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>> Friday, April 16, 2010

This is one of the potluck foods in our 50th alumni and I haven't posted it because I'm not sure of the name of this food. It was ordered from Wow-Lu restaurant and from what I've tasted from it's made of potatoes and chicken shreds. It's a finger food and so yummy good that it's gone in several minutes.

Anyway my friend used to work as part-time party coordinator in some of the restaurant's birthday and wedding caterings and she supplied me with a name for this one. It's a chicken cordon bleu according to her. Well I was assuming that it's a potato something name but as my friend Jannet told me it's a chicken cordon bleu. Thanks friend for the name and I hope it's right lol!

Now I was thinking of ordering it for Mom's birthday so I can confirm it's name. I can't contact my classmate who ordered it so is there anyone here who can confirm me?

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My Kids' Dreams and Inclination

I had a lazy conversation with my kids after our early dinner and they’re asking me what course I think is good for them. I told them to study the course that they want, follow their heart and inclination. Ruth wanted to follow my footsteps and she want to take Computer Engineering while my other girl Gen wants to take Computer management. My little boy who always draw beautiful houses on his paper wanted to be an architect someday. I just told them to study hard and don’t ever think of other things than their dream of getting a degree.

With regards to where they will study I told them that many schools have their own expertise. There are schools that specializes in business, others in technology, some in medicine and there is Cosmetology school in Arkansas which is for those who specializes in beauty. There are hundreds of other schools who caters to varying specialization and it’s up to students what career they should be entering.


Suffering from Back and Joint Pains

For days now I’m having a problem with my back and it’s the same back pain that I suffered when I was working in a consultancy company. We were always beating the deadline and as such we always worked the night away spending nights in front of PC working endlessly just to finish bidding documents. Now due to tons of offline and online tasks I suffered again and I know it’s due to over fatigue and some problem in my joints because lately I felt some pain my knees. Well my Mom is always complaining of her joints and I’m actually looking for the best joint supplements that would remedy her joint problem and relieve her of pains.

There are many products that we tried but we’re still searching for natural ingredients and safe medicine. I was always careful with giving medicines for my Mom and if I’m in doubt of the contents and effects I will not have her take it. Sometimes to play safe we resort to liniments just to relieve her of muscle and joint pains. Now I’m thinking if I’ve inherited my back and joint pains from my Mom. I hope not.


God Keep Us Safe!

I was chatting with a blogger friend when I heard some commotion going on outside our house. I checked on the road outside and the big smoke several meters away frightened me. I surmised that it’s on the next barangay from us and I was worried because my friend Annie lives there. The memory of the last fire that happened here in our place is still fresh on my mind and the victims of the fire were still reconstructing their house and then another fire! What a day!

As what I’ve done on the last fire that hit our community I didn’t panicked but prayed to God that this disaster would pass us shortly without harming anyone. And it did! God is good all the time! After several minutes only the fuming black giant smoke that we see from our house was gone. When I checked on the clock it didn’t reached an hour. Praise God!


Garden Ponds

I love seeing different kinds of ponds whether it’s a garden pond, fish pond or waterfall pond only. But we don’t have one in our house because it needs full care and maintenance. I would also need garden pond filter if I decide to have one in our garden. For now I will be contented with our current garden and will plan on constructing a garden pond with beautiful flowers when I have the time to keep it in perfect condition. Ponds are refreshing to look at.


Effects of Sun’s Heat on Me

I stayed quite awhile after midnight to do invoice for the company I’ve worked for. I didn’t feel good yesterday after my visit to my former office because the sun’s heat caught me bad. I have a slight fever in the night and it was before midnight when I had the strength to open my PC to check my mails and do the invoice. I know that this overtime will give me dark circles in my eyes and I was surprised that my eyes are good when I wake up. I thought I will need under eye cream after two successive overnight blogging because my eyes easily develops circles under it when I work after midnight.

Anyway I had a deep peaceful sleep for more than four hours and it’s enough to give me strength so I think that must be the reason why my eyes were not affected. I still have some mild back pain but I managed to rub down few drops of chili liniment to give me deep heating stimulation. I’m just praying that I’ll be well enough now to work on my tasks.


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