Remembering Holiday Activities

>> Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In less than three months now we’ll have the busiest and most festive holiday of the year. I remember dreading this holiday when it comes to work because I don’t like their setup on giving gifts to clients and associates of the company. It’s always stressful because it’s often close to vacation dates and sometimes when I arranged my birthday celebration which is a few days before Christmas it usually coincide with us rushing to get the gifts packed, named and delivered.

Anyway there are more happy memories like celebrating my birthday on the same day of our company party and hundreds of employees greet me with special mention from my dearest boss. It’s also the time when that I receive promotional products and gifts from our clients and providers. Most of them became my friends and they like including me in their gift list. Sometimes I miss those times when I and my office friends attend our company party because I get to see those employees working in remote areas but I really love my life now. I simply enjoy holidays with my family, friends, school mates and church mates without stress, just pure fun and lots of expenses.


The Paint Daub Test

>> Saturday, September 25, 2010

You Are Energetic

You are bright and motivated. You have a lot you want to do and the drive to get it all done.
You may or may not be successful in the traditional sense, but you measure up to your own ideas of success.

You have trouble getting along with people who are boring or lazy. You want to be where the action is.
You connect best with other high achieving types. You like to be around people who aren't just talk.

If that will connect to my being workaholic I supposed I'm really an energetic kind.  I always give my best on all of my works and I do it  with honesty while maintaining good relationship with my colleagues.  I really don't like lazy co-workers because working means doing all that's required and expected of you.  Some people I know want high salaries and promotions but they don't work as much as their desired salaries.  I believe in working for your dreams.


Get Your Old Windows Replaced Now

>> Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The beauty of our house depends on many factors as my engineer brother always telling me. It has to have good plans of floors, ceiling, wall, windows, door and interiors. The house need not be too big or have very expensive interiors just to be defined as beautiful. It should have the necessary factors in order to make it look as nice as you want it to be. Certainly it has to have a definitive look and the ambience should be unique more like the character of who owns the house. Home differs with the kind of look and character preferred by the owners. I don’t want to copy the house of my neighbour just because I find it beautiful. 

Our home should have a unique character that will at least mirror the family that live on it. It’s the same as the areas or parts in the house like windows it should be what you really need and what you feel is stylish enough like the windows Northern Virginia which replace windows according to your specific needs. They believe that the real key to buying replacement windows is in finding the kind that match the character of the owner. It should be what the owner really wants for his windows. They provide the best line of replacement windows with quality and value ranging from the most affordable to the most modern replacement window technology available. So now you can change your old windows with the beautiful replacement windows that would fit your allocated budget.


Discover Life in Henrico County

>> Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Almost all couples want to build their homes and family on a community that is peaceful, has all the amenities within reach, with good community and great affordability when it comes to basic necessities in life. Some places are beautiful and a haven to live at but living is expensive so it’s only perfect for those above average families. It’s very important that you take all considerations in looking for a place to live. The kind of community we live reflects our ways and it will be a great factor in our kids’ personality when they grow up.

It’s best if we will ask the help of those experts in looking for the best community to start building our homes like the economic development professional. Their site offers ways in bringing Virginia site selection assistance which provides information on Henrico County in Virginia, a thriving urban community that offers amenities of the city with suburbs life, accessibility, good public schools, parks, sports, higher education opportunities, programs and special events for everyone. They have these great amenities plus a low cost of living which is one of the most important factors that you need to look when finding a place to live at. Visit their site now and discover Henrico County.


Terms of Retrenchment

I’ve read this long time ago when I was just married for one year and still in my technical proposal job. We were having some fun talking about our job which was at the peak season and we hardly had time to sleep on our overnight works. To free ourselves from the stress of our work we talked about the funny side of resignation, suspension and retrenchment. And this was what I’ve shared to my colleagues that sent them laughing.

When someone loses their job, he or she may be dismissed, sacked, fired, kicked out, shown the door or given their marching orders, the push, the elbow or the order of the boot. Some professions, however, have their own terminology: a clergyman is defrocked, a lawyer disbarred. Why shouldn’t people in other walks of life have their own terms for dismissals? Thus:

A climber could be dismounted
An electrician could be switched doff.
A marketing manager could be sold out.
A musician could be disbanded.
A pilot could be flown off.
A police officer could be cuffed off.
A postal worker could be mailed
A soldier could be paraded off
A surgeon could be severed
A teacher could be demarked.
A train driver could be derailed.
A wine merchant could be deported
A writer could be written off.


Heading on to their Silver Anniversary

Some of my school friends who married young before they even reached 20 years of age have grown up kids that have graduated from college already. When we get to discuss about their early experience of married life they would happily talk about the adjustment and hardship of early responsibilities in life. But they were proud that despite of the trials that they have gone through they’ve successfully passed with flying colors. They have managed well with perseverance and hard work. 

Now in less than five years time they will be having their silver wedding anniversary and one of them wanted those diamond engagement rings she found online instead of the regular wedding ring. Well that’s not bad at all because it looks like a wedding ring also and who cares if those were meant for engagement. The most important thing is the love that binds them together throughout these years.


Thinking About Business Plans

>> Monday, September 20, 2010

Lately I’ve been thinking about our previous plans on business. I’m always busy these days that I haven’t really taking some time off to plan some sort of business. We’ve been planning this for about one year but we don’t have time to manage it because my online job is very demanding especially now that tasks are outpouring. It’s hard to decide what field of business to take because it will involve a large amount of money. Careful planning should be taken to know fully what type of business will earn more profit. There are many investments like houses, jewelries, precious metals or gold coins but we’re really thinking hard before taking a plunge. 

With regards to gold coins investment United States Gold Bureau offers a kind of investment where you only have to choose from among their gold coins and have it safely stored in the bank. You’ll then wait while it appreciates its values over the years.


A Help from FB

>> Sunday, September 19, 2010

If only FB is a human I would thank him for searching through my old school friends and bringing us back together again. Among other social networking sites it proved to be the most user-friendly and has the most numbers of members I think. Well it was a common joke in my friend’s FB wall about the diet pills that work because most of us have grown so much bigger from our small frame when we’re still studying. Of course few have maintained their slim bodies because of health reasons. Anyway my college friends and I promised that we’ll check our FBs regularly for our forthcoming reunion again. I’m looking forward for that event.


Cleansing Your Colon

I’ve been hearing several news about the current trend in some herbal food store which is the colon cleansing because it was proven that our colon if neglected would give us various complications leading to colon cleanser. It was also discovered that there are foods that are prone to this kind of cancer if taken regularly. I was just surprised that the husband of my relative suddenly died from colon cancer without previous known sickness in his colon. He lived a healthy life avoiding vices along the way. He also avoided getting fat because they have a history of hypertension in the family. It proved that even if you live a healthy life you still have a chance of having that disease. Well that chance would be a very small percentage only.


Big Changes

>> Friday, September 17, 2010

I was having a chat with my former classmate yesterday and we realized that all those years without communications are really bad because we missed updates on our lives. From the looks of it we really have a lot of catching up to do. When we were in college we’re as thin as sticks but now we both grown bigger. We’re both workaholic that’s why we always missed keeping our body fit. We neglect to do our exercise regimen so my friend likes to try those Diet pills that work without exercise because she’s getting so conscious of her big frame. Anyway she has reasons to be because she’s single and has to look slimmer I suppose. Well I also want to be fit and slimmer but my diet plan has to wait until my work relaxes a bit. I can’t eat light meals when I’m working hard.


Following Dad’s Footsteps

My nephew has started to pursue a career in engineering field and because his school is a four-semester college he will be able to graduate in college younger than others. His five-year course taking up Civil Engineering will be finished in four years’ time thus a strict study schedule is a must. As of my last conversation to him he told me that he’s fairly coping up with the pressure of studies and he has his Dad to teach him whatever he ask because he’s taking up the same career of his father. 

My brother was actually very happy on their enrolment that his eldest son wants to follow his steps even if taking up engineering course is not that easy. Anyway the pressures are not visible in my nephew’s face and I know he will not have a need for the products I read on proactive reviews. Although I don’t regret reading some acne-treatment solutions on the review I’m glad that my nephew has taken care of his skin well. I can just relate what I learned from the review to anyone who needs it. That way I can help them in avoiding some skin diseases.


Some Probable Investments

The country is undergoing major changes now with the new President and the people are hopeful again after some decades have passed. Meanwhile to help the country to improve we must do our own share of good citizenship by paying the right taxes and following mandatory rules from the government. With the kind of economy we now have it’s better to be wise in spending your money as every cents count. It’s better if we can save some money to put on bankable investment. I’m thinking of probable investments that can give us high returns of capital. 

I’ve been hearing about this investment offered by United States Gold Bureau where you can buy silver, gold and other precious metals and have them delivered to you. It can also be safely stored to a bank or you can keep them and wait until it appreciates its value over the years. It can also be a good collection as well because collecting gold coins proved to be a good hobby and tangible investment too.


Abnormal Working Schedule

When I was working for a consultancy firm we had the worst working schedule because we used to work for two or three consecutive days without normal sleep. We usually take a nap for about two hours and then we’ll go back again to work. We’re working on bidding proposals and we worked continuously until submission date. I just can’t figure out why some employers wanted to work on rush days near the due dates. We’re given three weeks allowance to do proposals but until the last week we keep on repeating the work and finalizing only on the last days. 

Because of our abnormal or no sleeping hours our body got accustomed to working overnight and when our schedule went back to normal hours we became insomniac. I was actually finding ways on getting back to normal sleeping habit without using the best sleep aid I found online while browsing through the net. I might have a use for it in the coming days as my sleeping hours now are quite abnormal and shortened.


Some Safety Tips on Driving

>> Thursday, September 16, 2010

My college friend is driving her own car to work when her husband have travels or meetings that will extend up to late nights. She knows how to drive for years now but still not very comfortable on the wheels especially if she met traffic on the road. She only wants to drive on a worry-free road with smooth traffic and nice drivers around. She made me laugh on her story about driving on heavy traffic highway where she thought of leaving the car in the middle because of too much frustration on the way traffic goes. She’s a very peaceful and calm person as I’ve known her for five long years on an everyday basis but sometimes traffic brings out the worst in many people. 

She’s luckier though that in her driving she never encountered gusty winds and heavy rains because it will be tough driving if ever. I remember how drivers struggle through thunder storms when they want to earn during bad weather. The roads are slippery and when the rains get heavy the road seems blurry. Well for problems like that you should have rain guards installed in your car because it cut down the airstreams and raindrops that hamper your travel. For accessories like this you can get it at where you can get all automotive products you want both exterior and interior for a complete styling, performance and comfort.

Anyway driving can be fun too as it has many advantages like the freedom you get on driving your own car instead of getting a cab which is also hard these days. It’s also very useful when you are shopping, visiting relatives living far, vacationing in the rural areas or faraway provinces and sending your kids to school. There are more good things you can get from driving but you should know some important things you should know to avoid accidents on the road.


New Member of the Family

>> Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Now that we have a car again I’m back financing for another member of the family. Yes I include the car when I do our family budget. They say that owning a car is like having another baby in the house. You have to take care of its maintenance so you can use it without trouble especially when you’re travelling through faraway places where houses are at a large distance phasing. Well I also have to ask my brother about our vehicle’s car insurance quote, registration and other important things in the car. We really want everything organized and prepared. We’re just very happy that brother lends his other car to us, the kids were equally happy about this. DH is again back to driving and he’s happy about it.


Remembering Life in the Province

>> Monday, September 13, 2010

I’m not much educated or experienced about riding horses even if I used to ride on it with my brother and uncle. My uncle used to put soft baskets on each side of the horse and tucked my brother and me on each basket so we can go with him on the foot of the mountain near our town. We know if we’re heading on far distance because he would wear his riding breeches and put on his boots before riding.

When I think of my memorable childhood I wish that my kids would also have a vacation in our hometown province so they will experience living in the rural areas. They will surely have some fun swimming in the cold waters of the real rivers and not that of the man-made swimming pools in the resorts. Well my Mom and DH were talking about it last week and maybe we could fit a week’s vacation in our schedule on semestral break.


Lawsuit About Accutane

>> Saturday, September 11, 2010

Have you ever tried using products without consulting your doctor? Well if you have done in the past better check out now before using them. There are many products that have been advertised to cure acne and found very effective but we should be careful in buying products without consulting it to your doctor to ensure safety of the project. We should also read news and online reviews because it will help you in knowing properly the products that has been tested by ordinary people. Take the case of Accutane, the drug that used to cure acne effectively but was found out to have great side effects. It was found to cause inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis and was taken off the market in 2009.

Some people have already claimed for product liability from the company and those who also want can file Accutane Lawsuit against the manufacturer of Accutane not just for what happened to their body but for compensatory damages. In case you will need legal services you can get O’Hanlon, McCollum & Demerath’s professional expertise and experience to help those needing to claim compensatory damages. These professional staff will all be ready to help you, just visit them and avail free consultation.


Looking Forward to Sundays

I’m working a bit faster as I don’t want to sleep late. Tomorrow is our fellowship day and I want to sleep for long hours so I’ll be refreshed and full of life tomorrow. I want to offer thanks to God for giving me bountiful blessings these past few days. I’m always looking forward to Sundays because aside from being our church service day I get to be with the whole of my family with my kids, hubby, sister and MIL.


Lessons Learned

I learned from my friend that she’s taking care of her Uncle that’s suffering from Emphysema. Two of our Engineers in my previous work died from that disease so I know how hard it is to have that kind of disease. Those Engineers that I’ve talked about were both heavy smoker and doctor confirmed that they got if from smoking. Their relatives attested that they can’t be stopped from smoking especially if they have Dutch Master cigars with them. They continued with their habits until the day that they found out that it’s too late to live a normal life with their sickness. Now its lessons learned for all of us there.


New Found Hobby & Collection

My daughter Gen is so fond of collecting various items like cards, small toys, almanac books, stickers and so many other things. When she saw my collection of silver coins she found herself liking it also. Now when we found old coins from Mom’ old box we’re making an agreement whether adding it to mine or putting it to her small beginner’s collection. Gen was really keen on it and I told her to keep her hobby up to when she got old because those coins can be appreciated at a higher value after several years. She asked about collecting and investing of gold coins just like what she’s always seeing on my PC when I’m surfing. This daughter of mine is so dedicated on everything that she does so I will not be surprised if one day she’ll tell me that she has bought some gold coins for investment and hobby collection.


Learning Journalism Early in Life

>> Friday, September 10, 2010

My daughter is into Campus Journalism in their school. They attend the special subject after their regular classes and they will tackle about making a structure of the news story, types of leads, body of the news and lots of pointers in writing. It’s good that early in their school life they were exposed to subject of learning like journalism because it will surely enrich their skills in writing their ideas. It will give them an advantage when they reach secondary education.

I also love writing and it has become my hobby since high school. It’s one of the college courses that I wanted to take when I was choosing my would-be career but opted for computer engineering to ensure better job opportunities. My dream was my second priority then. No regrets though as I’ve come to love my course and now being a blogger I can use both – my love for writing and my knowledge in computers.


Are You Puppy or Kitten

You Are a Puppy

You are very curious and boisterous. You are always getting into trouble.
You are definitely quite social, and you depend on your friends to keep you company.

You get bored easily, and you need to stay active to stay happy.
Deep down you just want to be loved and to love people. You wear your heart on your sleeve.

So that's what being puppy means - being curious, always in trouble, gets bored easily, active and happy.  More like me I guess but the one personality that's not me is being bored easily because there's no time for me to get bored.  I’m full of schedule and I don’t want to waste my energy on boredom.  I can erase it by walking, reading or worse - eating.  Now I'm guilty of that lol!


Attractive Bumper Stickers

>> Thursday, September 9, 2010

What attracts you most when you see the rear of the car in front of you? Well I guess almost all will say the bumper accessories and if the sticker on it is special you’ll probably say that it’s the bumper sticker. I love looking at different kinds of cars, maybe I got this habit because we’re living beside the road and when I’m in the front patio I get to see various types of cars passing through the national road. I’m fond of looking at the outer accessories like lightings and bumper sticker printing. Those things can caught my eyes and make me take a second look especially if the sign is so catching.

I saw a funny sticker once and I searched online where to get it. I came upon a site that provides customized bumper sticker where you can personally request your theme, your own message and designs. You just need to choose your material, color, size and message and you can your cool bumper stickers. At Maverick Label ordering bumper sticker is not a problem because they deliver their service fast and easy with 1 to 5 day production time. You can order for a minimum of 125 and still enjoy competitive prices. When it comes to quality the stickers come with protective laminate to make your bumper stickers look new longer.


A Noble Job

>> Sunday, September 5, 2010

I admire those people who are involved with health care because for me it’s a noble job to serve sick person. Even if they’re earning from their jobs it still amaze me that there are dedicated people who live their lives caring for sick person. Having a good healthcare career is both exciting and invigorating as dealing with people on the verge of life and death is something that I could never imagined doing for some personal fears. Now I’m glad to hear that there are plenty of health care jobs available abroad. My friend would be excited when she hears this.


Seafood Resto

>> Saturday, September 4, 2010

When I met up with my friends last week of August we were laughing at ourselves when we couldn’t make up our minds which seafood restaurant will we spend our mini reunion. One of our friends wanted a place where there are videoke because she loves to sing while we eat. Our chosen resto had nothing of that request but we decided to stay there because the restaurant was known for its delectable seafood cuisine. As we were shopping for seafoods I heard the market staff talking about lady gaga concert tickets and how they would want to have them. One of the staff suddenly stopped when she saw us and immediately turned on her persuasive mood of getting our attention to buy on their stall. Wow the price of the seafoods is very high. My friends who know about seafood and their prices kept on bargaining to lower down their price. My friend whispered to me that the prices are double the real price but we didn’t have much choice then so we just go on through cooking.


Hobby for a Business

Are you tired of working for someone else and longing to start a business. Well if you want to better start while you still have your job so you can have backup when things didn’t work well. Now the second question is what kind of business? Look into you hobbies, skills or interests and you can find some ideas because those reflect your deepest interests. Crafts, woodworking, tailoring – just about anything can be turned into a profitable business. If your hobby involves making some unique item, you might consider marketing the product. 

Do some research to find suitable outlets. Hobby and craft shops are not the only place you could market these items. Gift shops are often looking for unique items to sell. There are many other outlets depending on the item you make. Find a wholesaler willing to handle your product. If you like flea markets, you could market your products there. There are many ways on how you can market them and you can ask the help of our family and friends to help promote your products.


Elegant, Rare and Unique Timepieces

Having a hard time thinking of holiday gifts? Well it’s not really easy to do that especially that each gift will be different for each person. Since September begins people start thinking of holidays and the many activities that go with it like Christmas celebration and New Year’s midnight festivities. With the holidays that I mentioned above we should be ready with our gifts and special menu on the holiday season. I came upon numerous sites for gift ideas and stumble upon Lussori which offers and sells luxury brand watches like IWC Watches, elegant and quality timepieces that costs thousands of dollars. 

What caught my attention also is their Ulysse Nardin Macho Palladium which has a distinct style and has many features like automatic movement with date, water resistant up to 50 meters, with exhibition case backup and certified chronometer. There are many others like Omega, Christian Dior, Girard-Perregaux and others which all spells elegant and high quality timepieces. Lussori sells the most rare and unique timepieces that’s not only fashionable but can be good for your precious collection.


My Top Droppers for August 2010

Again I'd like to give my warm appreciation to these people who dropped by my blog for the month that passed.  Thanks for the time and for the comments also.  I'll visit you back when my work slows down a bit.  

Dropper # of drops
Fledgling Blogger 31
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I noticed that I've got new visitors here or should I say new top droppers except for my friend June who tops my list of droppers. Thanks friend!


:Friday Fill-Ins #192

>> Friday, September 3, 2010

FFI we go!

1. My Family is my inspiration when working.  I know that whatever happens they will still be there for me.

2. I've been walking around back and forth yet I didn't find my lost flash drive.  I was getting upset over that lost
3. I love a day with my college friends again and hope I can see them again next week.

4. Seafoods and coco milk makes a good meal.

5. I've got the strong will to finish all my tasks tonight hope I also have a strong body to work overnight again after yesterday's blogging overtime

6. Anonymous: wth!!!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finishing half of my due tasks, tomorrow my plans include fixing the menu for Josh' 7th birthday on Sunday and Sunday, I want to be the first one to greet my lil boy a happy birthday!


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