Family Vacation This Month

>> Thursday, January 21, 2010

Since I had a bad fall last month I’m not the usual me in everything that I do. I’m weaker now and having my energy lasting for some hours only. I used to be a very energetic person and I do my chores super fast that my family would always call me super mom. Now I feel slightly bad that I can’t do things the way I can previously that I’m planning to have a vacation sometime this month or next month. Since I can’t have it on my own as I also want my kids and hubby with me I’m planning a weekend family vacation so they can come without affecting their school activities and hubby’s work. I know with proper sleep, rest and relaxation I can bring back my body’s health back to its normal condition.

If only we have more funds for our vacation I would also love a vacation somewhere along the beach resorts like in Karisma Resorts where they offer family vacation packages including good gourmet foods, luxury accommodations, entertainment, sports and the beautiful scenic view of the sea from where you’re staying in. Beautiful isn’t it? Well it’s not an impossible thing, who knows!


Make Some Changes

Are you in a rut? Bored? Well how can we solve that? Here are some simple tips for you. Make some changes in your life. Change your schedule. Take a little vacation, somewhere quiet and far from your home and work even if it's just for the weekend. If you’re bored with your job and you think you can easily adjust with a new job then transfer to a new one. I’ve already did that last year when I feel like I’m bored with what I’m doing everyday of my work life.

I told myself that it’s not the career that I want for myself so better get out of it. I resigned and concentrate on my family while earning some bucks from online job. Now I’m a happier Mom, wife and I have more quality time for my family. Just small changes can jar you loose from the old rut and spark a new interest in your life. So it’s up to you what small changes are you willing to take just to have an exciting life again. Remember that boredom can sometimes bring you to some depression so get out of it.


How Do You Really Feel About Your Family?

You Feel Nurturing Toward Your Family

You get along with everyone in your family, and you tend to play the peacemaker. You can see issues from all sides.

You feel like some members of your family are too unhappy. These family members tend to create unhappiness for everyone else.

When times get difficult, you are able to be the adult in your family. You are able to keep your family together.

You get teased a lot by your family. You usually don't mind being the butt of jokes, but sometimes you feel picked on.


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