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>> Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My daughter was absent from school yesterday because she has fever and colds. It came as a surprise to us when she suddenly told us that she’s got hot temperature. We were at the church service and I just put some cold towel in her head. The reason for her fever is her runny nose and after one day her temperature returned to normal temperature but she still got some colds. As much as possible I don’t want to bring her to the hospital because there are many sick people there and she might contact severe sickness. I also don’t want being in the hospital for long because I took pity on those who suffer from heavy sickness and when I heard stories of not being able to pay the hospital expenses. 

It’s best if you have a health card or plan like the Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina health plan which caters to people living in North Carolina. You’ll have no worries about financial expenses when someone in your family needs medical attention, hospitalization or anything related to health expenses. It’s better if you’re prepared for emergency sickness than be saddled with big hospital bills.


Like Sisters

My niece and my eldest daughter are almost the same age, same height and built. They don’t look like cousins because May has chinky eyes and Ruth has deep set eyes like his Dad but they get along so well. Now that they’re both teens they can relate with each other very well when they talked about high school life, clubs, activities, friends, crushes and even teenage acne products that they heard from their classmates. If you’ll see them you’ll think that they’re sisters because when they talk they giggle, smile and laugh at the same time. They both go to the same school that’s why I’m confident that May will guide and assist Ruth in every way she can. Anyway she’s like an elder sister because she’s two years ahead of Ruth and she’s so kind and such a dear.


Makes Me Sleepy

It’s all work and work now as I have so many dues but earlier I can’t seem to do my work as fast as I could. Too many tasks in the house make me sleepy after that’s why it’s harder for me to write reviews and even personal posts. I just have to read my books again to give me plenty of ideas for my assignments. Anyway I have no choice sleepy or not I have to finish all to prepare for the outpouring of tasks again. I’m so thankful for the blessings sent my way. I could never thank God enough for his wonderful blessing.


Getting Her Money’s Worth

My cousin was here yesterday all the way from our provincial town and as always we were so excited talking about many things. My Mom was the one who was so excited because she gets to know some news about home town where she grew up and lived most of her life. She only transferred here because of my Dad. My cousin lived in our house for about 3 years that’s why we’re really close to each other; she’s like one of our family even if she’s only a second cousin only. 

Anyway talking about life and work she suggested that I invest on planting some crops on our land so when the kids started their college we will have some backup for financial expenses. She’s an engineer but she opted to retire and put up a meat products shop. Her profession now becomes her part-time job because she enjoys having a business of her own. We talked some other kind of investment in the future and she was asking about the veracity of buying gold coins for collection and investment as well. She wants to invest if she will have a high returns for her capital. She wants to be sure that she’ll be getting her money’s worth on it.


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