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>> Thursday, December 3, 2009

We always want our offices to look like very corporate and devoid of too much clutter. Most offices especially conference rooms I entered in looks the same with their sleek design, formal wall and ceiling colors. It’s great to have beautiful and elegant rooms but it should also has functions of its own and what’s better than having to use the walls as communication board where you can post your ideas, suggestions, marketing goals, sales achievements and many other things that perks up our imaginative mind. I really think that having Custom Bulletin Board will enrich communication among employees and will make any room like lounge and reception an enjoyable place for waiting.

North Sculpture has made this possible by offering fabric bulletin boards that can specifically suit your preferred style, size, shape and color. With this kind of walls I can see a combination of beauty, comfort, usability and function all in one good looking customized bulletin board. You can also use it as room divider, some kind of decoration and for organizing all your office stuff so it will create a very organized place to work. With its valuable use and flexibilities I can say that beautiful customized bulletin boards are a great thing to have. For more wonderful ideas and information visit and chose from among the wide range of fabric colors.


Our Town's 438th Founding Anniversary

Our town celebrated 438th anniversary last Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 and as always the parade composed of representatives from schools, offices, establishments, NGOs, government employees and various sectors. It took more than an hour before the parade was finished and the whole place was congested of vehicles and people.

I still long for the grand parades several years ago when almost all participants had their own planned presentation on the road. We’re always looking forward for Nov. 30 parade then and missing it was such a great loss because it was really beautiful. Well time and season changes everything and maybe it’s the present economic condition that affect traditions. I just thank God that after the big flood the people of our town successfully moved on from the disastrous event that happened two months ago. God is good all the time….


Bearcat Scanners for Your Communication Needs

Technology has been giving us quite an easier life and convenience that we should be thankful for the companies that innovates equipment, gadgets and communication equipment. Nowadays you should be well informed where to get the most advanced equipment for your specific requirements. We shouldn’t buy from the first supplier that offer us discounts and deals unless we proved that they’re really the lowest price ever. I for one love gadgets and equipment and has been an officer in a telecommunications company where we buy equipment in bulk orders and also sell them. We’re always in search of best suppliers of valuable equipment for our clients and for our technical department.

We always have a need for communications equipment like gatekeeper, phones and other equipment needed for advanced phone technology. Sometimes our clients have a need for radio scanners and we search for the best supplier for this needed equipment. I learned that has all the equipment needed for specific high end communications equipment and they offer a wide supply of Bearcat Scanners for communications and other requirements for law enforcement, fire department, marine and even for those who love race. All of these made and built to perform well. They offer quality with great affordability as they have the lowest price compared with others.

If you order your goods at their online store you’ll be happy to get moving price deal. No need to worry about anything as they have a 24/7 customer service to answer all your queries and complaints. Shop online now and get the best savings ever.


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