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>> Friday, March 5, 2010

It's our favorite for summer aside from the more refreshing halo-halo and fruit shakes. It's actually an old pic of my despedida from office last July. I find it more appropriate to post it now for a yummy feeling. On hot season like now people tend to love cold foods like these Selecta ice cream here, I must admit we had a lot of discussion for the flavors so we decided to buy their smaller 1-liter size ice cream so we can all have our favorite favors. My all-time fave is Double Dutch, the other one is Coffee Crumble and the one on the right is Cookies and Cream, of course with matching junk foods lol! Winner! Sometimes I indulge on not-so healthy foods like tortillos :-)

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Admin Jobs

I’ve tried many jobs in the past and though some of them are completely out of my college course I’ve got training from my friend Meline who was an accounting associate. She takes care of the payroll and I take care of the admin jobs which she is not so familiar with. I do billing and collection work online together with arrangement of monthly association dues of the tenants in our building. I had a multitasking job back then doing almost all aspects in human resources and accounting. I didn’t regret it of course because I learned a lot from my previous works. Being a graduate of Computer Engineering I thank God that He has allowed me to learn many things which make me a better qualified employee.


: Friday 5 - Staples

1. Of all the hundreds of sizes and shapes bread seems to come in, what is your favorite?
~ Gardenia loaf in Raisin or Choco Flavor

2. What’s your favorite thing to eat with rice?
~ I love pork sinigang (pork in stew with tamarind extract, eggplant, string beans, gabi, radish, okra and some spices

3. What are your feelings about milk?
~ I love drinking milk mixed with a little coffee in the morning to perk up my mood and to relax my senses, makes me complete

4. What was wrapped in the tortilla you most recently ate?
~ Lettuce, Mayo, Cheese, Chicken bits.

5. How many staplers are there in your house and where are they?
~ We have 2 staplers at home. Both are blue in colors.

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Our Very First Color TV

I remember several years ago when we bought our first colored TV we were so excited because our old ones were the type of TV that has a cabinet-like casing for television and the more improved ones were smaller but still shows black and white reception. Well that first television with bright colored pictures is none other than Samsung which was said to be the first model that they released in our country. It was worth our money because we really enjoyed the colors and sounds of our Samsung TV. Now I was quite amazed that it has gone a long way with regards to modern technology. They have LCD, Plasma and LED television and have ventured in many other digital electronics products.


Which Heavenly Virtue Are You?

You Are Charity

Some people give until it hurts. You give until you don't have much to left to give... and then you give some more.
You believe that you were put on this earth to help people. And you do your best to make a difference in as many lives as possible.

You believe in people, and you see the good in everyone. You think that every single person and creature deserves help.
You don't expect anything for the time and resources you give to others. Giving is its own reward.


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