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>> Friday, July 2, 2010

The weather today is changing every now and then. One moment it's hot then another moment it's cloudy. It's hard to predict if it will rain or not but my craving for this yummy ice cream is very predictable lol! With the sunny/rainy weather today I'm drooling for Shakey's sherbet ice cream. The pic I had was that of my little boy's ice cream in Shakey's two weeks ago. I didn't ordered another one for me because it was after midnight then and I was so full with pizza and pasta. Josh only ate a slice of pizza and ordered this one. Look at him here!

Update :-)
Here's a happier picture of him! He asked his sisters to help him with the ice cream lol!


Busy with My New Home and Health Site

I’m busy with my new blog which is all about home, kitchen and health. I’m writing and sharing all my tips in keeping up home, choosing and planning food for the whole family, tips on buying good meat, fish and vegetables and a lot more. It’s actually a blog that I want to start over a year ago but was shelved and started anew again. It’s a kind of health and home blog where I’ll be also tackling ways to lose weight fast without risking your health. Of course it’s not good to be slimmer but sick. With the current cancer-causing foods that are prevalent in the market we should be careful with taking foods and pills that offers weight loss. It’s good to shed excess pounds as long as you’re using a healthy diet plan and not the ones that can cause danger to your body.


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This blog talks about everything about career, job and human resource. It also shares about hobbies, sports and travel. Several years in corporate world taught me a lot of things about life and work and I'm sharing all of these here.

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