A Help from FB

>> Sunday, September 19, 2010

If only FB is a human I would thank him for searching through my old school friends and bringing us back together again. Among other social networking sites it proved to be the most user-friendly and has the most numbers of members I think. Well it was a common joke in my friend’s FB wall about the diet pills that work because most of us have grown so much bigger from our small frame when we’re still studying. Of course few have maintained their slim bodies because of health reasons. Anyway my college friends and I promised that we’ll check our FBs regularly for our forthcoming reunion again. I’m looking forward for that event.


Cleansing Your Colon

I’ve been hearing several news about the current trend in some herbal food store which is the colon cleansing because it was proven that our colon if neglected would give us various complications leading to colon cleanser. It was also discovered that there are foods that are prone to this kind of cancer if taken regularly. I was just surprised that the husband of my relative suddenly died from colon cancer without previous known sickness in his colon. He lived a healthy life avoiding vices along the way. He also avoided getting fat because they have a history of hypertension in the family. It proved that even if you live a healthy life you still have a chance of having that disease. Well that chance would be a very small percentage only.


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