:Food Friday - Sweet Pork and Green Salad

>> Friday, October 30, 2009

I don't know the name of this dish as I'm not the one who ordered this and it's my first time ever to eat there. This menu if from Outback restaurant in Libis where I had lunch with my bosses. We intended to eat in our favorite Causeway resto but we'll have to wait for three tables to vacate before we can eat so my boss changed our lunch venue. I was surprised he picked this resto because it's their competent as they owned a steakhouse also. Anyway he ordered big ribs on the barbie, tenderloin, fresh baked ziti, this sweet pork and green salad and fruit shakes.

I'm very fond of salad any salad that is! Be it green salad, fruit, buco, macaroni and any other salad I just love it. This one was served with sweet pork (I don't know the name of the menu here) and lettuce salad. All are deliciously prepared and originally flavored and we enjoyed our lunch. I just found the ribs too sweet for my liking.

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PR Updates Again!

The big ‘G’ is updating again and I’ve been checking various blogs now if they’ve been hit by the current update. This blog has decreased one step already and I’m praying that it will be over now. I’ve been trying myself to update my blogs everyday just in case it counts. You’ll never really know what it takes to get that high PR and try as we might sometimes you’ll still receive low or worst zero rank. Hope the PR change would be on my main blog so that can get PR, hoping and waiting!


Moving is a Nice Adventure

My friend’s husband was assigned for 3 years in a provincial city by his company. It was a promotion given by company but he should agree to move out and live in a provincial city branch there. It was a very hard decision on both my friend and her hubby as my friend has a career also and holding a managerial position in our company then. We talked her into joining his hubby together with their 2 kids.

The company will pay for their relocation and every expense that will incur so they finally decided to move to the place where her hubby will handle the branch of their company. She gave up her career to be with her husband and I know that it’s the best decision she made because family should always come first.

Moving out was hard as the distance is very far from them. She spent plenty of time sorting out the things that they will bring with them. After sorting all needed materials she called for a professional moving company like that of Boston Movers to take care of relocating their belongings and appliances. She wanted their personal documents, furniture and appliances to be safely delivered that’s why she hired the professionals. If not for the movers she will be stressed and tired.

Whatever the reason for your move or transfer be it another job, better house, change of environment or any reason just be sure to hire professional movers that will relocate your belongings to your new house with assurance that it will be safe and protected. This way your relocation can be a happy adventure!

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Almost Finished!

I’m happy now that I can see how my house project was forming. I choose everything that was placed there and I’m glad it looks good on our new bathroom. The color of the tiles is very cool to look at and the color of other fixtures there are so nice in white color. It costs us a lot but nowadays what else is cheap? Anyway I don’t mind the expenses as long as I’m contented with the workers’ job. Just one more day and it will be finished except for the wall as I’ll have someone to do the painting. I’m just so tired of monitoring everything that I can only blog after dinner, I’m just lucky today to start earlier than usual.


Enjoyable Ride with Kia Forte

Almost all men I know likes car. I know this from my father to my cousins and to my brother who derived the passion for loving cars since his childhood. He loves miniature model cars and he collects them when he’s only a kid. Later when he grew up he bought a pickup to use on his first construction project. I saw the excitement on his face when he first showed it to us.

As time goes by he bought a car because he needed to look more professional in dealing with his clients. Though he changes cars depending on his specific needs he always have one car to remain for his everyday use. Oh well a car nowadays are a necessity so it’s better to at least own one car for family’s use. It shouldn’t be too hard on the budget as there are pre-owned cars for sale which are somewhat affordable.

For those who can afford to buy a brand new expensive car they wanted elegance, style and they always search for great performance in cars. I just don’t know if my friend have seen this new kia forte I’ve seen in Car Connection. This kia forte has earned praises for its elegant good looks and while having the elements of more expensive cars its affordability can’t compare with those expensive cars. It’s price is still competitive compared with other small sedans.

When it comes to safety features it has side airbags, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control and front active headrests. For those who wants cool features it has a Bluetooth, satellite radio,an input for audio system, controls for the steering wheel and voice activation. It has minor imperfections though as it has an awkward clutch coordination for manual transmission so it’s better to get the automatic. With these features from kia forte in overall performance it gives a good deal of driving satisfaction that can be comparable to other car brands. It will give the buyer a worth for his money with the kia forte’s elegant good looks and a much more enjoyable drive.


Classes Suspended Due to Storm

My kids were already dressed up and ready for school when they wonder why their service was late. I didn’t know they were assuming that maybe there’s no classes. Yes no classes today from preparatory up to secondary school and when I glanced at my kids who were lined up in our sofa they smiled at the announcement. They weren’t happy just because they can take some rest from school activities but they’re worried about the storm that’s coming in our country’s area of responsibility. Josh was always worried every time he hears a storm that’s brewing up. He told me that he didn’t like the flood to come into our house again.


The Reason for the Season!

It’s just two months now before the biggest celebrated occasion around the globe and people are so busy with their gift list and holiday preparation. All people from all walks of life are all excited with this occasion where family bonding and love sharing is strongly encouraged. I remember my school days when my days would be complete if I received cards from many of my friends. That’s how I know if many like to be my friend.

Even if today’s modern technology such as instant messaging allow us to communicate faster its still best to send christmas cards to our distant relatives, family and friends. It’s still sweet receiving cards from your loved ones especially if it’s meant to show how much the sender loves the recipient.

The only problem with sending cards is the time you’ll allot for the period that it will be bought, signed and delivered. It took some time to visit bookstores for those little greeting cards. Now for busy people who have no time to choose and buy Christmas cards you’ll be happy to know that you can order your cards online at ChristmasCardsUk.com. You can choose between their classic types and personalized ones which is more sentimental than the first type. You can put in more personal touches on the cards so it will look more like you. What caught my attention were the beautiful recycled cards I’ve seen in their various card types. The cards were recycled to help support the drive to protect the environment.

But what is really the meaning of Christmas? Is it just the giving of gifts and cards the reason for this season? The true spirit of Christmas is the love that you can give to your brethren and it’s not important how nice and how expensive your gift is just as long as you give it with love. I should say it’s the best gift ever because it’s packed and wrapped with love. And did you know that the reason for this season is Christ? Yes he’s the real reason.


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