When Your Confidential Information Are Violated

>> Saturday, July 24, 2010

When I was working in a company I was always entrusted with confidential files of my employers and I really keep them private from any employee of our company because I don’t want to lose my boss’ trust. We really should protect our personal information secured because having it known by identity thieves can lead us to great trouble. So if you’re one of those people who have filed for credits and loans between the years 1987 through 2000 you should be aware that a credit reporting company in the name of TransUnion illegally sold all confidential credit information to marketing companies. The company obviously violated an illegal disclosure case and was funding $75M to pay damages to affected people.

It was a very sensitive case as identity theft can happen anytime because the personal information is in the hands of people you don’t know. Well if you’re 28 years old and have filed credits in the US you can seek the help of O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath attorneys and file a TransUnion Lawsuit to be included in the list of people who will be paid of monetary damages. Well the damage was done and your personal information is out in the hands of illegal people so better make the best of your case by winning from it.


Benefits of Traveling

Many people at one time in his or her life will have a strong urge to travel and whether it’s a short or long trip the need and desire to travel is within just about all of us. Travel can be a great source of positive change in your life. It can stimulate your mind in new ways and give you a new perspective on the place you live once you return from travel. It’s also a much needed respite from the routinary schedule and daily activities. Travel is an excellent way to find out what life has in store for us. It can be a healing or strengthening process. It can be a return to your youth


Eyeing New Costumes

My little boy is very fond of playing with his super heroes costumes particularly the Robin and Spiderman costumes he has. I didn’t buy those costumes because MIL gave the first and the latter was used last year and my friend who offered the costumes told me to return it when Josh would get over it. Now he’s not wearing those costumes and I’m wondering if he thinks he’s old enough to run around the house and compound playing Batman’s friend or Spiderman.

Lately when I was browsing through some kids halloween costumes he showed some interest in Harry Potter’s costumes and he told me to always open the site for updates on the costumes. Maybe he’s waiting for some of his favorite characters to be featured there so he needs to be updated.


Getting My Works’ Worth

I’m tired and I’m dizzy from this week’s overtime in working tasks on my blogs but I’m happy all the same. The reason for this is the outpouring of tasks which is unexpectedly plenty or should I say more than I could handle in a day so I put on some more time to finish. I don’t want tasks to expire on me because that would mean fewer earnings. That’s what I’m thankful for this job because you’ll get paid for what’s your work’s worth unlike when I’m working in my previous company when my overtime is free because I’m already an officer.

My office mate teased me that I’ll not be able to buy a laptop if I stayed in the company. That’s his opinion and he makes sense. Now I get paid for my work. I will not earn if I’m lazy but I’ll earn big if I concentrated on making it a serious job. Who knows I might be able to buy silver bullion in the future if I really work hard to invest on this precious metal. Well that requires a lot of thinking and whatever investment plans and decisions I may have someday I’ll make sure hubby agrees with me.


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