10 New Year's Resolution

>> Tuesday, December 29, 2009

1. Spend more time on Bible reading
2. Spend more quality time with my family and be more sensitive with their feelings
3. Maintain and be stronger with my regular prayers
4.Update and keep in touch with old friends and classmates
5. Be smarter when shopping
6. Be more resilient with healthy lifestyle
7. Control my temper, I know God will help me with this one
8. Maintain my positive outlook in life
9. Maintain my regular bible studies and church activities
10. Write more inspiring posts on my blogs
I want more resolutions but it all sums up to being a better person and a better Christian!

I hope and I pray that I'll be able to do all of these resolutions this new year of 2010.


Adjustment to Changing Weather

My niece is having some uncomfortable moments whenever it’s too cold or too hot, she seems to have some hardship in adjusting to extreme weather. Just now she’s sneezing and starting to have coughs because she was exposed to cold air at night when she goes home after work. I told her that it’s better to stay at home for few days until she’s well. Now she’s slowly adjusting to changing weather and was happy to find the best allergy relief whenever she has some skin allergy all over her face and body.


What Type of Chocolate Dessert I Am!

You Are a Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Compared to most people, you are very disciplined and restrained.
You aren't easily tempted, and you never go overboard. Moderation is key for you.

You are lighthearted and easy going. You don't have a lot of baggage... very little weighs you down.

You are pretty sweet, but you're also quite spunky. You are naturally complex.

Well this one says a lot about me as if it's a real psychology test as most of the characteristics in the test results fits me. If you want to know what type you are you can take the test here!


About This Blog

This blog talks about everything about career, job and human resource. It also shares about hobbies, sports and travel. Several years in corporate world taught me a lot of things about life and work and I'm sharing all of these here.

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