:Food Friday - Mango Caramel Surprise Ice Craze

>> Friday, February 12, 2010

With the kind of weather that we have now I just wonder what kind of refreshment will quench our thirst. It's a super hot afternoon (actually the mornings are equally hot too especially after 10am) and I can't eat without fresh summer fruits and refreshing drink. Well this Jollibee Mango Caramel Surprise Ice Craze answers my cravings as it has fruits and it's a very refreshing drink too! Wish I took a shot when it was newly served so you can see the toppings!


Safe Medical Centers

Some women want to be perfect in their face as well as their bodies but sometimes the quest for physical perfection leads to destruction. I’m referring to the news about a singer who endangered her life because of the unsuccessful surgical operation on the lower part of her body. She slowly discovered that her body has irregularly misshaped after several months of operation and bad thing about it is that it brought her risk of having deadly disease. Although she can sue and file a case about the popular hospital that has done the operation still the damage has been done and she’s a perfect victim. If only she has chosen the right doctor and clinic to do the surgery for her she wouldn’t be so worried about her body.

Well in the industry she’s working for majority of the artists need to be good looking so maybe that’s the reason why she had her body subjected to surgical operation. I’ve heard many women dreaming for a body makeover that will bring back or improve the shape of their bodies but they will have to choose good medical centers like plastic surgery Chicago to ensure safe operation and guaranteed results. If they will just choose inexperienced staff and clinics to do it for them they may end up like the female singer I’ve mentioned above. If only she can bring back the time maybe she’ll not do it again.


Looming Brownouts in Luzon

Got a text from my friend that scheduled brownouts will start again next week starting Feb. 16 to March 11, 2010. As my works are purely online and need steady supply of power to cope up with my due tasks I'm planning my work schedule as early as now. Of course tasks should be finished ahead of time to prevent missing deadlines. There are many speculations because election is just a few months away but I know this is caused by El Niño and Meralco is into maintenance of their power plants and that's to explain the low supply. To share you some info here's what I got from the news:

Palace says brownouts should follow schedule

abs-cbnNEWS.com | 02/12/2010 5:20 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Malacañang has sought assurance from power distributors that the looming brownouts in Luzon will follow a schedule.

Deputy spokesman Gary Olivar said the brownouts that are expected to start early next week should be "predictable" so businesses and households could prepare.

"We got assurance from the power sector on this. We should protect essential industries and areas with major population concentration," Olivar said.

Olivar meanwhile downplayed the effect of the series of power outages on the country's growth, saying it is not a major threat to the economy.

"Right now, I don't get any sense we are looking at a major threat to our growth progress because this is driven by El Nino (dry spell)," he noted.

Earlier, power distributor Manila Electric Co. (Meralco) warned of 3-hour long rotating power interruptions in Luzon as major power plants undergo maintenance, resulting in critically low supply.

The National Grid Corp. of the Philippines said that the Luzon grid would be placed on "red alert" from February 16 to March 11 due to a projected supply shortfall of at least 500 megawatts.

In Mindanao, the dry spell has forced hydroelectric plants to reduce power generation by at least 50% due to low water levels.


Courtesy and Predictive Dialers to Help your Outbound Calls

I’ve worked for six years with telecommunications company and during those years I’ve learned a lot about inbound and outbound call management. The company was involved in both inbound and outbound and we always have a need for equipment to sustain our requirements. We’re not only using it but we’re also into wholesale distribution. That’s part of our many products and services which we provide in line with our usual wholesale termination. Telecommunication is a vast area where you can find and offer specific products depending on the customer needs regarding direct inward dialing, cheap international call access, prepaid international calls, unlimited calling from point to point areas and many others.

Well just for outbound call management I know that the best way to deliver good service is through the use of USAN Dialers which provides its customers lower cost of outbound call services through automation. It offers courtesy and predictive dialers which are both very useful to customers when they need to know information and for more high levels of outbound calling. USAN made it possible for Courtesy dialers to provide high technology features which greatly help clients get all the information they need. They can also easily communicate with agents when the need arises.

On the other hand they provide Predictive dialer services for those customers who need to manage the quantity of call in ratio with service agents. It’s the right one for call centers who definitely need advanced services and solutions to high operational costs. With their products’ detection features there are no missed calls from the agents as they will be connected to people and not just answering machines. They have a lot of benefits but the most important things are the reduced call-center costs and the superior results in sales.


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