She’s Into Workouts!

>> Monday, July 12, 2010

Some women love muscled men and they also know how to achieve those muscles. A good friend of mine has been telling me all about testosterone booster and how it helps gain muscles. She’s into gym workout herself to get rid of her excess pounds and asking me if it will look good on her if she’ll gain muscles. Well for me I don’t want muscles for women. It’s alright to have gym workouts but not to the extent of developing muscles on the arms and legs. Women should remember that some things are better on men, and that’s including muscles. Just my opinion only!


On Skipping Diet Regimen

It’s hard to get back to your diet regimen if you skipped a week or two from it. I keep reminding myself that it will be hard to get back but still I skipped. Now I’m eating rice again on lunch and dinner and I’m still thinking if I’m going to need fat burner now to help me with my problem. My brother is into herbal supplement but it costs a lot so I’m still sticking to fruit diet which is more economical and healthy too. It’s just that when I have plenty of work to do my body tend to eat sweets because it relaxes my tension and tiredness. I’m also thinking of taking green tea.


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