:FF/FTP: Adobong Tuna

>> Friday, April 30, 2010

This is my first ever venture to cook a big tuna fish. My Mom' friend gave a one and a half feet size tuna fish and as I don't want my Mom to be tired in preparing this I took the courage to do it my way. Since I'm not so used to cooking this one I just did some simple steps to cook it. Here's what I did. I've cut the fish into slices and cook it in three phases:

First Phase : Have it boiled slightly in vinegar, garlic, pepper and salt to remove the bad odor or 'lansa'

Second Phase: I fried the slices after removing it in the vinegar boiled mixture

Third Phase: I made an adobo recipe out of it, I've put soy sauce, garlic, seasoning and drops of calamansi to give the lemony aroma and taste because tuna fish has some 'lansa' smell on it. Now you can see above the final menu which my son commented that it took me some time to cook our lunch. Well my effort paid off when they praised it. My Mom and kids loved it! It extended up to our dinner. Actually it taste like chicken to me lol!

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Spread your Wings and Fly High!

>> Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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Clog-Free Gutter System

>> Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We’re experiencing the hottest summer season so far and made even worse by El Niño. Some provinces are over 40 degrees and we desperately need rain to recover agricultural losses. Most of the rice fields in North Luzon can’t be recovered because of drought and more of that situation was being aired on the news. This drought will make the economy suffer more downfalls and I’ve yet to see what the new President will have to do with this kind of situation.

Anyway just another month and rainy season will set in and people must be ready with that too remembering the great flood last September of 2009. In our house only we’re checking all possible areas for repair such as roofing’s and gutters. I noticed that our gutters are old already and it doesn’t filter much. The gutter system is very important because it controls the water that flows from the roof down the drainage and if it’s functioning well it will prevent the water from overflowing. Since it really needs some replacement I’d like to replace it with one-piece seamless debris shedding gutter like the LeafGuard gutter system because it has no movable parts, with solid seamless hood and can handle over 21 inches of rain waters per hour.

I’ve seen some of their installations like Gutters Norfolk and noted that aside from the strong and reliable performance of their gutters it also looks good. It comes in various colors and gives an added beauty to your homes. With LeafGuard you don’t have to worry about water damage on house because this gutter system will run free of debris always.


The Perks of Being a WAHM

After my one week trial of doing a semi-cleansing diet I feel wonderful inside as the fruits and veggie diet started to work wonders on my system. I feel more energetic but yesterday after skipping one day of my regular healthy meal I was infected with colds and my body starts to weaken again. To immediately stop the sickness from entering my body I had my back massaged by my dear Mom and start taking plenty of water.

After lunch I opened my PC and start working again on my online job. That’s the value of working at home; you have the chance of working on your flexible hours. Actually you can work even if you’re not feeling good. Just do your work easy and work only on the most important and tasks nearing their due dates. If I’m working in my former office now I may have used my vacation leave because I really can’t travel with this ill feeling I have right now. It’s really nice to be a WAHM (Work-at-Home Mom).


Getting the Most Cash Out of Your Gold

>> Monday, April 26, 2010

Are you fond of collecting gold coins and jewelry? Well if you are there’s a great opportunity for you waiting at refinity.com because you can now turn your gold coins and old jewelry collection into cash. Sometimes we want to get rid of our broken jewelry or those who are not anymore in style but we are aware that we can’t get the full value of our collection if we turn it into cash. Now you can sell gold coins, bracelets, rings, necklace and some gold scrap with an assurance of turning them all into valuable cash. It’s a great way of returning your investment.

With Refinity.com you can get the most cash out of your gold jewelries and scrap gold. They pay top dollar for that because they buy gold direct, no middleman involved. It’s also a big help to our environment because they refine and recycle it. You can help our environment by selling it to refiners because it reduces the need for mining.


:FF/FTP: Home Made Meat Patties

>> Friday, April 23, 2010

This is my home made meat patties which is one of my kids' favorites. I don't want to give them the commercial kind of patties that's why I made my own very simple and quick mixture of meat patties.

This is made of 1/2 kilo ground pork, 1 egg, 2 medium potatoes, 1 big carrot, 1 big onion, 1/4 clove of garlic, 6 tbsp. cornstarch (more or less), seasoning (optional), salt and pepper. It's easy to do it, just mix all ingredients and make sure all are grounded and finely chopped for easy cooking. After mixing all ingredients evenly try to form balls or patties depending on the shape you want and deep fry it.

If you want burger patties just remove potatoes and carrots and it will taste just as good and yummy!

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Delicious Coffee in Seconds

>> Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh I just love coffee and morning is not complete without my favorite cup of rich creamy hot coffee. I’m a morning person who can’t do without complete breakfast and when I say complete I mean it well with rice meals and rich coffee. I can drink black coffee but I prefer it with cream to enjoy the full richness of it. I can think much clearly when I have a cup of it.

I have my favorite brands but I don’t mind trying out new brands because my love for coffee extends to discovering new coffee taste like what I’ve discovered in keurig k-cups. With K-cups you can brew delicious cup of coffee, tea or hot cocoa in seconds. This is great for me and for all the coffee lovers like me. My best friend would love it too because we shared the same fondness for coffee. It would be fun sharing it with her.

These K-Cups comes in air-sealed coffee packs to bring you freshness and long storage life. It comes with variety of flavors to choose from. Ordering is easy through online shopping, just choose your brand, type and roast. Ground shipping is free if order is over $30. Now having delicious cup of coffee in your breakfast at home or coffee breaks in your office is quick and easy. You don’t have to wait that long for that cup as you can have it in seconds, no great fuss just pure coffee enjoyment.


Importance of Writing Things Down

>> Wednesday, April 21, 2010

When you’re working in an office or even at home you have to be organized in some ways. I’m not telling you to become a machine or a computer but to become more orderly in your daily living and activities. One way of being organized is to write things down.

When I was still working in office my staff would comment on my writing every important detail that should be noted and remembered. I was known to have a photographic memory since I was in my primarily school but I still write things down because I want my mind to be free of clutter. It helps me to accommodate more things in my mind if I noted everything down in my notebook.

Everyday of my working life I would write the date and the things to do for the day and take note of the callers, billing due dates, clients to email and followup collection, important dates to remember and the special notes for my boss. Being an officer in the company with many tasks assigned I wouldn’t be able to handle it all if my mind is cluttered and the notes that I wrote helped me in many ways. If there’s something amiss in our works and we need previous information I can look back with the help of my notes. My boss knows it and sometimes he referred to it on critical moments.

You don’t need an elaborate system. Anything that comes up that you may need for future situation just write it down. Don’t worry about grouping the tasks you’ve written there. Just do all the recording and you’ll soon be thankful in the future that you have organized yourself in the habit of writing things down.

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Part of Growing Up

I’m chatting with my friend and she asked me about her teenage daughter’s skin problems I told her to consult dermatologist or if she has time she can visit www.acnecuresrevealed.net so she’ll know the best treatment for her daughter’s acne problems. She can ask her doctor if the treatments are safe and guaranteed to give good results.

I was thinking that maybe after few years I would be asking the same question as my eldest daughter will soon be entering teenage years and it’s one of the normal problems of the kids in their adolescence period. It’s part of growing up. I was lucky not to encounter too much of pimple problems as I had it once or twice only unlike others who had to consult skin doctor to get rid of those acne and pimples.


Planning for Cleansing Diet

>> Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I’ve started again my new plan of healthy diet and I’m readying myself for my cleansing diet in the next few weeks. I’m wise enough not to start immediately on my plan as I will be unprepared for it if I do it now. I must start taking my food in halves then limit it a quarter before taking my one week fruit cleansing diet. I’ve read some allireviews.com and I’m decided to take my diet naturally as it’s safer and healthier. I really want my colon to be cleansed and the right way is to go on cleansing diet. It will be a week of eating fiber-rich fruits only. For now I’m consulting MIL because she’s done it several times and I’ve noted the kinds of fruits I should be taking and some of them are apple, pineapple, citrus, pears and some veggies like cucumber and carrots. Hope I can start as soon as possible so I will be healthier!


:FF/FTP : Chicken Cordon Bleu

>> Friday, April 16, 2010

This is one of the potluck foods in our 50th alumni and I haven't posted it because I'm not sure of the name of this food. It was ordered from Wow-Lu restaurant and from what I've tasted from it's made of potatoes and chicken shreds. It's a finger food and so yummy good that it's gone in several minutes.

Anyway my friend used to work as part-time party coordinator in some of the restaurant's birthday and wedding caterings and she supplied me with a name for this one. It's a chicken cordon bleu according to her. Well I was assuming that it's a potato something name but as my friend Jannet told me it's a chicken cordon bleu. Thanks friend for the name and I hope it's right lol!

Now I was thinking of ordering it for Mom's birthday so I can confirm it's name. I can't contact my classmate who ordered it so is there anyone here who can confirm me?

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My Kids' Dreams and Inclination

I had a lazy conversation with my kids after our early dinner and they’re asking me what course I think is good for them. I told them to study the course that they want, follow their heart and inclination. Ruth wanted to follow my footsteps and she want to take Computer Engineering while my other girl Gen wants to take Computer management. My little boy who always draw beautiful houses on his paper wanted to be an architect someday. I just told them to study hard and don’t ever think of other things than their dream of getting a degree.

With regards to where they will study I told them that many schools have their own expertise. There are schools that specializes in business, others in technology, some in medicine and there is Cosmetology school in Arkansas which is for those who specializes in beauty. There are hundreds of other schools who caters to varying specialization and it’s up to students what career they should be entering.


Suffering from Back and Joint Pains

For days now I’m having a problem with my back and it’s the same back pain that I suffered when I was working in a consultancy company. We were always beating the deadline and as such we always worked the night away spending nights in front of PC working endlessly just to finish bidding documents. Now due to tons of offline and online tasks I suffered again and I know it’s due to over fatigue and some problem in my joints because lately I felt some pain my knees. Well my Mom is always complaining of her joints and I’m actually looking for the best joint supplements that would remedy her joint problem and relieve her of pains.

There are many products that we tried but we’re still searching for natural ingredients and safe medicine. I was always careful with giving medicines for my Mom and if I’m in doubt of the contents and effects I will not have her take it. Sometimes to play safe we resort to liniments just to relieve her of muscle and joint pains. Now I’m thinking if I’ve inherited my back and joint pains from my Mom. I hope not.


God Keep Us Safe!

I was chatting with a blogger friend when I heard some commotion going on outside our house. I checked on the road outside and the big smoke several meters away frightened me. I surmised that it’s on the next barangay from us and I was worried because my friend Annie lives there. The memory of the last fire that happened here in our place is still fresh on my mind and the victims of the fire were still reconstructing their house and then another fire! What a day!

As what I’ve done on the last fire that hit our community I didn’t panicked but prayed to God that this disaster would pass us shortly without harming anyone. And it did! God is good all the time! After several minutes only the fuming black giant smoke that we see from our house was gone. When I checked on the clock it didn’t reached an hour. Praise God!


Garden Ponds

I love seeing different kinds of ponds whether it’s a garden pond, fish pond or waterfall pond only. But we don’t have one in our house because it needs full care and maintenance. I would also need garden pond filter if I decide to have one in our garden. For now I will be contented with our current garden and will plan on constructing a garden pond with beautiful flowers when I have the time to keep it in perfect condition. Ponds are refreshing to look at.


Effects of Sun’s Heat on Me

I stayed quite awhile after midnight to do invoice for the company I’ve worked for. I didn’t feel good yesterday after my visit to my former office because the sun’s heat caught me bad. I have a slight fever in the night and it was before midnight when I had the strength to open my PC to check my mails and do the invoice. I know that this overtime will give me dark circles in my eyes and I was surprised that my eyes are good when I wake up. I thought I will need under eye cream after two successive overnight blogging because my eyes easily develops circles under it when I work after midnight.

Anyway I had a deep peaceful sleep for more than four hours and it’s enough to give me strength so I think that must be the reason why my eyes were not affected. I still have some mild back pain but I managed to rub down few drops of chili liniment to give me deep heating stimulation. I’m just praying that I’ll be well enough now to work on my tasks.


:TC - Green : Spider Grass

>> Thursday, April 15, 2010

I was intrigued by the shape of this grass when I took the shot and it was some seconds before I surmised that it's indeed a spider-shaped grass specially cut and shaped to look like a spider. I find these Green spider grass unique and quite beautiful in its own way. As my little boy loves super heroes specially Spiderman he was excited to see this shot. This shot was taken in my little boy's educational tour in Bio Research in Parañaque.

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Importance of Having Clean Indoor Air

>> Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Clean environment is very essential in our daily living because it defines the health being of the community living in the environment. Most likely we can’t keep the cleanliness of our environment because of air pollution and wrong trash disposal system. Well the air can be polluted in many ways like the emission coming from the cars which I can say most public vehicles violates the most as I saw in many commuter’s vehicles. The government’s emission test does not guarantee that these vehicles maintain their clean smoke as they only maintain it when it’s time for registration and emission test.

It’s also the same with our indoor environment as allergens such as dust mites and pollens become trapped in your home surface and it will cause the growth of bacteria. With the growth of harmful bacteria the health of your family is at stake and you need to have air purifier to clean the indoor air in your house. But we need to be aware what kind of home air purifier we will use as the ionic type air purifier emits ozone which is a very harmful gas that would damage the sensitive organs in our body like our lung tissues.

I learned that HEPA type air purifier is a better choice as it has higher filter capabilities thus it’s more efficient in filtering allergens and harmful particles. We should really be very careful with choosing the things that we use in our house because it’s where our family lives and stay most of the times. Clean air means healthy living.


Wishes Granted!

>> Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I’m wishing for drizzles yesterday and this morning my wish was granted our backyard soil was wet and all plants were watered. It’s not the first time I wished for that and happened the next day! I remember the last time that I was affected by the afternoon news that talked about El Niño and I wrote it in my blog. Then I wished for some rain and the next day after that it rained. Well I count such little things as blessings from God.

It makes me happy to know and feel that my little wishes are being heard by Him. Of course I’ve known for a long time that He’s good to me all the time because He’s shown many miracles in my life and two of those are my daughter’s lump in the head and my Mom’s blindness. These two were cured miraculously without the help of medicine and I was glad for His merciful grace. To Him Be the Glory.


Josh Likes Almanac

My little boy asked me about the picture I’ve posted in my blog and what’s it about. He’s asking about the picture of asbestos I have in my site which I posted when I featured Mesothelioma months ago. He was somewhat intrigued by the metal and knowing him he wouldn’t stop until he gets the answer. Sometimes he’s making our nose bleed with his questions lol! I wonder what he would be when he’s older, he’s just six years old now and you’ll be surprised at his 101 questions.

He’s currently reading Gen’s collection of Almanac and everyday he’s been telling us some international facts. He would ask us the first president of this and that country and then he will give the answer. Sometimes he would talk about history, planets and different countries. To rest from his book I let him play pet society so he can forget his almanac for awhile lol!


New Desktop Computer

>> Monday, April 12, 2010

When I visited my brother he showed me his newly purchased desktop computer which is really fast and very reliable. He has many computers which are used by his kids and he bought this one for his engineering computer works. His laptop nearly gave up him so he’ll return to using desktop when working at home. He can always use the He told me that the more mobile your laptop is the more it is prone to damage. Anyway I’ll still save for my own laptop this year so I can do my work anytime and anywhere.


Wishing for Drizzles!

It’s super hot summer these days and you’ll wish you’ll never get out of your house on daytime. Just now I went to school with my two daughters to get their class cards. We brought along my flash drive to the nearest printing shop in the school to have our pictures printed and it took us lunchtime to finish everything we need before going home. I promised some of the printed pictures to Gen’s teacher and she’s very happy to have her copy of their picture last Recognition day.

To quench our thirst we ordered 3 Halo Halo while we waited for the printing. We didn’t monitor our time and before we knew it’s already lunchtime. It’s like being in the oven when you’re out in the sun; our atmosphere is really on the worst El Nino period. I’m wishing for the drizzles!

Image by glitter-graphics.com


New Plans for Anniversary

>> Saturday, April 10, 2010

It’s less than a month now before we celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary and just this afternoon I laughed at how my kids are planning our special day when they saw our wedding invitations. Actually they don’t forget the exact date as it seems etched on their young minds. They’re asking me to cook a special recipe and buy them their favorite cake on our wedding anniversary.

They’re so excited when they suddenly remember that we usually dine out on every anniversary that we had. I saw their faces suddenly lost their excitement so I told them that I’m going to make it a family wedding anniversary and they will go with us on our dinner date. They eyes rolled and they regained their excitement again. Will tell it to DH later.


:FF/FTP : School Farewell Foods

>> Friday, April 9, 2010

These are some of the foods at Gen's Grade V farewell party in school sponsored by top ten students of section 1. Gen got the 4th place and she happily came up the stage once more getting the reward for all her efforts and perseverance in studying. We decided to buy donuts as Gen told me that her classmates will surely love it. Four boxes were enough for them because some didn't attend the farewell and recognition activities because it falls on holy week. Some spent their vacation on their provinces. There were different kinds of pancit and bibingka, pandan gelatin, drinks and some other foods.

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A Way To Cool Down Heat

The sun’s heat is so intense these days that we really need to do something in our house to prevent the sun from penetrating our windows and curtains. I’m finding it hard to work sometimes so maybe it's a good idea if we use blinds instead of silk curtains in the room where I’m working. I’m having my imagination works now and I’m thinking of choosing cool pastel colors to complete the refreshing and cool ambiance I want to have in my working room. I’ll have to find a good brand now.


Instant Quotation

My cousin dropped by the house and I asked her if she knows anything about the instant life insurance quote I heard from a friend. My cousin is an insurance agent and if I have some questions about insurances I know I can depend on her most of the time. This one I’m asking about is different from her handled accounts because they didn’t offer instant quote. Oh well I think I can get it online if I want to just like some important errands I have made.


Choosing the Right Web Host Provider

>> Wednesday, April 7, 2010

As many bloggers know having your domain and choosing your web hosting is very important in blogging. I remember when I started blogging three years ago I was content in having a free-hosted blog but when I’m already blogging for months I realized the necessity of owning your own domain name. With this realization I started finding a web host that will satisfy my need for good service and affordable price. I read reviews and gathered information from my friends who knew some web hosting providers. Reading reviews is very important as you’ll know the top providers, their capacities and their rates. You can start from there as I’ve done in my blogs.

Now I’m maintaining more than one blog and each have their own domain name. I’m still thinking of adding a new health and home site to my currents blogs and as such I’m browsing some sites to know the latest offers from the top ten web hosting providers. I found that bluehost review have a lot of positive things from the users’ review and it’s now no. 2 in the list. It offers unlimited domain hosting, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space. And they have a special offer now of a free domain for a very small amount. Well that’s really an offer if I may say so and with excellent customer support which is what I’m always looking for because it’s very important when you have trouble in your site. Some of my friends are already using bluehost and I haven’t heard any negative comments.

If you want to read reviews and search for the right web host for your site you can check out AlreadyHosting.com, a free web hosting review site that provides the list of top ten web hosting providers, articles, reviews and everything you need to know in finding the right web hosting provider.


Finished With School Activities and Ceremonies

>> Monday, April 5, 2010

Still feeling tired after the weekly school activities of my kids. The first week was my little boy's moving up ceremony, the second one was daughter Gen's recognition ceremony in school which seems like a graduation ceremony to me for having consumed around two hours including the waiting time. I still have to post the recognition pics and this morning was my eldest daughter Ruth's graduation from primary school.

It was a relief finishing these activities and I was happy that they have done their best in school even if Ruth didn't made it to the top. I was happy that she easily passed her entrance exam for the christian school we both want. They were happy that we celebrated their Ate's graduation with lunch in their favorite KFC and gaming moments in Tom's World. I'll post these activities soon! I'll rest for now!


Setting Your Goals

Set goals - goals are very important to success. Why are goals important? When you know what you want, you’ll know a good opportunity when you see it. You’ll have more focus and dedication because you’re already set up. With goals, you can more easily decide which opportunities you should follow up on. And you’ll know where you are at. You’ll work harder to get back on track if you fail behind your established goals. It’s like a life that’s focus on directions, you’re more likely to be right.


Better Investment With Precious Metals

When you open newspaper and watch television news you’ll see the effect of economic crisis on people’s lives. The news about robbery and the increasing rate of underage children working is indeed very alarming. I can link some of these wrong doings due to severe need for money to sustain their basic necessities. They need to have ample amount of money for their daily survival. Even the regular employees can’t seem to manage their salary properly as most of the times the salary is not enough to feed and clothe their families.

With this economic situation going on in our lives many seek for other means to earn money or if they have enough money they want to invest it for their future. Now when it comes to good investment I read about the kind where you only have to buy gold bars and let your investment appreciates value in years to come. When you think about it gold is really a better investment because precious metals are known to last generations with increasing value.


My Top Droppers for March

>> Saturday, April 3, 2010

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Expensive to Maintain

We’re home from long travel from the highlands in Cavite near Tagaytay and I must hurry up with reading auto insurance reviews because I must find the most reliable and affordable in town. Big brother needs it for his two cars so he can travel with assurance that his cars are covered. Although I must get on as fast as possible with my household tasks I have to find some reviews on the net to help my brother compare insurances so he’ll know where to get the best. Sometimes it’s easier if you don’t have many cars because it’s very expensive to maintain them.


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