Wishes Granted!

>> Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I’m wishing for drizzles yesterday and this morning my wish was granted our backyard soil was wet and all plants were watered. It’s not the first time I wished for that and happened the next day! I remember the last time that I was affected by the afternoon news that talked about El NiƱo and I wrote it in my blog. Then I wished for some rain and the next day after that it rained. Well I count such little things as blessings from God.

It makes me happy to know and feel that my little wishes are being heard by Him. Of course I’ve known for a long time that He’s good to me all the time because He’s shown many miracles in my life and two of those are my daughter’s lump in the head and my Mom’s blindness. These two were cured miraculously without the help of medicine and I was glad for His merciful grace. To Him Be the Glory.


Josh Likes Almanac

My little boy asked me about the picture I’ve posted in my blog and what’s it about. He’s asking about the picture of asbestos I have in my site which I posted when I featured Mesothelioma months ago. He was somewhat intrigued by the metal and knowing him he wouldn’t stop until he gets the answer. Sometimes he’s making our nose bleed with his questions lol! I wonder what he would be when he’s older, he’s just six years old now and you’ll be surprised at his 101 questions.

He’s currently reading Gen’s collection of Almanac and everyday he’s been telling us some international facts. He would ask us the first president of this and that country and then he will give the answer. Sometimes he would talk about history, planets and different countries. To rest from his book I let him play pet society so he can forget his almanac for awhile lol!


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