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>> Thursday, June 17, 2010

When I want something that’s not our basic priorities I save for it and when my savings are enough I buy it. That’s what I did when I want a new gas range and a digital camera. I didn’t use my credit card in purchasing it instead I waited until my savings matched the price and then I purchased the gas range and then after several months my digital camera followed. It’s the best way for me to have my appliances and gadgets. I don’t want to be pressured on my credits and since it’s not the basic needs of my family I opt to save before purchasing.

I want to practice wise spending because it will help me stretch my budget. Now I’m thinking of my kids’ college education and thinking of a good investment that will give me a high return of profit after several years just in time for my eldest entrance in university. My friend told me to buy gold coins in case I want a safe and secured investment. She told me that precious metals like gold increase values through the years just like her gold jewelleries so it’s a better investment than others. Well I’m thinking about it now and considering all factors before buying.


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