Relief for my Mom’s Joint Pains

>> Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Mom complains of joint pains because of her arthritis that’s always making its presence known when the weather is very low or when it’s very cold. I always see her putting some herbal oil on affected joints when she’s in pain and in minutes it’s all gone. She even used the same herbal oil on me whenever I suffer from severe backache. My Auntie gave the oil to her several months ago and she said it’s one of the Chinese herbal oil that’s proven to relieve some muscle pains. It can be used also on other sickness that’s why it’s called best herbal oil. Sometimes I’m thinking if it’s better if Mom should have joint supplements that will not only give natural joint pain relief but will help also to improve and strengthen her joints. I’ve already given her vitamins for bones and joints few years back but it didn’t work as it was advertised on television. It’s better to consult doctor before taking any supplement.


Earning While Taking Care of the Kids

I was trying to remain awake as I have many tasks to do. Actually it’s not my due date but I want to do my work ahead of schedule to prevent date miscalculations and expirations. I was really tired from house chores but sitting in front of my PC gives me some relaxation I guess because I’m really this kind of person that when I’m tired physically I can’t rest until my mind would be tired also.

Funny or weird but that’s what I developed when I had this job of always beating the deadlines of submitting proposals for certain million worth government projects. It was a life that you’ll not wish coming back for because even if you need to rest and sleep you can’t go home until the proposal is not finished and submitted on time. I’m glad that I was able to decide a different life outside the demanding corporate world. In my present job I earn and still can take care of my family all the time. Isn’t it a blessing? I’m so thankful!


Sensitive Skin

My daughter has developed some sensitivity in her feet since she was a toddler and we’re so careful in buying slippers and shoes for her. I always choose the best materials that will ensure non-allergenic properties to protect Ruth from having skin disease on her feet like allergy, eczema and some other results of feet sensitivity.

Now that she’s a big girl already I noticed that she can wear more styles and materials of slippers but still prone to some itchiness when she’s not comfortable with what she’s wearing. I always try to check her feet if it’s too dry or sore because that’s my symptoms that she’s getting allergy or sensitive to some factors. MIL gave me a very good ointment that can cure mild allergies and can be used also on general skin disorders. I hope that she’ll develop a daily regimen of watching on her delicate skin so she can prevent skin disorders on her feet. She’s still a toddler at heart and in her ways sometimes that I still remind her on how to take care of her feet.


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