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>> Friday, March 19, 2010

Since it's summer I've chosen to post one of the Philippines' best fruits. Mangoes are everywhere here - in the market, fruit stands, food cart, carinderia and neighboring stores - in all sizes and varieties. We even have them in our backyard as we have some fruit bearing trees of mango, tamarind, star apple, guyabano and kamias (if this one is considered a fruit).

This plate of sweet golden yellow mangoes are from the province of Pangasinan which were imported by my church mate to sell here in Manila. This was taken in one of our church outing in Pansol swimming resorts where we almost had two baskets full of these very sweet, juicy and yummy yellow summer delights. I love making mango fruit shakes! Philippine mangoes are one of the best in the world and I attest to that!

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