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>> Friday, April 9, 2010

These are some of the foods at Gen's Grade V farewell party in school sponsored by top ten students of section 1. Gen got the 4th place and she happily came up the stage once more getting the reward for all her efforts and perseverance in studying. We decided to buy donuts as Gen told me that her classmates will surely love it. Four boxes were enough for them because some didn't attend the farewell and recognition activities because it falls on holy week. Some spent their vacation on their provinces. There were different kinds of pancit and bibingka, pandan gelatin, drinks and some other foods.

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A Way To Cool Down Heat

The sun’s heat is so intense these days that we really need to do something in our house to prevent the sun from penetrating our windows and curtains. I’m finding it hard to work sometimes so maybe it's a good idea if we use blinds instead of silk curtains in the room where I’m working. I’m having my imagination works now and I’m thinking of choosing cool pastel colors to complete the refreshing and cool ambiance I want to have in my working room. I’ll have to find a good brand now.


Instant Quotation

My cousin dropped by the house and I asked her if she knows anything about the instant life insurance quote I heard from a friend. My cousin is an insurance agent and if I have some questions about insurances I know I can depend on her most of the time. This one I’m asking about is different from her handled accounts because they didn’t offer instant quote. Oh well I think I can get it online if I want to just like some important errands I have made.


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