Planning to Build Small Cottage House

>> Monday, October 4, 2010

I was talking to my cousin this afternoon about building a small vacation house in our province. My brother suggested it first and maybe we’ll talk about this thing in the next few months. We have a house in the town proper which is being cared for by my cousin. They lived in the house since we moved to my father’s town until now that her children have bought their own homes. But we really wanted a place in the farm to stay when we’re on vacation so we’re thinking of having a small cottage style house where we’ll put some nice cabin beds, wooden living room set, barn wood dining set and many others. We want it to look like a country house or something to that effect. How I wish we could make our plans push as soon as possible. It’s nice to wake up in the morning and see the sun shining with the fields and mountain in your window view.


You Are Kauai

You are a true natural lover, and you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.
You want to get away from it all, and the less people the better. You crave Kauai's seclusion.

You will love all of the hiking Kauai offers, especially the trails to beautiful beaches.
You are ready to relax, renew, and connect with nature. Especially if that nature includes waterfalls and rainbows.

This quiz amazed me as it describe the real me, I'm really a nature lover and most of the times want to get away from the busy, hectic and noisy environment of the city.  Not that we're living in the city but we're just few minutes away from it and we feel like we're living in the city because we're near to everything people always come to like shopping malls, famous groceries, supermarket and others.


Creative Friend

I’ve been sorting out old things in our stock room and found some old precious memoirs of my school days. I remember putting them all in one box last year for safety because I was avoiding sudden floods then and putting them on the upper floors would ensure safe keeping. It uncovers past happy and memorable days especially the cards that I received from close friends in school including recycled Christmas cards from one friend that used to experiment doing creative things from old stuff. He love giving his original creations to his classmates and even sells some of them to make some money out of it. I wonder where he is now. Maybe he has a nice art shop now.


Security of Gadgets

I’m again looking at various sites selling high tech gadgets and innovative products. Of course I can’t help browsing iPad sites, who wouldn’t dream of having one. Well it’s too expensive for me so I guess I have to content myself on window shopping only. Although I can save funds for it I know that there are priorities in life that should be taken care first like the kids’ education and our newly-bought pickup from my dear brother. I was actually informed that there are locally made ones in one country but there’s no ipad warranty for a year. The manufacturer only warrants for one month only, well if ever I’ll want one I want the original because I would want to enjoy using it for years and I will surely get insurance for it. That’s for safety and security of gadgets.


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