fan because its functionality and style corresponds to our specific needs. I can say these ceiling fans are the better choice since it has convenient features of efficient air distribution and easy set up. You can easily add this to your decorative appliances with their choices of exciting finishes ranging from white, bronze, painted and many others. I simply love its features and style.


Shopping for My New Project

It’s only now that I had the time to browse my blogs and somehow write some posts and do my online tasks. I’ve been out most of the morning with my brother to buy all necessary things for my new bathroom project. Big Bro (Kuya) brought me to Federal Lumber where we choose from among its various designs and styles of floor tiles, complete bathroom packages with bowl, soap/tissue holders, lavatory, shower sets and many others. I really didn’t know that it has plenty of accessories and fittings.

I’m awed with their supplies that I canvassed floor tiles for our next house projects. We’re canvassing and looking for big floor tiles because it will surely accentuate our spacious house floors. Josh was with me and as young as he is he seemed more occupied than us. He looked at the small accessories and suggested some to my brother. He even put a nice item in the basket which we don’t need at present. Anyway I always love shopping for home accessories sometimes better than shopping for my things


Online Training for IT Enthusiasts

I’ve heard in one of the radio stations that I begin to follow these days about entering the job of IT staff. The guest speaker is current employed in HP and he shared how he studied his course and landed a good paying job in one of the makers of computers and peripherals. It’s actually a big company here in our country and since it’s a well-known IT company it has many requirements when you apply for a job. Of course a degree in computer courses is a sure advantage especially if the position you’re applying for is very much related to your college education. But the two other important key in entering a good position is your work experience and an IT certification as what the guest speaker has been saying. It actually opens a much wider door for anyone who has the certifications because the more prestigious and high paying jobs calls for a higher and advanced education in IT.

In my previous job I’ve been directly involved in hiring applicants and one of our qualifications is proficiency in Microsoft Office because if the employees doesn’t know the operations it would be hard for them to work in our telecommunications environment where almost everything are run through system. It’s really a big advantage to be skilled in software. But if you’re not as good as you want to be and you want to learn the craft you can still enroll online in k alliance training to learn Microsoft office and other software. You can also start training to prepare yourself for that IT certification which would promote your position to a higher position.

Time and place of training is not to worry about as you only need a PC and internet connection to qualify and start the training. Experience the comfort of studying in your home through K Alliance online computer training programs. It’s very convenient that even the busy employees who doesn’t have the time to attend classes on a regular school can enroll and train on K Alliance offsite location. With their quality training and high standards you’ll soon pass and get your most wanted IT certification.


I'm 24% Girly

You Are 24% Girly

You are a pretty hardcore tomboy, and a very free spirit.
Gender roles be dammed, you like to do things your way.

This quiz really caught my attention as I wanted to know if it will make out the real me :-) I'm not girly if it would mean being so vain in my looks, in my things and accessories and on being so feminine in every ways. Look at the result above and I can say it's the real score in real life. I grew up next to my big brother and being with him as playmate I have many guys as friends, I guess he influenced me a lot.

It's just lucky that the sibling next to me is a girl so I had that 24% score below :-) Funny but true! Well being a born-again christian now helped me a lot to develop some girly things about me. I did fall in love with my bestfriend, married him and now we have three kids.


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