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>> Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I started my planned return to exercise this week. Yesterday I’ve done some walking going to my daughters’ school and returning to our house. The walk took me around 20 minutes and it has done some good feelings on my body. I was surprised that even if I stopped my walking routine everyday for about two years now I can still walk a 2-km distance with none of my feet, stomach and heart aching. See? It’s really good for the heart and I can possibly shed some pounds if I do it everyday. I wished I have plenty of time to spare so I can have some workout too. Not the heavy workout exercises that you think of but just a daily exercise of about 30 minutes at elliptical will do. I like walking so this equipment will surely meet my workout exercise needs. How about you?


My Little Boy

Little boys are a handful at times like my little boy Josh who will play first before we review his pointers for exam and then when he gets tired it’s hard to make him sit and listen. He’ll say that he’s tired and I will let him rest only to know that he has returned to his robots. He’s very fond of them that he always plays them everyday even without a playmate. He’ll just make some sounds and pretend he has someone playing with. Just now I heard my Mom telling him that it’s time to stop playing because he should study for his 4th periodical exam tomorrow. Fine enough he’s now with Ruth and she told me she can review Josh now. My observation: I have one now; that girls are better than boys when it comes to studying at home. Just my opinion:-) (See Josh here with two of his school friends)


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